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Outdoor Pool Enclosure: The Ultimate Guide

Do you know an outdoor pool enclosure offers a perfect chill out area for relaxation or entertainment at the comfort of your home garden?

You can easily create a serene space for a perfect chill out spot.

Guess what?

A pool enclosure will be the focal point of your home garden due to its eye catching features.

And in today’s guide, I am going to give you perfect secrets about the pool enclosure for outdoor.

Let’s dive right in.

Chapter 1: What is an Outdoor Pool Enclosure?

An outdoor pool enclosure refers to a cover that is constructed over an open-air swimming pool for the purpose of protecting both the pool users as well as the swimming pool.

Just as the name implies, an outdoor pool enclosure is specifically meant to be located outside.

Have a look at this:

Outdoor pool enclosure

Outdoor pool enclosure

Most pool owners choose to settle for an outdoor pool enclosure due to a number of purposes.

Chapter 2: Benefits of Outdoor Pool Enclosure for Your Year Round Use

I know you could be wondering why you need an enclosure for your outdoor pools.

Here’s why this is a must have accessory:

· Lengthens your swimming pool activities

An outdoor pool enclosure ensures that you get to enjoy your pool activities all year round.

No more worries of weather changes, sunburns or several other destructions that might put to a halt or interfere with your pool activities.

Enjoy swimming all seasons

 Enjoy swimming all seasons

This brings us to the reason as to why outdoor pool enclosures are the best option when it comes to securing institution pools.

This is because, in such areas, pool activities are common and so the need to have an outdoor pool enclosure.

· Reduces occurrence of accidents

A pool enclosure will help control the entrance and exit of swimming pool users.

Every pool enclosure comprises of a door locking mechanism which is able to control who enters and leaves the pool enclosure.

Kid drowning in swimming pool

Kid drowning in swimming pool

So, how does this reduce accidents?

Take for instance a pool without any enclosure.

In such a scenario, it’s easier for a kid to slip and fall into the pool water.

However, a pool with an enclosure has a door locking mechanism which will restrict the entrance of the kid into the pool without any guardian.

It’s important to know that the locking system is placed 1.5 meters above the pool deck making it difficult for kids to open the enclosure door.

· Protects from harmful UV rays

Outside swimming pools are exposed to sunrays which might pose harmful health hazards to the pool users.

By this, I mean the UV rays which are considered dangerous to human skin.

UV rays

 UV Rays

An outdoor pool enclosure, therefore, comes in handy in ensuring the harmful rays are filtered before gaining access into the swimming pool.

This in turn protecting the pool users.

· Controls evaporation of pool water

Evaporation normally occurs when temperatures rise.

In our case, during hot sunny days, you will expect to experience more evaporation which would otherwise lead to much water being lost into the atmosphere.

Water evaporating from the swimming pool

Water evaporating from the swimming pool

Having an outdoor pool enclosure constructed over your swimming pool would ensure that the evaporated water settles at the roof of the pool enclosure.

The water condenses and later falls back into the swimming pool.

· Keeps your swimming pool tidy

Outdoor swimming pools normally require frequent clean up as they are prone to debris and other foreign materials that might enter the swimming pool.

Keeps swimming pool clean

Keeping swimming pool clean

However, outdoor pool enclosures have relieved pool owners of regular cleaning as it prevents debris and other foreign materials from entering your swimming pool.

· Adds value to property

It’s with no doubt that a swimming pool with an outdoor pool enclosure would attract prospective buyers as compared to a swimming pool lacking one.

Pool enclosure adds value to a property

Pool enclosure adds value to a property

Having an outdoor pool enclosure would increase the value at which you would sell your property as it is an additional property on its own.

This not only adds value to your property but also speeds up the process of selling the property when need arises.

· Beautifies your pool area

An outdoor pool enclosure is able to transform the overall appearance of your garden as well as your swimming pool.

Makes pool area beautiful

Figure 8 Makes pool area beautiful

The shiny and reflective nature of glass or polycarbonate panels used for the construction creates a classy look around the swimming pool.

Of course, this also includes the surrounding environment.

All these advantages render outdoor enclosure of much help not only to residential properties but also commercial areas.

Chapter 3: Outdoor Pool Enclosure Design to Ideas for Your Property

It’s important to know that there are several enclosure ideas at your disposal for you to choose from.

All these are categorized according to the roofing design, materials used or even location.

Well, in this section I will explain more about the various pool enclosure ideas for outdoor that could be ideal for your swimming pool. Just stay with me to learn more.

a) Outdoor Retractable Pool Enclosure vs. Outdoor Fixed Pool Enclosure

First, you can choose to either install an outdoor retractable pool enclosure or an outdoor fixed pool enclosure.

Just as the name implies, an outdoor fixed pool enclosure doesn’t give room for opening or closing of the enclosure by sliding or pushing of the enclosure panels.

Instead, this type of enclosure is fixed with a permanent door which contains a locking mechanism to secure it.

Have a look at this;

Fixed swimming pool enclosure

Fixed swimming pool enclosure

On the other hand, an outdoor retractable pool enclosure can be opened or closed by effortlessly sliding the enclosure panels.

Nevertheless, some retractable pool enclosures are fixed with wheels to facilitate opening and closing of the enclosure.

In such a case, you will be required to pull or push in order to gain access into the swimming pool area.

Check this out;

Retractable swimming pool enclosure

Retractable swimming pool enclosure

b) High Profile Outdoor Pool Enclosure vs. Low Profile Outdoor Pool Enclosure

According to the type of roofing design, outdoor pool enclosures can either be classified as high, medium or low profile pool enclosure.

However, in this section, I will majorly focus on the high and the low profile pool enclosures as they are the most commonly applied designs.

· High profile pool enclosure

So, what do we mean by a high profile outdoor pool enclosure?

Well, just as the name suggests, a high profile outdoor pool enclosure has its roof positioned at a greater height above the swimming pool level.

In other words, the distance of the roof from the pool deck is long enough to accommodate a tall person standing upright.

I hope you can now visualize it, right? if not have a look at this;

High profile swimming pool enclosure

High profile swimming pool enclosure

High profile outdoor pool enclosure are the best more so if you are planning to introduce a chill spot or rather an entertainment area around your swimming pool.

Why I’m I advocating for this?

Due to the fact that it has a spacious roofing, it can therefore accommodate extra equipment, plants or lighting ideas around your swimming pool.

· Low profile outdoor pool enclosure

On the other hand, a low profile outdoor pool enclosure has its roof located just above the swimming pool.

To understand better, have a look at this;

Low profile swimming pool enclosure

Low profile swimming pool enclosure

As you can see, such a design would limit you if you are looking forward to introduce additional features around your swimming pool area.

The low lying roof is mainly meant to offer protection to the pool users as well as the swimming pool leaving no room for extra features.

c) Outdoor Glass Pool Enclosure vs. Outdoor Polycarbonate Pool Enclosure

When purchasing an outdoor pool enclosure, there are different considerations that you have to make including deciding on the type of material that best suites you.

We have two types of materials that are used in the manufacturing of the outdoor pool enclosure.

I’m referring to glass as well as polycarbonate.

· Outdoor glass pool enclosure

Just as the name suggests, this type of pool enclosure is made of glass.

Outdoor glass pool enclosures not only appear classy but also beautifies the entire pool area.

However, outdoor glass pool enclosures are prone to a number of risks such as cracks and breakage.

Glass swimming pool enclosure

Glass swimming pool enclosure – Photo courtesy: HGTV

As if that’s not enough, it would cost you more when making the purchases.

Not forgetting that your budget might shoot higher during transportation.

Why am I saying this?

Transporting fragile materials such as glass would require much care and in turn cost you more as compared to other non-fragile materials.

· Outdoor polycarbonate pool enclosure

Using polycarbonate for your outdoor pool enclosure would be the best idea more so if you are conscious about cracks and breakage.

An outdoor polycarbonate pool enclosure is made of polycarbonate sheets.

As compared to outdoor glass pool enclosures, polycarbonate enclosures are designed to last much longer.

Polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure

Polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure

To add on that, outdoor polycarbonate pool enclosures are much affordable as compared to the outdoor glass pool enclosure.

A reason as to why they have gained much popularity in the recent times.

d) Inflatable Pool Enclosures vs. Outdoor Pool Enclosure with Rigid Frames

If you are working on a budget, then an inflatable pool enclosure would be the best choice for you.


First, it is by far one of the cheapest pool enclosures to install.

To add on that, it is quite easy to install it.

Meaning you can do the installation task without any professional help.

So, what exactly do we mean by an inflatable pool enclosure?

Just as the name suggests, this type of pool enclosure is inflated with air.

This is facilitated by a huge air blower which keeps the enclosure inflated.

We might as well refer to it as a bubble or dome.

Have a look at this;

Inflatable swimming pool enclosure

Inflatable swimming pool enclosure

In as much as inflatable pool enclosures are much affordable, they don’t suite all weather conditions.

This include heavy snow or rainfall.

· Outdoor pool enclosures with rigid frames

Outdoor pool enclosures with rigid frames form the most popular type of pool enclosure in the recent times.

Most people settle for it due to a number of reasons some of which include;

  • It can withstand harsh weather conditions as compared to an inflatable pool enclosure.
  • It is easy to install

Unlike inflatable pool enclosure, outdoor pool enclosures with rigid frames don’t require an air blower.

Swimming pool enclosure with rigid frame

 Swimming pool enclosure with rigid frame

As you can see, the walls of such an enclosure are a bit rigid as compared to the previous one.

e) Extruded Aluminum Pool Enclosure vs. Wood Pool Enclosure

Extruded aluminum and wood are meant to be used in the framing of your outdoor pool enclosure.

You can choose to either use extruded aluminum or wood depending on a number of factors such as;

  • Location of your property
  • Your intended budget plans
  • Choice and preferences

· Extruded aluminum pool enclosures

Extruded aluminum is the best metal to use when installing your outdoor pool enclosure.

You might be wondering why this happens to be so.

It’s important to know that extruded aluminum is such a strong metal.

A feature that makes it last longer.

Pool enclosure with extruded aluminum frame

 Pool enclosure with extruded aluminum frame

Also, extruded aluminum is environmental friendly.

By this I mean that it can be reused and is not toxic.

Have I mentioned that the lightweight nature of extruded aluminum makes it easily portable?

Well, all these coupled with its ability to resist rust render extruded aluminum one of the most favorable types of pool enclosure materials.

· Wood pool enclosure

Just as the name implies, a wood pool enclosure is constructed using wooden material.

This could actually be the best idea more so if you are residing in the woods as it would greatly blend well with the environmental theme.

Wood swimming pool enclosure

Wood swimming pool enclosure – Photo courtesy: ABRISUD

However, despite being one of the cheapest type of enclosure, wood pool enclosures are not as common as extruded aluminum pool enclosures.

You might be wondering why this is so.

First, it’s important to remember that wood is prone to rotting.

This happens when it is exposed to wet areas and wood being a good absorber of water, then you might incur extra costs later.

Additionally, wood might be infested with termites which gradually feed on it and this might cause huge damage in the long run.

The good news is; you can prevent all this by following the tips that I’m about to explain to you.

First, make use of treated wood.

You can treat wood before installing your pool enclosure as this would prevent termites from infesting your enclosure.

In order to prevent water absorption by the wooden frames, I would recommend you to paint them first before commencing any form of installation.

By so doing, you will create a coat on the wood which would prevent water from being absorbed.

To achieve best results in your wood pool enclosure, I’d advise you to make use of weather resistant wood such as cedar, redwood and pressure treated posts.

f) Wall Mounted Pool Enclosure vs. Standalone Pool Enclosure

As I mentioned earlier, outdoor pool enclosures can be designed in a number of ways.

In this section, we shall look at the standalone pool enclosure as well as the wall mounted pool enclosure.

So, what exactly do we mean by a wall mounted pool enclosure?

Well, I can gladly say that at this point it is easy for you to have an idea about the enclosures just from their names, right?

A wall mounted pool enclosure simply refers to an outdoor pool enclosure that has been fixed adjacent to a building. A wall to be specific.

Here is a good example of a wall mounted pool enclosure:

Wall mount swimming pool enclosure

Wall mount swimming pool enclosure

Standalone pool enclosure

Unlike the wall mounted pool enclosure, a standalone pool enclosure is designed to support itself anywhere around the compound without being attached to a wall.

Have a look at this:

Stand alone swimming pool enclosure

Standalone swimming pool enclosure

Standalone pool enclosures are common as most swimming pools are constructed far from buildings.

As compared to the wall mounted pool enclosure, a standalone pool enclosure is costlier due to the fact that more materials will be used in the installation process.

g) Commercial Outdoor Pool Enclosure vs. Residential Outdoor Pool Enclosure

Basically, this refers to the exact location where you will install the enclosure for outdoor pools.

· Commercial outdoor pool enclosures

Commercial pool enclosures simply refer to pool enclosures located in public premises such as hotels, institutions, restaurants or any other area meant for public use.

Due to the many risks associated with public pools, having an enclosure would be of much help in controlling the occurrence of accidents around the pool area.

Commercial swimming pool enclosure

Commercial swimming pool enclosure – Photo courtesy: BJYOUDUNVENUS

Every pool enclosure is fitted with a locking mechanism which will help in controlling who enters a particular pool be it a deep end pool or a shallow one.

By so doing, pool accidents are greatly minimized as kids will only be allowed into pools that are best suited for them.

· Residential outdoor pool enclosure

Residential pool enclosures are installed in pools located in living premises of individual people.

Different people choose to introduce an outdoor pool enclosure in the pools for various reasons.

An outdoor pool enclosure can be installed to add an extra entertainment joint at the comfort of your garden.

Residential swimming pool enclosure

Residential swimming pool enclosure

Also, some prefer to install an outdoor pool enclosure in order to add value to property and beautify the entire garden.

These are just some of the secondary reasons as to why you should acquire one for your pool.

However, the main purpose of installing an outdoor pool enclosure is protection from harsh weather conditions all year through.

With that said, I am convinced that you are now acquainted with the different types of outdoor pool enclosures.

But that’s not enough yet.

I am about to explain to you the diverse roofing designs that you can choose to use for your outdoor pool enclosure. Just stay with me to learn more.

Before we dive in…(sorry couldn’t resist) let us take a look at the different roofing designs to make it easier for you to easily understand them later in this section.

Pool enclosure roofing design

 Pool enclosure roofing design

· Flat Roofing Style for Outdoor Pool Enclosure

A flat roof style for outdoor pool enclosure comprises of a roof that has a flat surface.

From the diagram above, you can clearly see what I’m talking about.

This type of roof design is considered unattractive to many probably due to its design.

But we can’t rule on that yet as it is also disadvantageous in that it allows for water and snow accumulation which might otherwise damage the enclosure.

The brighter side of this type of roofing design is the fact that it is quite pocket friendly as compared to other designs such as mansard roofing style.

Additionally, you will save on the heating costs as the flat roofing style warms pool water faster.

This is undoubtedly due to its low lying roof which is just above the swimming pool.

· Sloped Roofing Style for Outdoor Pool Enclosure

A sloped roof design is mostly applied in wall mounted outdoor roof enclosure.

As I highlighted earlier in this guide, a wall mounted outdoor roof enclosure is attached to a building.

Meaning, one side of the pool enclosure will be consumed by the wall.

A sloped roof is comprised of a slanting side roof which slopes from the side attached to the wall all the way down to the unattached side.

This design allows for debris and other form of unwanted material to effortlessly slide down the enclosure.

Nevertheless, a sloped roof design makes pool water colder due to the shade created by the wall or building onto which it is attached.

· Gable Roofing Style for Outdoor Pool Enclosure

Gable roofing style is a popular roofing design not only among pool enclosures but also houses.

It consists of two slanting sides which converge at the top making it to be referred to as an A-frame roof.

We can classify it under high profile outdoor enclosures as its roof is located much higher from the pool deck.

As compared to a flat roofing style, a gable roof is more expensive to construct due to the additional materials and labour required.

However, it is among the best type of roofing designs as not only does it prevent accumulation of material on the roof but also is simple to construct.

· Dome Roofing Style for Outdoor Pool Enclosure

In case you don’t want a slope roof enclosure, then a dome roof enclosure could be the best option.

A dome roof style is yet another popular type of roofing design that takes a semi-circular shape.

This shape facilitates sliding off of unwanted materials from the roof preventing accumulation from occurring in turn minimizing the maintenance routine.

As if that’s not enough, a dome roofing style is spacious enough to accommodate additional features such as furniture and plants inside the enclosure.

All these features make it one of the best type of swimming pool enclosures.

· Mansard Roofing Style for Outdoor Pool Enclosure

Do you know that a mansard roof dates back to the 16th century in Italy?

Well, if you don’t now you know.

This roof design has gradually spread worldwide through the years and at the moment we have outdoor pool enclosures that have the roofing design.

Mansard roof consist of four sides that join a flat surface at the roof top just as illustrated on the diagram above.

We can say it consists of flat roofing style and the gable roof design.

Why am I saying so?

Well, the flat surface located at the topmost part depicts a flat roof design while the sloping sides portray the gable roof design.

A mansard roof design is characterized among high profile pool enclosures meaning it is quite spacious.

In this case, you might be interested in introducing furniture or other features inside your enclosure without worrying of small space left for pool users.

In as much as it is a unique type of roofing design, mansard roof is not only expensive to install but also costly to maintain and repair.

This is brought about by the inadequate skilled manpower conversant with the design.

Again here, the topmost flat surface allows for snow to accumulate which might lead to damage of the enclosure.

· Hip Roofing Style for Outdoor Pool Enclosure

You are likely to confuse a hip roof design for a gable roof simply because they so much resemble each other.

However, there exist a slight difference on the sides of each one of them.

Like for instance, a gable roof design has its sides sloping from the top to the rooftop.

On the other hand, a hip roof style has its sides slightly bending just as illustrated on the diagram above.

Just like mansard roof design, the hip roof style is spacious and can accommodate furniture and other extra amenities inside the enclosure.

With this information, you are in a better position to decide on the roofing design that best suits your needs.

But, how much would it cost you to purchase a pool enclosure?

I am about to explain all these in the next section just stay with me to learn more.

Chapter 4: Outdoor Pool Enclosure Cost – Know How Much to Pay for a Pool Enclosure

The cost of purchasing an outdoor pool enclosure is determined by a number of factors not excluding;

Pool enclosure prices

Pool enclosure prices

  • Size of the enclosure- The larger the enclosure the costlier it is and vice versa.
  • Size of the swimming pool – Again, the larger the swimming pool the costlier the enclosure.
  • Design of the pool enclosure
  • Your cost budget
  • Material used – Glass pool enclosures cost more than polycarbonate ones.

On average, most home owners have spent from as low as $5000 to $11000 when acquiring a pool enclosure.

The price might shoot to as high as $35000 with the minimum cost being $160.

However, this amount fluctuates from one region to another.

Again here, the material used to manufacture the enclosure might influence the cost.

Like for instance, a glass pool enclosure is estimated to cost anywhere from $8000 to $36000.

As I highlighted earlier, polycarbonate enclosure cost less than glass and so the price will range much lower.

I will explain more about this in the next section. Just stay with me to learn more.

And this is not all, additional structures such as fencing would attract an extra cost from as low as $100.

Chapter 5: Best Material for Outdoor Pool Enclosure

In case you are stuck on which material you should settle for when purchasing your outdoor pool enclosure, then you are at the right place.


I will not only explain to you the best materials for your enclosure but also expound more on the reasons as to why you should consider them.

So keep reading.

1) Solid Polycarbonate for Glazing Material

You might have come across any pool enclosure and assumed that it is a glass structure.

Well, this might not be the case.

Solid polycarbonate sheet

 Solid polycarbonate sheet

Solid polycarbonate sheets are commonly used in place of glass as they are more advantageous in that;

  • It is cheaper as compared to glass –Purchasing a solid polycarbonate is less expensive as compared to glass which would attract additional transportation cost due to its fragile nature.
  • Protection from UV radiations –solid polycarbonate sheets are readily designed to offer protection from harmful UV rays. This is quite different from glass as you would be required to add an extra chemical coating or screen in order to achieve the stated function.
  • Susceptible to cracks and breakage– As we all know; glass is a very fragile material thus can easily crack or break resulting to accidents. However, that’s not the case when dealing with polycarbonate sheets making them easier to work with.
  • Longer life span– Polycarbonate enclosures are estimated to last for more than 25 years if well maintained.
  • Have better thermal insulation properties – This features makes them suitable for use in buildings as they are able to retain heat in turn saving on energy costs.

Pool enclosure with solid polycarbonate sheet

Pool enclosure with solid polycarbonate sheet

All these factors make polycarbonate sheets outstanding among other materials used for glazing.

2) Extruded Aluminum for Pool Enclosure Structure

As for the structure of your pool enclosure, you can either use extruded aluminum or wood.

However, we shall focus more on the extruded aluminum as it is the commonly used material.

Extruded aluminum for pool enclosure

Extruded aluminum for pool enclosure

Extruded aluminum is a strong metal designed to withstand harsh weather conditions all year round.

Not only is it resistant to rust but also quite durable.

This feature makes it the suitable material to use in places experiencing high moisture content such as swimming pool areas.

Extruded aluminum pool enclosure

Extruded aluminum pool enclosure

In fact, it is able to prevent humidity as well as color change from altering the quality of your frame due to its painted coating which can either be bronze or white in color.

Chapter 6: Outdoor Pool Enclosure Lighting Ideas

An outdoor pool enclosure is such a beauty to your compound.

However, upon sunset, all this may fade back to a dark cage.

Here is what you need to do.

Introducing lighting inside as well as outside your outdoor pool enclosure would do the magic.

Why am I saying this?

Lighting brightens up a room and makes it livelier and so will this apply to your pool enclosure.

There are several lighting techniques that you may choose to use in order to achieve uniqueness in your enclosure lighting.

So, which are these techniques?

· Try the Silhouetting Technique

First, we have the silhouetting technique which basically involves placing light in front of a block object in order come up with an illuminated backdrop.

Here is a good illustration of the silhouetting technique;

Silhouetting Technique

Silhouetting technique

· Secondly, we have highlighting

This involves positioning the light under a block object in order to emphasize on a specific feature be it a fruits hanging from a plant or a flower.

Have a look at this;


Highlighting technique

You can either choose to use electricity or solar energy to light your outdoor pool enclosure.

However, solar would be great idea due to the limited risks associated with it.

Unlike solar energy, electricity is costlier and can react with water exposing the swimming pool enclosure users to dangers of electrocution or fire.

The purpose of your pool enclosure would ultimately determine the kind of lighting to install.

Take for instance a pool enclosure meant to serve as an entertainment joint where you can have a couple of drinks with friends as you have fun.

Such an enclosure would best blend in with different dim colored flashing lights which would mimic a whole setting of a poolside club.

I believe you can agree with me to what I’m saying right?

In case you are planning to use your pool enclosure for relaxation purposes, it’s advisable to make use of classy but simple dim lights which would bring about a soothing atmosphere for relaxation.

Again here, creativity will be of much help as you can blend several lighting techniques to come up with a unique type of lighting.

· Try Ring Lights

Another technique that you can incorporate inside your outdoor pool enclosure is the use of ring lights.

Ring lights can be fixed in several different patterns all depending on your creativity.

You can choose to position them in a crisscrossing or inter-twining manner.

Lighting your enclosure can also be better by using string lights.

What do we mean by string lights?

Well, this simply are small bulbs that are placed along a cable and normally used for decoration.

Here is a good illustration of string lighting;

String lights

String lights

Again, you can choose to position some light bulbs either colored or not all around the enclosure walls just as shown below;

Pool enclosure lighting

Pool enclosure lighting

All these lighting ideas can tremendously transform the ambiance of your outdoor enclosure when night falls extending your enjoyment sessions and leaving your pool looking livelier.

However, lighting is not the only way for you to achieve a unique outdoor pool enclosure.

In the next section, I will explain to you how you can incorporate natural elements in your enclosure so as to achieve a natural theme just keep reading.

Chapter 7: Landscaping Ideas for Outdoor Pool Enclosure

Landscaping will generally involve transforming your surrounding garden either by adding plants and other ornamental features to make it more attractive.

But before embarking on this, you have to put certain factors into consideration.

First, decide on which plants to add or remove.

This can either be plants inside the enclosure or around the surrounding garden.

Before choosing plants for your pool side, do a thorough research on shrubs, plants and ornamentals that actually blend well and can survive in that surrounding.

Again here, you don’t want unpleasant smell from the selected plants so it’s up to you to also be keen on the fragrance of the plants that you are choosing for your poolside.

Pool enclosure landscaping

Pool enclosure landscaping – Photo courtesy: First Hand

Another tip is choosing plants of different colors.

This will create a more attractive look not only inside but also outside your outdoor pool enclosure.

In a nutshell, let us go through the different types of plants that you can use for landscaping.

· Vines

You can make use of vines when trying to achieve a natural fence or extra privacy around your pool enclosure.

Some of the plants to use include;

  • Jasmine
  • Passion flower
  • Grape
  • Honeysuckle

· Succulents

  • Sedum
  • Cotyledon
  • Euphorbia
  • Echeveria
  • Aeonium

Note: Avoid selecting thorny plants as they might cause injuries around the pool area.

· Ornamental grass

You might have come across such type of grass which normally grow in tufts.

They can be of different colors ranging from purple, green, white and many more.

Here is a good example of ornamental grass;

Ornamental grass

Ornamental grass

Such type of grasses include;

  • Zebra grass
  • Lemon foxtail grass
  • Korean grass
  • Giant reed
  • Fountain grass
  • Feather grass

· Tropical plants

Also, you can choose to include tropical plants outside the enclosure if the climate is favorable.

Some of the most common types of tropical plants include;

  • Palms
  • Hibiscus
  • Papyrus
  • Ginger

It’s important for you to consult your local nursery before purchasing any type of plants to make sure it can thrive well in your locality.

As you do your landscaping, get rid of withered and dried plants and replace them with more vibrant ones.

Just so as to add more focus on your garden, you can introduce a small fountain near your outdoor pool enclosure to make it act as a focal point in your garden area.

Sounds attractive right?

To wrap it all, I will explain to you how to build your own outdoor pool enclosure in the next section. Keep reading.

Chapter 8: How to Build Your Own Outdoor Pool Enclosure

Building your own outdoor pool enclosure is such a simple process that many assume to be difficult.

Having the manual and all equipment in place, it will take you less than a week to have your enclosure ready.

I will explain to you how to go about this in a few steps. Just stay with me to learn more.

Step 1: Get the measurements required

You have to make sure you have the correct measurements not only for the pool enclosure but also the swimming pool.

By so doing, you will save yourself the agony of having inadequate equipment for your outdoor pool enclosure set up.

Either regular or irregular pool, most pool enclosures are designed in a rectangular or square shape in a manner that they can comfortably cover your entire swimming pool.

So you don’t have to worry much about that.

Step 2: Gather all the parts of the pool enclosure and study each one of them

As I highlighted earlier, the pool enclosures come packaged with a manual as well as the different parts needed to install it.

These parts come separately and it’s up to you to know how to join them.

Carefully study the bolts and know which are meant to be used together as well as the fastening equipment.

Cautiously follow the manual while identifying the parts as it gives you a much simplified information.

Here is a good example on how the datasheet looks like;

Part codes

Part codes

As you can see, not only does the manual show the quantity but also the part number.

The larger your enclosure the more the number of components.

Step 3: Prepare the working area

Clear the ground which will accommodate your pool enclosure by getting rid of any unwanted matter.

Thereafter, use a marker to mark the area in which you will erect the poles.

After you are done, you can now jump to the next step.

Step 4: Mount the rail system

This is where the actual process begins. According to the type of your pool enclosure, you can either install a rail system or skip to the next step.

Generally, retractable pool enclosures must have a rail system which facilitates movement of the enclosure wheels when opening or closing the enclosure.

However, this is not always the case as some have a sliding mechanism instead.

Go ahead and position your pool enclosure on the marked area making sure that the edges are settled on the longest sides just as shown below.

Pool enclosure layout

Pool enclosure layout

By so doing, operating the enclosure is made much easier especially when opening or closing it.

Most high profile pool enclosures are fitted with wheels instead of a sliding mechanism.

Here is an illustration of what you should expect in such pool enclosures.

Pool enclosure sections

Pool enclosure sections

Step 5: Fix the framework of your pool enclosure

In this step, you can either make use of extruded aluminum or wood depending on your preferred choice.

Begin by joining the different parts of your extruded aluminum together.

This will entail making use of a fastening equipment, bolts or drilling holes to get the entire process done.

As you progress, a meaningful structure starts developing.

This is what you should be having;

Fixing frame

Fixing frame

In case you are putting up a high profile pool enclosure, then you should be having a structure like the one shown below;

Pool enclosure frame

Pool enclosure frame

Step 6: Fix the glazing material of your enclosure

Again here, you might either choose to use a polycarbonate sheet or glass.

Start by fixing the polycarbonate sheets from the smallest one to the largest in that order until you are done fixing the entire enclosure panels.

At the end of this step, you can actually agree with me that your enclosure almost looks done.

However, there is one last step that you need to follow.

Step 7: Install the door locking mechanism

This is the simplest procedure of them all as you will only be required to fix a few parts and get done.

A door is an important structure in any type of outdoor pool enclosure.

Not only will you achieve maximum privacy but also control the occurrence of pool accidents.

It’s important to note that you are required to position the locking mechanism at least 1.5 meters above the pool deck.

By so doing, kids are prevented from gaining access into the pool enclosure without a guardian.

Different manufacturers will package different types of locks.

Carefully follow the manual as you fix the remaining few components for your pool enclosure door.

For instance, if you are installing a high profile pool enclosure then your structure should resemble this;

One end of pool enclosure

One end of pool enclosure

The circled area shows the position of the locking mechanism of your pool enclosure.

On the other hand, a medium profile pool enclosure would resemble the diagram shown below;

Locking mechanism

Locking mechanism

Carefully follow the manual as you progress.

Once you are done fixing everything, test whether all the components are working as desired.

If so, then your outdoor pool enclosure is ready for use!

You can agree with me it’s such a simple process which can be done by anyone.

Excelite Outdoor Pool Enclosure

Being one of the leading manufacturers of pool enclosures in Asia, Excelite has through the years gained popularity due to the quality production of its goods.

Having started by producing polycarbonate sheets, Excelite has expanded its production and now manufactures swimming pool enclosures.

This in turn has led to market expansion covering both the Asian as well as European market.

Not only does Excelite manufacture and distribute pool enclosures but also offers after sale services to clients.

A reason behind the positive reviews from clients.

As if that’s not enough, a 15-year warranty is issued for every purchase of a pool enclosure coupled with a door to door service.

Sounds amazing right?

All you have to do is make your order you will have your enclosure delivered right at your doorstep.


At this point, nothing can be a hindrance as to why you shouldn’t acquire an outdoor pool enclosure for your swimming pool.

You have realized how simple it is to build an outdoor pool enclosure without needing help from an expert.

Having gained enough knowledge on the prices, materials to use, how to design your enclosure and also building one for yourself, I am convinced that you are now set to purchase one or two and enjoy your swimming pool for as long as you wish.