Reader matter:

How perform I know if my personal girlfriend is merely “fun flirting” or if she does not love me personally anymore?

-Colin B. (Virginia)

Professional’s Response:

Hey Colin,

What an interesting concern. If we had been having a two-way discussion, I would personally ask you to answer for more information. But because this is actually myself practically composing you a letter, i shall have to use my personal creativity and cognoscente imagination. I’m presuming both you and this girl tend to be unique. (if you’ren’t special, then you definitely really do not get to take into account the amount of flirting this woman is undertaking.) okay, therefore if we have now set up your two of you are unique along with your gf is actually hugging, keeping arms with, whispering to and giggling at every thing your own 10 greatest man buddies state, after that “Houston, we have a problem.”

The meaning of flirting is to “behave as though drawn to or wanting to draw in some one, but for enjoyment in the place of with really serious motives.” Although the girl does not plan on really making on with or fast asleep with the dudes she flirts with, it’s still hurtful to you personally – whatever the amount of flirting it’s. It’s likely that, she doesn’t actually realize she’s doing it. So stay the lady down and tell her about how exactly it makes you feel. If she listens and stops flirting together with other men, then she cares about you. If she goes on her fun flirty steps, then it’s possible she’s perhaps not ready to subside.

Many thanks for trying,