Pool Enclosure Cost: This 14 Tips Help You Save $10,000 on Swimming Pool Enclosure Price

I have a simple and amazing checklist that helped me save on pool enclosure cost. I am sure as pool owner, you’d also wish to save $10000 on swimming pool enclosure price.

Last week, a friend used this checklist and he saved $9,765 – it was close to my target. I mean the total price, which includes buying, installing and maintaining the pool enclosure.

In today’s guide, I’m going to show you how this is possible. I’ll use 14 simple points that are practical and realistic.

Let me take you through these points to explain exactly how they are essential shopping tools:

1. Take Advantage of Pool Enclosure Discounts, Promotions and Offers

This is my no. #1 shopping tool. During promotions, pool enclosure costs are quite low. In fact, a pool enclosure may be over 27% lower than the normal price. I remember buying my swimming pool enclosure at only $2,999, when Excelite reduced pool enclosure prices.

A polycarbonate - swimming pool enclosure cost about $2999

An Excelite swimming pool enclosure that costs $2,999.

Unless you have subscribed to home décor or swimming pool enclosure manufacturer’s newsletter, you’ll hardly come by these offers or promotions. Honestly, I am not a proponent of subscribing to newsletters.

Here is what I do. I am sure, it will be valuable to you too:

The search engine is my best resource

In most cases I use the terms “pool enclosures + discounts”, “pool enclosures + promotions” or “pool enclosures + offers”. Your search results using these terms will display all possible swimming pool enclosure offers.

Visit online market places

My first stop is always Alibaba. You’ll get the best deal at any time of the year


Quite a number of companies in Europe or America get their products from Chinese swimming pool enclosure manufacturers.

So, buying it from the company directly will be cheaper. Moreover, Chinese companies have incredible offers at Alibaba. You can try Amazon or eBay too.

Target holiday seasons and exhibitions

You should take advantage of offers during holiday seasons. A number swimming pool enclosure manufacturing companies have holiday offers.

Target major holiday seasons such as the Christmas Holiday, New Year Holiday, Halloween, Alibaba’s Singles’ Day, etc. You can get an affordable pool enclosure.

During exhibitions, swimming pool manufacturing companies offer incredible discounts you can leverage on. This will help you save on swimming pool enclosure cost too.

Search for companies launching new pool designs

As a marketing strategy, new swimming pool enclosure designs are always available at relatively low price. So, there is a high chance that you’ll get a better deal.

You should target manufacturer clearing older designs

When a company introduces a new pool enclosure design, there’s a high chance that it will sell all the old design that are no longer in high demand. Obviously the pool enclosure cost tends to be lower.

This is common in January. According to a research I have conducted over the past years, you’re likely to get a good pool enclosure at a discounted price

Always be ready to take advantage of this opportunity as the company gets rid of last the old swimming pool enclosure designs.

Go against the trend

It may sound funny, but it works. Pool enclosure cost changes with supply and demand.

I will give you a practical example:

When people begun installing retractable pool enclosure, the prices of a fixed pool enclosure reduced significantly. In fact, you could find discounts as high as 53%.

Normally, when specific swimming pool enclosure shape or design is in high demand, the price will be high.

With these six simple swimming pool enclosure buying tips, you’ll get some of the best offers available in the market.

Apart from these, another way to get a save on swimming pool enclosure price is:

2. Do Price Comparison of Different Swimming Pool Enclosure Brands

There are very many swimming pool enclosure brands available in the market. Being a free market, every company has its own price tag for their pool enclosures.

Last year alone, a number of people I talked were complaining of being scammed. That is, you’ll find some companies selling a pool enclosure almost five times higher than the reasonable price.

It is therefore important that you compare prices from different companies. You can request for a swimming pool enclosure quotation from different swimming pool enclosure manufacturers.

For example, what can you say about these two types of swimming pool enclosures?

How shape affesct swimming pool enclosure cost

Here is an examples of a swimming pool enclosure

You can compare this pool enclosure with this:

A fully installed pool and spa enclosure that covers the entire pool surface

A circular swimming pool enclosure

I am sure you can see the difference between the two swimming pool covers and how the pool cover prices is likely to vary.

Here is an example of swimming pool enclosure cost comparison of two products: Execelite vs. IPC Swimming Pool Enclosures.

There are three things you need to consider when comparing swimming pool enclosure cost. They include:

  • Swimming pool enclosure design
  • Type of material used
  • Size of the enclosure

All the three should form an integral part of your pool enclosure price comparison. That is, compare swimming pool enclosures with the same specifications.

In the recent past, I have seen many people not getting the concept of comparison right. The process should help you get value for your money.

Therefore, don’t go through the process with an aim of getting a cheap enclosure while ignoring the quality.

In short, compare swimming pool enclosure to get a high quality product at a reasonable market price.

 3. Choose Simple Designs to Reduce Pool Enclosure Cost

I know everyone wishes to have one of the most sophisticated and stylish swimming pool enclosure designs. But, do you know that swimming pool enclosures with complex or intricate designs are expensive?

It is a fact you can’t run away from. This is due to the numerous fabrication processes involved during the swimming pool enclosure manufacturing stages.

Before making any decision, you need to focus on the likelihood of enjoying all benefits of swimming pool enclosures. Therefore, as long as your enclosure has all the functional qualities and features, you should consider it a better alternative.

For example, below is a pool enclosure with a semi-circular cover. Isn’t this a simple and adorable pool enclosure?

Swimming pool enclosure price depend on the design

Above is a simple swimming pool enclosure with a semi-circular top

In fact, it is easy to integrate simple designs such as gable or semi-circular roof to any outdoor environment. These are generally universal shapes that blend well with any outdoor decoration or landscaping ideas.

You don’t have to make further adjustments for your pool enclosure to be compatible with outdoor features. As a result, you’ll save some money.

Again, look at these three swimming pool prices. They are affordable simply due to their simple designs.

comparing different swimming pool enclosure prices

You can see the swimming pool enclosure prices varying with size and they are also affordable.

Therefore, in case you have a tight budget, then the best alternative will be simple swimming pool enclosure designs.

4. Shop for Pool Enclosure during Spring or Early Summer

Do you know how the law of demand and supply work?

My shopping idea here is mainly based on this famous law. During these seasons, the demand for a swimming pool enclosure tend to be low.

The weather condition during this time favor most outdoor activities and swimming is not exempted. Therefore, people don’t actually see the need to cover their swimming pool enclosures.

Swimming pool enclosure price during late spring and summer is quite lower

A fully opened retractable swimming pool enclosure. This happens only during summer.

I know you’d prefer swimming while enjoying the heat from the sun. Also, you don’t have to heat your pool or protect it from snow and cold.

As a result, you’re likely to get better offers for any swimming pool enclosure cost. Also, the swimming pool installation contractors offer services at a low cost too.

On the other hand, as winter approaches, the cost of swimming pool enclosure increase. This is because everyone scrambles for the few pool enclosures in the market to protect their pool from snow and cold weather.

So, as everyone strives to extend the swimming season, you’ll also pay more for an enclosure.

5. You Must Consider Types of Materials Used

The type and amount of materials used to construct a pool enclosure will definitely determine the swimming pool enclosure price. Generally, modern swimming pool enclosures are constructed from solid polycarbonate sheet and extruded aluminum rods.

Aluminum rods used to make polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures

Aluminum rods packed ready for shipping

For long-term cost saving, you need to buy a modern swimming pool enclosures. These swimming pool enclosures are designed to last for more than 25 years.

In fact, most companies offer a 15 year warranty. A clear confirmation that they too trust the effectiveness and quality of their pool enclosure.

Furthermore, the maintenance cost of pool enclosures is quite low. This again makes it even more cost effective.

However, as I had mentioned earlier; a complex or complicated design will require more polycarbonate sheet and extruded aluminum. This implies, you’ll have to pay more for than pool enclosures (initial investment).

6. Buy from a Pool Manufacturer that Ships to Your Door Step

Why do you think most companies or homeowners import swimming pool enclosures from China?

A number of swimming pool enclosure manufacturing companies in China will ship the product to your door step. This implies, you don’t have to go through the hectic logistics processes while incurring extra shipping costs.

A swimming pool enclosure packed ready for shipment

Swimming pool manufacturing company will pack the pool enclosure and ship it to your door step.

Simply make the agreed amount of money then wait for your swimming pool enclosure. This is a sure way to reduce pool enclosure cost.

Remember, shipping costs, taxes or extra levies will all impact on the final price of the pool enclosure. Therefore, in case you’re a pool enclosure reseller, this will greatly affect your ROI.

Furthermore, these companies, mainly use the LCL shipping. The advantage of this shipping process implies you don’t need swimming pool enclosures that fill the whole shipping container.

Their shipping costs vary between $500 and $1000. This cost depends on your location – whether you’re in Europe or America.

It is important to avoid any process that may increase the pool total cost of installing a pool enclosure.

7. Go for an Easy to Install Pool Enclosure; You’ll Save on High Installation Costs

Installing a swimming pool enclosure can be a tiresome process. The intensity of the workload will depend on the complexity of the swimming pool enclosure.

The good news is, if you follow the swimming pool enclosure installation manual, you can accomplish this task within a short time. In case you can’t do it, then you’ll be forced to hire a technician.

swimming pool enclosure construction process

Technicians installing swimming pool enclosure

Simple swimming pool enclosures are easy to install. They should take you about four days to accomplish the process.

It implies that, a swimming pool enclosure with a simple design will have cost saving benefits. So, I will recommend them to people who wish to reduce pool enclosure cost.

8. Focus on Important Features of Pool Enclosure

Maybe I should start by asking this simple question:

Why do you need a swimming pool enclosure?

I see many people buying a swimming pool enclosure with features that they don’t need. So, I want to help you. Here are the key reasons why you need pool enclosure:

  • Extend swimming period by protecting the pool from snow, dust, cold or any bad weather.
  • Reduce costs such as cleaning, maintaining PH, treating water, etc.
  • For safety purposes by controlling people who access the pool area.

Basically, these are the key benefits. You can learn more about these benefits here.

swimming in swimming pool with better water

Keeping swimming pool safe and clean for key function of a pool enclosure

To achieve this, you need to buy swimming pool enclosures that fit three main specific criteria:

  • Choose the right material – polycarbonate and extruded aluminum rods
  • Pool enclosure must have a door locking mechanism
  • A rail track mechanism for opening and closing the pool

Basically, you need a swimming pool with features that will perform the above functions. Remember, any extra features will only increase the pool enclosure cost.

Paying for an extra feature you don’t need is a waste of resources. Still, I will refer you to this useful tip – simplicity is key.

Swimming pool enclosures with simple designs are affordable and fulfill all desires of any pool owner.

9. Buy a Pool Enclosure that Meets High Quality Standards and Safety Compliance

I know this is one aspect that most people don’t pay attention to. Well, a swimming pool enclosure that doesn’t meet the minimum quality standards won’t serve you for long.

The reality is, you’ll be forced to acquire a new pool enclosure that will actually be expensive for you. So, an affordable option is to purchase an enclosure from a company that maintains high quality manufacturing standards.

swimming pool enclosure price

A high quality swimming pool enclosure installed outdoor

That is, it should conform to the ANSI and ASTM standards, besides the pool safety local bylaws. Moreover, the swimming pool enclosure manufacturing company should be ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified.

But, how can you tell that a pool enclosure is of low quality?

The duration of your pool enclosure warranty tells it all. In case a company offers you a 2 or 5 year warranty, then avoid it.

A number of polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure come with a 15 year warranty. This implies the company is confident that the equipment will serve you without any problems for more than 15 years.

I am sure when you focus on quality manufacturing process, there’s a high chance that you’ll reduce unnecessary pool enclosure cost.

10. You Should Focus on Key Safety Requirements

Everyone wishes to have a safe swimming pool. This why every pool owner is expected to install a high quality swimming pool enclosure.

Any pool enclosure that does not guarantee safety may result in unnecessary expenses, which may be in the form of compensations or health bills.

4-open-the-door may reduce the swimming pool enclosure cost of operation

A swimming pool enclosure with a locking door mechanism to control people who use the facility.

So, how does this affect the pool enclosure cost? I will explain.

Whenever a swimming pool enclosure collapses due to substandard material, pool users may get injured. Also, a pool enclosure without appropriate door locking mechanism will not protect the area from intruders.

All these accidents and injuries will increase the cost of operating a swimming pool.

11. Reduce the Number of Pool Enclosure Enhancements

I had mentioned this earlier, a pool enclosure with many enhancements will only increase the pool enclosure price. Still, I insist on simplicity.

Simple swimming pool enclosure cover that reduces swimming pool enclosure cost

A swimming pool enclosure cover without any enhancements or fancy features

You need to focus on the key functions of the swimming pool enclosure. I have seen many people include features such as:

  • Motorized swimming pool enclosure
  • Decorated pool cover
  • Fancy door locking mechanisms, etc.

Well, as much as they may add a sense of beauty to your pool enclosure, be ready to pay more. Obviously, this will increase the price of swimming pool enclosure.

12. Get Assistance from Swimming Pool Enclosure Professionals

Before you go around shopping for a swimming pool enclosure, you need to consult experts in the industry. They will help you to choose the right specification of a pool enclosure such as size, shape and design.

Without this knowledge, you may end up focusing on features that will increase the pool enclosure cost yet, they may not have any functional value. A swimming pool enclosure professional will can guide you through the process.

An image of model A swimming pool enclosure design

An expert will explain all the vital aspects of a swimming pool enclosures such as the technical drawings as indicated above.

Moreover, they will explain to you every technical aspect of a swimming pool enclosure. In case you don’t get one within your location, the Excelite team will be happy to assist.

You can contact us for help.

 13. Opt for Standard Pool Enclosures, Not Customized Designs

Standard pool enclosures are cheaper than customized designs. Normally, most standard swimming pool enclosures come in predetermined length, width and height.

Excelite pool enclosure Design

Above is a technical drawing of a standard design swimming pool enclosure.

But, what makes customized designs more expensive?

When you order for customized swimming pool enclosures, the manufacturers will be forced to come up with new technical drawings to your specification. Moreover, depending on your specifications, the company will have to configure the polycarbonate and extruded aluminum fabrication machines to your specifications.

Of course, the manufacturer will have to factor in all these in the final swimming pool enclosure price. Definitely you’ll pay more for these.

So, in case you’re on a tight budget, the standard designs will be a better option.

14.  Avoid Price per Square Foot Quotations

At times, you’ll find pool enclosure manufacturers or contractors giving quotations in terms of square unit per foot. Honestly, I don’t recommend it since most manufacturers/contractors/distributors use it as a way to swindle buyers.

swimming pool enclosure price specification

This sample shows how to specify swimming pool enclosures based on length and width as opposed to square inches per foot

I can recommend that you request your swimming pool enclosure quotations based on length, width and height. This is a simple and straightforward way that will help avoid any exaggerated pool enclosure cost.

This is one challenge that most homeowners face whenever they want to install a new swimming pool enclosure. So, unless you get a professional and honest company, you’re likely to be a victim of this annoying habit.

I am sure at this juncture, you can confidently make the right decision as far as the swimming pool enclosure pricing is concerned. The above 14 points are simple aspects that I have noted, most people tend to ignore or forget.

Before I conclude, I want to have a quick review of one last aspect:

Bonus tip: A Proper Market Research is a Must before Making the Final Decision

Why do I say so?

You may acquire an outdated swimming pool enclosure that no longer conforms to the required safety standards. Such accessories come with higher cost as far as the degree of risk is concerned.

Again, with a proper market research, you’ll be acquainted with the best technology that guarantee optimal performance. Also, you’ll be able to know the best market price for the pool enclosure.

As you do your market research, you may also visit various swimming pool enclosure forums. You’ll get an opportunity to learn more about swimming pool enclosure cost and pricing.

These are some few steps that most people ignore thou they are very important.


All the 14 points I have mentioned above play an important role when it comes to determining a reasonable swimming pool enclosure cost. Therefore, you need to balance every aspect and make sure you focus on important features of the pool enclosure before anything else.

Also, in case you’re working on a tight budget, go for simple designs and take advantage of possible offers and discounts. It will be wise of you.

In case you have any tip that works for you, please feel free to share it in the comment section below.

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