Save Your Pool Maintenance Cost Right Now

Excelite swimming pool enclosure can save your pool maintenance cost at least 30% every year. We aims to let every family afford a pool enclosure. Cost from $2999 !

Why You Must Have A Swimming Pool Enclosure

Extended Your Swimming Season

Enjoy your swim all year round with Excelite Pool enclosure,we also test the wind and snow pressure in very cold weather ,and it works!

Reduce Pool Maintenance Cost

Excelite pool enclosure can 100% protect your pool from leaves, insect, debris and animals.

Improve Pure Water By 10℃-12℃

Solid PC sheets are good insulator, it can improve your swimming pool water by 10℃-12℃ and remain warm at all time.

Provide Protection From Damaging UV Light

We add anti-UV coating on surface of Solid PC Sheets which can protect your skin from damage rays.


Don't Take Our Words For It.

Listen to what our clients say about our enclosure