Excelite polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures are popular in both the American and European markets since there are many benefits to install a pool enclosure in your backyard.

polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures benefits

In this article , you will learn 16 benefits of pool enclosures.

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1. Enjoy Your Pool All Year Round Whatever The Weather

Swim_in_winter with pool enclosure

You will enjoy swimming all year round, 24/7 a day. The pool enclosure will filter out excess UV radiation decomposing chlorine during hot summer days. Thus, no more sunburns or pool chemical decomposition.

During winter, it will protect the pool water from wind, snow or chilling pool water. This creates a perfect environment for swimming at all times.

2. 100% maintenance free

The enclosure protects the pool from devastating environmental conditions such as: excess UV radiation, debris, acid rain, windy environment and snow, just to mention a few. You don’t need to worry about cleaning or balancing swimming pool PH.

testing_pH swimming pool

It will definitely reduce maintenance costs. Installing an enclosure is the best way to reduce pool maintenance and repair expenses.

3. Easily open and close the enclosure whenever you want

Swimming pool enclosure slides seamlessly on the rail installed on the deck.

rail installed on the deck of swimming pool enclosure

This makes it easy to open during warm weather and close during cold weather. This makes it convenient and adaptable to nearly any weather condition. In fact, you can easily close and open the enclosure without the need of any motorized mechanism.

4. Extend your pool usage for more than 25 years!

A combination of extruded aluminum and polycarbonate sheets guarantee a longer service life – over 25 years!

All Excelite polycarbonate sheets come with a 15 years plus warranty. This guarantees that these enclosures will not disappoint you in any way. All you need is to follow the recommended care and maintenance process.


5. Improves your children’s safety

These swimming pool enclosures come with a locking mechanism. Thus, you can easily control how people use the swimming pool. Only allowing experienced swimmers to access the swimming pool area. You can lock the pool enclosure door whenever you are away.

locked swimming pool enclosure

With this locking mechanism, you will avoid the unfortunate event of kids or animals drowning in the pool.

6. Free your pool from debris, insects and animals

An enclosure acts as a barrier between the swimming pool and external environment. This will ensure the swimming pool water remains free from debris, plant parts, animal waste, or snow. Remember, cleaning the enclosure surface is easier than removing waste from the water surface.

pool ecnlosure prevent leafs,debris, insects and animals

7.Save money on chemicals and water

PH imbalances in swimming pools are due to water evaporation or decomposition by UV radiation. The effects of PH imbalance make swimmers uncomfortable.

swimming in swimming pool with better water

8. Reduces the frequency of treating swimming pool water

polycarbonate enclosure for swimming pool

When water is exposed to these environmental conditions, you will be forced to treat or test the swimming pool water more frequently. This will be more expensive.

Remember, installing polycarbonate enclosures is a better way of reducing swimming pool operational costs.

9.Creating an outdoor space all year round

A polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure that can last for over 25 years creates a permanent outdoor space for all seasons. You need to make the environment more lively and entertaining.

To achieve this, you need to adopt better enclosure design ideas. Remember, creativity and going for what makes you happy is paramount here.

outdoor polycarbonate pool ecnlosure

10.Guarantees swimming pool security

Security is a vital aspect, especially if there is a possibility of strangers or passerby using your swimming pool. Polycarbonate is a strong material that is impact resistant and shatter proof.

Moreover, aluminum is a perfect choice due to its strength too. This alone makes it impossible for one to access the swimming pool area. Remember, these enclosures also have a locking mechanism.

swimming pool security with pool ecnlosure

11.Prevents swimming pool water evaporation

Water evaporation is a natural phenomenon caused by heat from the sun. It is facilitated by moving wind.

An enclosure shelters swimming pool water from all these environmental conditions. This ensures no water is lost to the environment. Thus, you will save a reasonable amount of money.

swimming pool water evaporation

12.Time saving – you don’t need to clean the water before swimming

clean the swimming pool enclosure

Cleaning the swimming pool every time you want use it can be a tiresome process. In fact, you will get discouraged. By installing a polycarbonate enclosure, all dirt, grass, animal waste or tree leaves will not get access into the swimming pool. This will definitely save you a lot of time.

13.Reduces frequency of checking water quality

check swimming pool water quality

To ensure swimming pool users are comfortable, you need to assess the purity and chemical balance of water. These parameters will change frequently for a pool that doesn’t have an enclosure.

By installing an enclosure, you will create a microclimate that will stabilize the chemical composition of the swimming pool water. You don’t have to analyze swimming pool water quality every time.

14.Heating pool water by trapping sun heat thus, reducing electricity bills

During winter, you will be forced to heat swimming pool water. Without an enclosure, this heat will be lost within a short period of time.

Polycarbonate preventing heat loss while blocking UV radiation

Polycarbonate is a good insulator. Therefore, all heat will be trapped within the swimming pool. It will keep it warm, thus, reducing your electricity bills.

Polycarbonate sheets have a wide range of benefits. A reason why they are commonly used for pool enclosures as opposed to glass.

15.Prevents decomposition of swimming pool chemicals by UV light

Polycarbonate sheets used as glazing material in swimming pool enclosures block all the UV radiation from the sun.

By blocking the UV radiation, all chemicals used to purify swimming pool water will retain their chemical composition for a long period of time.

How polycarbonate sheet blocks UV radiation

16.Decorates outdoor or garden

Apart from protecting swimming pool environment, it is also used to decorate outdoor or garden spaces. This may include choosing unique design ideas or quality and attractive lighting systems.

You can customize your enclosure to meet your specifications. Just ensure you have a unique structure.

An example of luxurious pool enclosure to decorate outdoor


As you can see, Excelite polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures guarantee a wide range of benefits. It is upon you as the end user to go for one suitable for the size of your swimming pool. Custom designs are also available.

So why not install a polycarbonate pool enclosure for your swimming pool? Tell us your pool size now and take control of what happens in and around your pool!