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Excelite has a superior strength and durability Pool Dome Enclosure that can stand the weight of 340 to 922.5 kg within a radius of 1.5m and a wind speed of 230km/hr. Can be installed in above ground or in ground pool and even in inflatable pool.

Why Excelite Pool Dome Enclosures

Certified ISO9001:2008

Excelite strictly control their production steps to ensure Commercial Pool Enclosure can last for ten years.

Local Service, On door Checking, Installation Service

Our local support team will go to your home and get exact size after your enquiry.

Sales expertise

Excelite sales team is full of professional, enthusiastic, personable people. We put quality and customer first all the time.

Good Reputation

Excelite will provide you assistance during each stage of the installation process.


Popular Pool Dome Enclosures Model for Family

Excelite Pool Dome Enclosures

Excelite Pool Dome Enclosure are made of polycarbonate and aluminum dome covers that are strong and durable. Can be fit for all pool types, easy to install and a sun dome.

The best dome enclosures that provide excellent value for your money. Excelite Pool Dome Enclosure can protect your swimming pool from leaves, bugs and dirt and help to hold in the heat, and greatly reducing costs.

And you can swim when you want to and not without worrying the weather. It lengthens the swimming pool season and keeps your pool cleaner from harmful air-borne debris and pollutants.

Excelite Pool Dome Enclosure can last for more than 25 years with 15 years warranty. Excellent ability to reduce heat loss and retain heat. Excelite introducing Pool Dome Enclosure that makes your swimming pool 100% maintenance free, extend your swimming season during winter when it is extremely cold, and helps to heat water and air around the swimming pool, plus saving on energy costs.

As the professional manufacturers of polycarbonate sheets, Excelite can provide affordable Pool Dome Enclosure to help you enjoy the pool all year around.

Our quality control team working so hard to guarantees security, extended swimming season, safety, reduces maintenance costs, and enhance the beauty of the pool.

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