retractable pool enclosure

Retractable Pool Enclosure and Cover: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Retractable Pool Enclosure and Cover: The Ultimate Buying Guid

Do you want to extend the swimming season and ensure swimming pool safety at the same time?

If yes, then this is the right guide you’ve been looking for.


Because today, I want to introduce you to the best swimming pool accessory…a retractable pool enclosure.

It extends the swimming season, ensures safety, reduces cost of maintaining pools and can withstand 900kg of snow!

By the end of the 10th chapter, you will know why I confidently recommend it.

But, first, let’s have a quick overview of what a pool enclosure is:

Chapter 1:

What is a Retractable Pool Enclosure?


A retractable pool enclosure is a small “shelter” that covers the surface of swimming pools. It protects the swimming pool from harsh weather conditions.

Normally, these pool enclosures come in unique designs and shapes that are quite different from the other types of pool covers .

But, what exactly makes retractable swimming pool enclosures unique?

Unlike other pool covers, swimming pool enclosures are made from aluminum and solid polycarbonate materials. Besides, the space between the water surface and the glazing material (the cover surface) is big enough that you can swim comfortably.

So, basically, this is exactly what I am talking about:


A retractable swimming pool enclosure

As you can see, this accessory has various parts, made from different materials enabling it to perform its main functions – protect the swimming & extend the swimming season.

I will discuss those parts later in Chapter 2.

For now, let me focus on another important issue and this is:

What the word “retractable” means in relation to swimming pool enclosures.

Ideally, this refers your ability to open and close the cover, depending on your specific needs. You can open or close it manually or using a motor.

In short, this is what you will have:


Swimming pool enclosure after closing


After opening the cover

I hope you can see what I am trying to say here.

That is, depending on the weather conditions and needs, you can either open or close the pool cover. Simply push or pull the pool cover.

Normally, these covers will slide seamlessly in any direction depending on the force. It is due to this functionality that we add the word “retractable” to illustrate this process.

Therefore, whenever I refer to a retractable pool enclosure or retractable swimming pool enclosure, it simply means a “pool shelter” that you can open and close.

The good thing about this cover is that, you can easily extend your swimming season. Thus, you don’t have to worry about winter, summer, day or night time.

It provides 100% protection to the pool. I will discuss more of this later in this guide.

For now, I am sure you can identify and explain what a retractable swimming pool enclosure is.

Later in chapter 2, I will give you a more precise and detailed definition of pool enclosures. There are a few things I want you to learn first.

Now, let’s explore more on this swimming pool accessory.

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Chapter 2:

Retractable Pool Enclosure Material


It is no secret that the choice of material plays a pivotal role in determining the functionality and quality of pool enclosures.

So, what exactly do I mean by this?

You will only achieve specific benefits, functionality, designs or certain degree of customization by choosing appropriate pool enclosure material.

But, let’s come to the most fundamental question – how is this even possible?

Don’t worry, I will explain…keep reading.

But, before that, I want to introduce you to a critical aspect of retractable pool enclosure.

That is:

2.1. Parts of a Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosure

In chapter 1, you saw that a swimming pool enclosure has many parts and components.

The main questions you should ask yourself are:

What are they?

And, what are they made of?

That is exactly what I am going to discuss in this section:

First, I want you to review one of the most popular in-ground pool enclosure kits (this is after installation):

Now, let’s explore the main functions of each part of the polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure:

Swimming Pool Enclosure Door

A retractable swimming pool enclosure is never complete without the door. It is through this door that you can access or leave the swimming pool after closing the cover.

Moreover, the door must have a handle and a locking mechanism. If possible, it should have a self-latching door.


Swimming pool enclosure door handle

Remember, this is an essential requirement as per the swimming pool barrier laws and regulations.

The swimming pool doors are made of solid polycarbonate sheet and an extruded aluminum frame.

Door Hinges

Door hinges are aluminum parts that allow for opening and closing the retractable pool enclosure door.


Retractable pool enclosure door hinges

Door Locking Mechanism

It secures the door to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the swimming pool once you close the door.  Quite a number of door locking mechanisms are aluminum material.


A section of locking mechanism

Aluminum Frame

Aluminum frame forms the main structure that determines the design or shape of the retractable pool enclosure as you will see later in this guide. Basically, it supports the entire structure of the pool enclosure.


Aluminum frame

Pool Enclosure Rail System

It’s on these rails that the pool enclosure panel moves back and forth. That is, they slide seamlessly on the rail system.

Normally, swimming retractable swimming pool systems have two rail systems on both sides. They are parallel to one another.


Rail system of the pool enclosure

Like the pool enclosure frame, the rail systems are aluminum material. In most cases, the number of rail system will depend on the number of swimming pool panel.

Swimming Pool Enclosure Panel

This is a semicircular polycarbonate material (for the case above examples), that covers the swimming pool. The shape of the pool enclosure panel will depend on the roofing design of the retractable pool enclosure.


Retractable pool enclosure panel

Don’ worry, I am going to discuss various roofing designs and structures later in this guide.

Keep reading…

The swimming pool enclosure panel is an assembly of solid polycarbonate sheet and extruded aluminum rods.

Rubber Sealing

A retractable or telescopic swimming pool enclosure is an assembly of different panels. Therefore, there is always a small space between different panels.


Spaces between different panels of pool enclosure

It is this rubber that seals spaces between two adjacent panels. As a result, it prevents dust or bugs from accessing the enclosure once you close it.

Normally, they are ethylene propylene diene monomer (EDPM) material.

Other parts include fasteners and rivets. They are either stainless steel or aluminum fasteners.

Now, from this information, it follows that:

Definition: A retractable pool enclosure is an assembly of different parts and components; precisely fabricated to specific designs and configurations, to house swimming pool and protecting it from unpredictable weather conditions.

I hope now you have a clear picture of this accessory.

But, this is not enough.

Why should you go for specific materials for these parts of retractable pool enclosures?

2.2. Types of Retractable Pool Enclosure Materials

Here is the reality that most swimming pool enclosure manufacturers will never tell you:

There are many materials for retractable pool enclosures out there. However, not all of them will guarantee optimal performance.

Here, I will discuss all these materials and recommend the most suitable combination (for glazing and frame) at the end of this section.

Just stay with me to learn more… it is something you shouldn’t ignore if you’re serious about durable pool enclosure.

Let’s dive right in:

Solid Polycarbonate Sheet for Glazing Material

Quite a number of swimming pool enclosure manufacturers use a solid polycarbonate sheet as glazing material. This is due to its numerous benefits such as:

  • High impact resistance; it is shatterproof and virtually unbreakable. It is nearly 250 times stronger than the conventional glass.
  • Ease to fabricate and machine; thus, you can get swimming pool enclosures with complex designs.
  • Lightweight; therefore, there is no need to have a highly reinforced pool deck and enclosure structure
  • High resistance to most weather conditions such as acid rain, fluctuating temperature, cold, etc. It will maintain its dimensional stability.
  • High light transmission with the ability to tint depending on the specific requirements of end users
  • Features UV protection, thus filtering ultraviolet radiation that can cause yellowing

Solid polycarbonate sheet

In most cases, swimming pool enclosure manufacturers use a 3 mm solid polycarbonate sheet.

Apart from solid polycarbonate sheets, another alternative is:

Glass as a Glazing Material

Glass is also common among many swimming pool enclosure manufacturers.

I am sure you have many manufacturers talking of impact resistant or reinforced glass for telescopic pool enclosures.  To your surprise, most of them are just sales gimmicks.

Let’s explore some of the main properties of glass:

  • High light transmission and better clarity
  • Heavier than polycarbonate sheet
  • Brittle, hence machining and fabrication requires special machines. At times, it is virtually impossible to have certain shapes.
  • Stronger against wind

In short, these are the main features of glass.


Types of glass material – Photo Credits: WHAT WHEN HOW

Of the two pool enclosure glazing materials, which one should you go for?

Here is the truth:

I can confidently recommend solid polycarbonate sheet for retractable pool enclosure….why?

Let me summarize my reasons as follows:

Features of retractable pool enclosure you MUST consider Solid polycarbonate sheet (comments)
Longer lifespan Last for more than 20 years since its strong, shatter-resistant and durable
Ease of fabrication, machining or customization You can achieve virtually all shapes, irrespective of the curves, tints, texture, etc.
Heat conservation Better insulation property
UV filter Filters all harmful UV radiations

For a fact, solid polycarbonate sheet will not disappoint you.

Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosure Frame

Again, when it comes to the frame, a pool enclosure manufacturer may opt for numerous materials. These may include steel, wood, aluminum or any other metal they find suitable.

Before you choose any type of material, there are a number of factors you should consider:

  • Maximum weight it can support
  • Ease of fabrication and customization
  • Overall aesthetic value of the pool
  • Initial cost of investment
  • Durability
  • Frequency of maintenance

I know you may have a different opinion here…just feel free to share it with at the end of this guide.

I’d also love to hear from you.

But, this is what I have to say:

In case you want something that is natural…say your pool is the woods, then you can go for a wooden frame. However, such retractable pool enclosures are not durable.


Retractable pool enclosure made of wood structure and aluminum rail system – Photo Credits: HOME DESIGN LOVER

First, frequent opening and closing of the pool cover will cause weakness in the joints.

Second, moisture from the pool may affect the wood (there is a high chance of rotting). This may require frequent treatment which is expensive.

Again here, I will recommend an aluminum pool enclosure.

Aluminum is a strong, rust resistant and durable material that can withstand frequent opening and closing of the cover.

For example, a 2 mm 6063-T5 aluminum structure is strong and durable. It can last for over 10 years, which is not the case for wood.

Besides, you can anodize or customize it to your unique specifications.


Installing aluminum structure of the pool enclosure

Now, what’s the bottom line here?

I can recommend a retractable swimming pool enclosure made from solid polycarbonate sheet (glazing material) and anodized aluminum (for structure).


With such a structure, you should expect it to:

  • Withstand high speed winds – 230km/hr.
  • Support heavy load – 900kg distributed with 1.5m radius.

Pool enclosure must withstand high speed wind and support heavy loads

More importantly, you must buy the pool enclosure from a reputable manufacturer. That is the only way you can ascertain the quality of every material.

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Chapter 3:

Retractable Pool Enclosure Designs


In this chapter, you’re going to learn about various pool enclosure design ideas. Remember, like the type of material, design is one of the key factors that determine the pool enclosure cost.

I will explore more on retractable swimming pool enclosure cost in chapter 5…just keep reading.

Generally speaking, there are thousands of pool enclosure designs. Therefore, I will not discuss all of them in this guide.

Here, I will focus on major classifications, from where you can build your own pool enclosure. Remember, with extruded aluminum and solid polycarbonate sheet, the design is only limited to your imagination.

Well, let’s go straight to the main subject of this section.

3.1. Retractable Pool Enclosure Design Depending on Height of the Profile

I know this may sound complex for now. Don’t worry, I will explain everything shortly.

Normally, we have:

  • High profile retractable pool enclosure
  • Medium profile retractable pool enclosure
  • Low profile retractable pool enclosure

Now, let’s discuss these three types of retractable pool enclosure designs. This information will help you get a clear picture of what I am talking about.

3.1.1. High Profile Retractable Pool Enclosure

This is one of the largest swimming pool enclosures.

The term “high” simply refers to the distance between the pool deck and the highest point on the cover profile. Here is exactly what I am talking about:


High swimming pool enclosure – Model G High Profile type of enclosure

As you can see from this image, this is a very large swimming pool enclosure.

It is a retractable pool enclosure with different panels that slide over each other on the rail system. Looking at this pool enclosure, you will realize that its interior is very big – more than many average houses.

Therefore, you have enough space for swimming or installing other accessories. Besides, you can comfortably walk in the enclosure and still, there will be more space left just above your head.

I will not lie to you:

Such pool enclosures are expensive. This is mainly due to their large size that requires more materials.

As you can see, the thickness of the extruded aluminum rod in high profile pool enclosure is somehow large.

They also come in a wide range of roofing designs and shapes. You will learn more about different roofing styles later in this chapter.

3.1.2. Medium Profile Retractable Pool Enclosure

The height of these swimming pool enclosures is neither high nor low – its average.

Even though the height between the pool deck and the highest point in the pool cover is not big, it is spacious. That is, you have enough space for swimming.

Besides, you can also walk on the pool deck even after closing the pool cover. Here is a good example of medium profile retractable swimming pool enclosure:

From the above example, it is quite evident that:

  • Medium profile pool enclosure requires fewer materials than high profile designs (of course for pool enclosures of the same size).
  • Size of aluminum rods is not as big as the high profile enclosure.

So, what do all these imply?

A medium profile swimming pool enclosure is cheaper that a high profile pool enclosure. Of course, here I am trying to compare retractable pool enclosures of the same size.

3.1.3. Low Profile Retractable Pool Enclosure

Like the name suggests, this is a swimming pool enclosure with the smallest height. With these pool enclosures, you cannot stand on the pool deck after closing the cover.

The good news is:

Its low profile provides enough space above the water surface. Therefore, you can comfortably swim after closing the cover.

However, you should swim only when the ventilation is open.

Here is a good example of low profile swimming pool enclosure:


A low profile retractable swimming pool enclosure – a good example is Excelite Model F

Normally, the low profile pool enclosures are cheaper than both the medium and high profile options. That is, for swimming pools with the same size and shape.

Again, the low profile requires less material. Even the cross section of the pool cover material is smaller than either high or medium pool enclosures.

Under normal circumstances, the retractable swimming pool enclosure manufacturers may vary these heights. This will depend on your specific requirements.

Apart from these three, other critical classification criteria are the opening mechanism.

Do you remember what I said in chapter 1… the reason why these accessories are called retractable pool enclosures?

I hope you do.

So here, we can open the pool manually or automatically.

In manually operated swimming pool enclosures, you will apply some force on the cover panel. Depending on the direction of the force, you can either open or close the pool enclosure.

There are people who refer to them as manual retractable pool enclosures.

On the other hand, there are the automatic retractable pool enclosures or motorized pool enclosures. Here, the pool enclosure features motor and pulley mechanisms.

With this, you will use a switch to open or close the pool enclosure. Motorized pool enclosures are always more expensive than the manual options.

Simply put:

Choose a retractable enclosure depending on height (low, medium or high profile) and opening mechanism.

3.2. Roofing Design of Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosures

Once you’ve chosen the specific height of a retractable swimming pool enclosure, it is now time to think about a roofing design.

In this section, I am going to introduce you to the following pool enclosure roofing designs and styles:

  • Flat roof style
  • Slope roof style
  • Gable roof style
  • Dome roof style
  • Mansard roof style
  • Hip roof style

These are just a few swimming pool enclosure design options to consider. I know today’s swimming pool enclosure manufacturers can make more complex and sophisticated designs.

For now, I will not go into those details. The main focus will be on these six.

Let’s see what’s unique about these swimming pool roof designs ideas:

Retractable Pool Enclosure with Flat Roof Design

Like the name suggests, these pool enclosures have a flat surface. Most of them come as low profile swimming pool enclosures.

Alternatively, there are those that are slightly raised.


A flat swimming pool enclosure – Photo Credits: ABRISUD

Although a flat swimming pool enclosure looks great, there are a few facts I want you to know:

  • Snow or dirt cannot slide off the surface. This makes it cumbersome to clean and to remove snow.

At times, snow may accumulate on the surface, exerting more force that can make the cover to collapse.

  • Again, it does not allow for proper drainage of water. Thus, water may accumulate on the surface for a long time.

As you can see from the example above, flat swimming pool enclosures have simple designs.

Also, there are those whose frames lie just above the swimming pool deck. At times, you can easily confuse them with the pool covers.

Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosure with a Slope Roof Style

Like the name suggests, this is a situation where roof slants in one direction.

Normally, slope roof style solves some of the main disadvantages of flat roof designs. That is:

  • Water can easily drain from the pool enclosure
  • Snow will slide off the surface easily hence it does not exert unnecessary force on the cover.

Here is an example of a sloping roof style.

In most cases, it is the wall mounted pool enclosures that have this type of roof design. Still, you can also find it in other retractable pool enclosure kits.

Gable Roof Style in Telescopic Swimming Pool Enclosure

Types of screen enclosures with this kind of roofing designs are unique and stylish.

When you look at gable roof design, it looks like two slop roof styles, joined together at their highest peak.

Again, this design is common in most high profile swimming pool enclosures with the highest point being the ridge. It is the roof ridge that joins the two slanting roof sections.

Below is a good example of gable roof design for pool enclosure:

Can you see what I am talking about?

When you look at the upper section, it forms sort of a rectangular design.

I want you to get this point clearly:

I am not saying that the:

  • Walls must be straight to form an angle of 90° with the roof…No! It can be curved or form any angle.
  • Point where two slanting surfaces meet must be a sharp edge. It can also be curved or alternatively, it may form any angle

All these will depend on your unique specifications and designs.

Dome Shape for Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosure

Dome roof styles are unique for their semicircular design. It is one of the most popular swimming pool enclosure roofing designs.

In most cases, you will find telescopic pool enclosures with a semi-circular roof that extends to the pool deck. Here is a perfect example:


A dome shape swimming pool enclosure

Again with this pool enclosure design idea, water, snow and dirt will slide off the surface to the pool deck. This makes cleaning and maintaining the enclosure an easy process.

The above design is suitable for medium to low profile pool enclosures.

Other dome pool enclosures may have a semi-circular roof design with vertical sides. It is also a fascinating design, especially for medium to high profile swimming pool enclosure.

Moreover, the point at which the semi-circular roof meets the walls can be curved or form an angle.

Mansard Roof Style for Retractable Pool Enclosure

In case you don’t like first four, then you can try pool enclosures with a mansard roof design.

The truth that most pool enclosure manufacturers will hide from you is this:

When you build your own pool enclosures to feature mansard roof design, expect to spend more.

Yes, it is stylish and unique, but it comes with high costs and disadvantages – I’ll share them here too.

But first, I want you to know how pool enclosures with mansard roof looks like:


Mansard roofing design – Photo Credits: HOUZZ

This is an example of a screen pool enclosure with a mansard roof design.

So, what’s so unique about this roof design…I’ll explain.

It combines two roofing styles and designs:

  • Flat style; can you see the flat section at the center of this roof?
  • Gable style; it has two slanting sides however the flat surface replaces the thin ridge.

Although the design looks stylish and classy, it has following main drawbacks:

  • The flat surface will not drain water or allow dust and snow to slide off to the pool deck. This makes cleaning and maintaining this pool enclosure cumbersome.
  • So many joints on the roofing structure may cause weak points. Thus, not suitable for retractable pool enclosures unless the manufacturer uses extremely strong and reliable material/joints.

I can only recommend this roofing design for pool enclosures if you know how to deal with the challenges.

Retractable Pool Enclosure with Hip Style Roof Design

The hip roofing designs resemble the gable style. The only difference comes on the two extreme ends.

That is, instead of having a flat surface from the highest tip of the roof to the pool deck, there is a slanting surface. You can compare the pool enclosure roof designs here:


Different roof designs for pool enclosures

Can you see the difference?

In most cases, you will find that most pool enclosures with a hip style roof design have fixed extreme ends. This only allows you to slide the middle panels.

Again, you should remember that there are different variations of these pool covers. They may at times look really confusing.

In a nutshell, here is what to consider when choosing a retractable pool enclosure design:

  • Easy to clean; one that allows dust, snow and water to drain down the pool deck.
  • Strong and robust; few joints will guarantee a strong pool enclosure that can withstand high speed wind and heavy load.
  • Aesthetic value; go for designs that add beauty to your property.
  • Functionality; do you want to fix beds or install flower vases? Well, you have from high to low pool enclosures

With this information, I don’t see the reason why you should find it difficult to choose appropriate retractable pool enclosure kits.

But still, if you cannot find one – I am here to help you.

Anyway, in case you want to learn more about pool enclosure design ideas, more so how to incorporate lighting systems…just keep reading.

I have a whole chapter for swimming pool lighting ideas.

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Chapter 4:

Retractable Pool Enclosure Benefits: Why you need a Retractable Pool Enclosure


I know there are many swimming pool accessories out there…from all sorts of pool covers to swimming pool fence.

But, why should you go for this particular accessory?

Today, I want to share with some of the main benefits of retractable pool enclosures and why it is a must-have swimming pool accessory.

Let’s dive right in:

Protects Swimming Pool from UV that Decomposes Chlorine

PH imbalance in swimming pool water can be very annoying. It will literally make swimming uncomfortable.

I can bet on this…you will not swim in water that makes you uncomfortable.

For instance, have a look at this illustration first before I continue:


Illustrating variation in chlorine in swimming pool water – Photo Credits: POOL FOR THOUGHT

I know you are wondering why this is important but here is what you should know.

The effects of low PH in swimming pool water include the following:

  • High chances of damaging mechanical components and the liner of the pool
  • Causes irritation to swimmers and this may include mucous membrane, eyes, etc.

On the other hand, a high PH has the following key effects:

  • To swimmers it causes skin irritation
  • On swimming pool water, there will be lime precipitation, cloudiness and poor disinfection

So, what’s the bottom line here?

You should ensure the swimming pool water has the correct PH at all times.

To achieve this, you need a pool screen enclosure UV protection. This leaves you with no option but to choose a polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure.

This is because the polycarbonate sheet has a UV protection layer. It filters all the harmful UV that can cause the decomposition of chlorine.

In short, ability to filter or prevent UV radiation from hitting the swimming pool water will ensure stable and predictable pool PH.

But, this alone is not enough…what’s more?

 Acid rain may also cause a PH imbalance. It is a common phenomenon where either nitrogen oxides or sulfur dioxide is emitted to the environment.

So to prevent instances of acid rain mixing with pool water, you need a protective cover. This makes a retractable swimming pool enclosure a perfect choice for your pool.

The point is:

A polycarbonate pool enclosure will guarantee a stable PH all the time. As a result, you don’t have to waste time testing swimming pool water and spending more on chemicals.

Extends Your Swimming Season by Ensuring Predictable & Suitable Outdoor Environment for Swimming

This is one of the main benefits of polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure.

And by the way, who doesn’t want to extend the swimming season?

I know, you do, so let’s break it down:

We have two extreme seasons – winter known for freezing cold weather and summer known for scorching sun.

So, this is exactly what a retractable pool enclosure offers:

Depending on the weather condition, you can open or close the cover.


Open and closed section of the swimming pool

Well, let me get straight to the point.

From my definition of a retractable pool enclosure in chapter 1, you know a pool enclosure is basically a shelter. It gives you control over the swimming pool enclosure.

That is:

  • It prevents heat loss and keeps the pool warm; well a 3-mm solid polycarbonate sheet has a good R-value (measure of thermal resistance).

As a result, your swimming pool will retain a substantial amount of heat. Thus, you can swim even during freezing cold weather without spending much on heating costs.

  • Block UV radiation during summer; with polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure, you don’t have to worry about the excess heat during summer. It filters all harmful UV radiations.
  • Blocks extreme wind; an aluminum and solid polycarbonate sheet can withstand a wind speed of 230km/hr. Therefore, you can close the pool to enjoy swimming during this windy weather.
  • No snow will fall in the pool; with the ability to withstand a load weight of 900kg distributed within a 1.5m radius, there is no reason to panic. You will still enjoy swimming during winter.

All these not only make it convenient for you to enjoy swimming, but create conducive environment too. Besides, it will also reduce the cost of owning a swimming pool.

In addition to this, a retractable pool enclosure will also act as a barrier to wild animals or insects from accessing the pool at night.

In short, you can enjoy swimming irrespective of the weather conditions, whether it’s night or day time.

I am sure this is what you are craving for.

Security of the Pool is a MUST (You can achieve it by Installing and Enclosure)

With a retractable pool enclosures people accessing the swimming pool without your knowledge will be a thing of the past.


First, a retractable swimming pool enclosure is a barrier. Once you close it, no one will access your swimming pool.

This gives you the power to monitor the use of your swimming pool.

As a result, you can prevent unintentional drowning, which is one of the leading causes of deaths according to the CDC.


Door of the swimming pool is locked

The good news is:

Modern retractable swimming pool enclosures feature self-lathing doors. This ensures that once you leave or enter the pool, the door automatically locks itself.

As a result, it prevents any intruders from accessing the swimming pool area. I am sure this is what you wish for.

No More Water Loss via Evaporation with a Pool Enclosure

Obviously, swimming pool loses a lot of water when the surface is exposed to the external environment. This is mainly due to exposure to the conventional wind and extreme heat from the sun.

In an article published on the DENGARDEN about How to Calculate Water Evaporation in Pools; pool surface area (A), wind speed (W) and temperature (T), are among the key factors rate of evaporation rate (E).


Photo Credits: CWANAMAKER

The same is also evident in the John W. Lund Evaporation Equation.

In short, what am I trying say here?

It is only by installing a retractable pool enclosure, that you will control these key elements that cause water evaporation from swimming pools.


Illustrating water evaporating from pools – Photo Credits: HOME POWER

The good thing about pool enclosures is that, even if this water evaporates, it will condense on the cover. Thus, you can recover it back to the pool.

Basically, preventing evaporation will save you the cost and time of refilling the swimming pool.

Saves you the Cost of Paying for Compensation/Liabilities

Normally, if an accident occurs in or around your swimming pool, you will pay for the damages. I know you wouldn’t wish to be in such a situation.

The good news is:

Once you have a polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure, after closing and locking it, no one can access it.

Therefore, this will save you from horrible situations such as someone drowning in your pool.


The kid is drowning in a pool

This is not like the swimming pool fence where the kids will try to jump over. Or, is it pool covers that kids can walk over the pool.

Once you lock it, there will be neither access to the pool area, nor can some break into it.

By the end of it all, it will save you from paying for any liabilities. Remember, there are regulations insisting that every pool owner must install a barrier around swimming pools.

Swimming Pool Enclosure Guarantees Privacy

I know I have shared some aspects about this earlier in this section…I’ll be brief here:

Once you have a tinted polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure, no one can see anything going on in the pool. Not even the prying eyes of your neighbor or passers-by, everything within the swimming pool will remain private.


Tinted swimming pool enclosure

Help Maintain Swimming Pool Hygiene & Cleanliness

I know this what you have been waiting for and it’s one of the main benefits of pool screen enclosures.

Removing dust, grass or tree leaves each morning will be a thing of the past. Remember, as I said earlier, once you install a retractable pool enclosure, it will act as a barrier.

That is, it will prevent anything from falling on the swimming pool water. Not even snow will fall in the pool.


I know you would want this tedious task: Photo Credits: Strebis6

This will save you both money and time. Therefore, you will devote all your time to swim.

Retractable Pool Enclosure Adds Beauty to the Swimming Pool

Who doesn’t want a classy swimming pool with a good shelter?

Well, a pool enclosure does more than protecting and extending swimming season…it adds aesthetic value to your pool.

Look at this:


Pool enclosure for aesthetic value

Isn’t this what you’d wish to have in your backyard?

Of course, yes!

You can choose from the many pool enclosure roofing design ideas (refer to chapter 5) or many pool enclosure lighting options (refer to chapter 7).

Also, before I wind up this section, you should remember that:

  • Polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures will last for at least 25 years
  • The warranty period may range from 10 to 15 years

And, this is not all:

I am about to take through even an interesting aspect about retractable pool enclosure, keep reading.

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Chapter 5:

Retractable Pool Enclosure Cost: The Complete Guide


The retractable pool enclosure cost depends on numerous factors. This explains the disparity in these prices from one city to another.

For example, let’s review some statistics on swimming pool enclosure prices.

HomeAdvisor estimates the cost of constructing a swimming pool enclosure as:


Photo Credits – HomeAdvisor

On the other hand, Improvenet estimates the cost of a constructing screen pool enclosure as:


Photo Credits – Improvenet

As you can see, most homeowners spend between $5,550 and $10,570.

Apart from these two, FIXR estimates the average cost of installing a pool enclosure as:


Photo Credits – FIXR

(Please note: I retrieved this information on 1/28/18 so it may change with time.)

Now, what do you learn from these statistics?

A polycarbonate or glass pool enclosure cost varies depending on so many factors. I am going to discuss all of them in this section.

You can use this information to choose an enclosure as per your budget.

So, what are the main factors that determine the swimming pool enclosure prices?

Size of the Swimming Pool Enclosure

Let me begin by making this straightforward for you:

Obviously, larger swimming pool enclosures are more expensive than smaller designs. Of course, I am comparing pool enclosures made from the same material, design and shape.

Now, what exactly defines the size of a pool enclosure?

Any time before you buy retractable pool enclosure kits you will see this information:

The dimensions I have highlighted define the swimming pool enclosure size.

Let me explain this so that you may know how it affects the retractable pool enclosure prices.

Now, do you remember my discussion in chapter 3 about retractable pool enclosure designs?

In that section, I did mention that there are three main types of pool enclosure designs, with reference to the height. They include:

  • High profile pool enclosure
  • Medium profile pool enclosure
  • Low profile pool enclosure

You can refer to that chapter to learn more about the three types of retractable pool enclosure design.

However, the point is:

High profile pool enclosures are the most expensive, then the medium enclosures and finally the low profile designs. Obviously, this is because high profile pool enclosures require more materials and is labor intensive to construct/install.

That aside:

Another critical aspect you must consider is the length and width of the pool enclosure. In short, you can talk of the base area (length * width).

Therefore, the larger the base area, the more expensive your retractable pool enclosure will be.

In short, the base area and height will determine the pool enclosure kits prices.

The base area will depend on the size of the pool and whether you need extra space to install other pool accessories. On the other hand, the height will depend on whether you want a free space for walking of just swimming.

Design of the Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosure

Again, I will take you back to chapter 3.

There are hundreds of swimming pool enclosure design options available in the market. You can opt for pool enclosure with standard roof designs such as:

  • Flat
  • Sloped
  • Gable
  • Dome
  • Mansard
  • Hip

Alternatively, you can go for custom roof designs. This will depend on your aesthetic preferences. You can even blend more than one pool enclosure roof design for your unique lifestyle.


Retractable swimming pool enclosure

Whatever pool enclosure roofing design you opt for, the truth is:

Constructing and installing retractable pool enclosures with complex designs is more expensive than simple ones. For instance, a pool enclosure with gable roof design is more expensive that that with flat roof.

Apart from the roof, the opening mechanism is also a design feature.

Here, the motorized pool enclosures or automatic retractable pool enclosures are more expensive than the manual designs.

The bottom line:

Any unique feature you incorporate either to boost the aesthetic value or functionality has a unique price tag.

Site of Installation

Where exactly do you intend to install the retractable pool enclosure?

For a fact, in case you have to import the swimming pool enclosure from another country, expect to pay more.


The final swimming pool enclosure prices will include shipping cost and taxes.

Another way in which the geographical location affects pool enclosure prices is weather conditions.

Now, in case you’re planning to install the pool enclosure in Quebec, Canada, the construction will be different. Such pool enclosures feature high grade material and the manufacturer must reinforce the structure.

This is to ensure that the retractable pool enclosure can hold heavy snow load without collapsing.

Look at this:


Snow on a swimming pool enclosure

Of course, for areas such as East Africa where there is no snow, you don’t require much reinforcement.

Obviously, the swimming pool enclosure prices in the two areas will be different.

Type of Material

Anytime you want to buy a retractable pool enclosure it is important to consider type of material.

In chapter 2, I did discuss a range of factors on retractable pool enclosure material. You can review that chapter in case you have forgotten.

Anyway, this is the truth:

The type of material directly affects the retractable pool enclosure prices. For example, polycarbonate retractable pool enclosure kits prices are quite different from glass pool enclosure cost.

You will also see the same situation when it comes to the structure of the pool enclosures. That is, the price of wood, aluminum or steel pool structures is quite different.

Moreover, if you need special treatment on the material, such as tinted polycarbonate or painting aluminum structure, expect to pay more.


Extruded aluminum for pool enclosure

As a rule of thumb, the choice of specific material must guarantee safety. This is why most retractable pool enclosure manufacturers recommend extruded aluminum and solid polycarbonate sheet for snow prone areas.

Choose the Right Pool Enclosure Manufacturer

Later in chapter 10, I will discuss top 10 swimming pool enclosure manufacturers. This will help you to choose the right company that can supply quality and reliable pool enclosure.

Here are a few rules that will help choose a goof pool enclosure manufacturer:

Rule no 1: I recommend that you buy a retractable pool enclosure from the original manufacturer. This way, you will get the best prices in the market.

Rule no 2: Consider the reputation of the company. For how long has the company been supplying pool enclosures to the local or global market?

Rule no 3: What is the mode of payment? Is it 30% when placing the order and the remaining 70% before shipping?

Or, the company requires that you make all payments at once.

In the two cases, is the mode of payment secure?

Rule no. 4: Does the company ships to your door step or how do they ensure you get the product?

Rule no 5: Is there a warranty for the retractable pool enclosure?

Well, with all these I am sure you can get a professional company that will offer the best prices in the market.

You can discuss the technical drawing with the company before they go ahead to fabricate the retractable pool enclosure.


Sample of technical drawing for pool enclosure

You need to cooperate with the company to get high quality and reliable pool enclosure.

Other Features and Functionalities

At times, you may want to include other features such as:

  • Lighting systems; it is a critical feature, if you intend to use the pool enclosure at night. You will learn more about pool enclosure lighting ideas in chapter 7.
  • Heating ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC); you may install HVAC systems to improve comfort during freezing cold or hot weather conditions. This will require additional wiring.

This will simply imply that you pay more for the pool enclosure system.

Installation Cost for Retractable Pool Enclosure

Installing a retractable pool enclosure is an easy process as you will see shortly in chapter 6. However, in case you can’t do it, simply hire a professional pool enclosure installer to do it for you.

The cost will depend on the design and size of the pool enclosure. It may take 3 to 7 days to install.

Basically, these are the main factors that determine the retractable pool enclosure cost. With this information, I am sure you can get the best prices in the market.

Just take your time to get the best retractable pool enclosure.

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Chapter 6:

Retractable Pool Enclosure Installation: How to Build a Swimming Pool Enclosure


In this chapter, I want to discuss an important aspect of swimming pool enclosure – installing a retractable pool enclosure.

I know it is one of the most sensitive processes. This is because it will determine whether your retractable pool enclosure will withstand 900kg of snow or 230km/hr. wind speed.

Even before I proceed, in chapter 3, you did realize that retractable pool enclosures come in many designs and shapes. As a result, the installation process may be slightly different.

So, here is exactly what I am going to focus on here:

This retractable pool enclosure installation process is a general procedure that you can use to install any pool enclosure system.

For illustrations and examples, I will focus on the drawings and technical manuals of these two retractable pool enclosures:

Excelite Model C, Medium Profile Retractable Pool Enclosure

Excelite Model G, High Profile Retractable Pool Enclosure

I know you must be wondering why I chose these two retractable pool enclosure designs.

Well, this is due to the:

  • Unique roof designs; Model G has gable roof style while Model C has a dome roof style
  • Different profiles; Model G is a high profile and Model C a medium profile pool enclosure
  • Rail system; notably Model G doesn’t have whereas in Model C, they are available.

With this comparison, I am sure you will learn how to install a pool enclosure without hiring a technical staff.

It is a simple process…that I can assure you.

Step 1: Sort-out & Identify Parts of Retractable Pool Enclosure

Do you remember my definitions in chapters 1 and 2?

Well, a retractable swimming pool enclosure has many components and parts. Under normal circumstances, these parts don’t come when they are fully assembled.

You will do the assembly on-site.

The good news is that:

Swimming pool enclosure manufacturers do label and indicate the quantity of every part. This makes it easy for part identification.

Here, you will use the swimming pool enclosure datasheet to identify and sort-out all the parts and components.

This is exactly what you will use:


A section of product manual for Model G pool enclosure

I am sure you can see the importance of this document. It not only shows the part no. and quantity, but also the shape and design.

As you sort out these parts, I want you to take note of the following:

  • Check the size of bolts, nuts and screws; this will help you identify the right type of fastening equipment and accessories.
  • Parts that require riveting; for that reason, you need rivet gun
  • Drilling machines, hand drill for drilling holes on the pool enclosure and on the pool deck

The number of parts and components will depend on the size and design of the swimming pool. For example, Model G has 83 parts and components, while Model C has 45.

In short, ensure your swimming pool enclosure has a datasheet or installation manual. You must go through the entire document before you move to the next step.

Step 2: Prepare the Swimming Pool Deck & Install the Rail System

Now, the real work begins.

I know you are wondering how a retractable swimming pool enclosure will fit in an irregular shaped swimming pool. The truth is, whether you have an oval, circular or triangular swimming pool, it will fit within a swimming pool enclosure.

Have a look at these:


How a pool enclosure fits on regular and irregular pools

What am I trying to say here?

The light blue color represents a swimming pool while the lines are the different sections of retractable pool enclosure panels. It illustrates how to fit the swimming pool enclosure systems.

With this in mind, you need to mark how to position the retractable swimming pool enclosure.

Here is an important point I don’t want you to miss:

Can you review the above image…do you identify the longest and shortest sides?

Well, you will fix the pool enclosure panel across the pool, with its edges on the two longest sides. This will allow you to open and close the covers longitudinally.

This is what I am saying:


Opening and closing a pool enclosure

From these, it implies that you will install the rail system on the two longest sides. They must be parallel to one another.

The distance between the two must be same as that of the pool enclosure panel.

By installing the retractable pool enclosure rail system, you will have a design of this nature:


Swimming pool enclosure rail system

Of course, this is the situation in retractable pool enclosure Model C. Obviously you will follow the same process for all retractable pool enclosures with a rail system.

However, this is not the case when it comes to polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure Model G. In Model G, we have wheels.

It is these wheels that make it easier to move the pool cover back and forth. You will learn more about this in step 2.

Meanwhile, here is a quick overview of what you expect in Model G.


Model G swimming pool enclosure

Still, even with Model G, you must mark where you expect the wheels to follow. It can be a temporary mark that will help you during the installation process.

With all these in place, it is now time to move to the next step.

Step 3: Assemble the Retractable Pool Enclosure Structure

I will not lie to you…here you must be very careful.

In fact, it forms nearly 67% of the retractable swimming pool enclosure installation process.

Still, I will make it simple and straight forward for you.

So, this part involves two main sections:

  • Assemble the swimming pool enclosure structure
  • Fix the solid polycarbonate sheet on the structure

Here is all you should do:

First, you must begin by assembling the main frame of the pool cover. That is, the first frame that gives the retractable swimming pool enclosure its unique design.

Depending on your pool enclosure manufacturers’ manual, it may involve some mechanical work. If you have the right tools, then the process will be fast and easy.

That is, you will join different parts of the metals (extruded aluminum) together. It may involve drilling holes, tightening parts using bolts or riveting.

The choice of a particular procedure will depend on the retractable pool enclosure design.

These are exactly what I am talking about:


Model G swimming pool enclosure structure


First structure of the Model C pool enclosure

Now, while following the instructions (including pictures) in the installation manual, you will continue to expand on this structure.

That is, by joining various parts together to form a structure like this:


After assembling various parts and components for Model G


After assembling, all parts for Model C

NOTE: Please note that these numbers corresponds to the various parts and components in the respective retractable pool enclosure installation manuals.

From here, you will continue to fix all components and sections.

Once you have a complete structure, you’ll now fix the solid polycarbonate sheet.

By doing so, you should have a structure like this in the two scenarios:


Fully assembled and installed retractable pool panel for Model G


Fully assembled Model C pool enclosure panel

To make it easier for you, install each section of the enclosure on the pool deck once you’ve done a full assembly.

Again, you should start with the smallest pool enclosure panel. This is because it is this panel that you will install at the extreme end of the swimming pool.

Then, proceed in that order until you assemble the largest.

In short, you will repeat the process of assembling a pool cover for all the pool enclosure panels.

This implies that, by the end of this process, you should have:


After the assembly of all 5 sections for Model G


After assembling all the 4 section of Model C retractable pool enclosure

Remember, this is a systematic process that requires you to be cautious and keen at every stage.

In most cases, retractable swimming pool enclosure manufacturers do pack exact number of parts. So, if you destroy one, the only option will be to order one from the company.

That will be quite expensive and will obviously slow down the process of installing a retractable pool enclosure.

Therefore, if you are not an expert, simply hire a professional retractable poll enclosure installer.

Now, you should test if the covers can close and open seamless by sliding on the rail system. For those with wheels, ensure they can roll freely.

Once you reach this stage, it is almost a done deal.

Step 4: Install the Retractable Pool Enclosure Door

The retractable pool enclosure must have a lockable door. This is an important requirement that guarantees safety and privacy of the pool.

Again, when it comes to this, the process is also easy. It involves fixing a few parts and it will be ready.

For instance, in both Model G and C, we have:


Door of retractable pool enclosure Model G


Door of a retractable pool enclosure Model C

Voila! Once you fix the door, you shall have finished installing the retractable pool enclosure system.

I know when you receive the packaging wooden box from the company, it may be quite intimidating.

You should’ get worried, installing retractable pool enclosure system involves only four steps:

  • Sort and identify parts and component
  • Mark swimming pool deck for installation and put rail system in place
  • Assemble the structure (aluminum metal or any other) and glazing material (solid polycarbonate sheet)
  • Install door

Besides, there is also an installation manual which is clear and simple to understand.

I believe with all these, you should be able to install the swimming pool enclosure.

Well, but that’s not all, you may need to decorate the retractable swimming pool enclosure.

So, what else should you do?

Keep reading…you’ll learn more about how to the fix appropriate light system for the swimming pool enclosure.

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Chapter 7:

Swimming Pool Enclosure Lighting Idea


Well, one of the main benefits of swimming pool enclosure is to extend the swimming season. Once you close the cover, you can swim comfortably even at night.

But wait a minute…

Can you swim without lights?

I am sure this is not possible at all. Also, I don’t think if you need one halogen lamp on one side of the pool – it will not be attractive at all.

That will not even entice you to visit the pool at night.

Look at this simple and effective lighting system…certainly this is exactly what you need for your pool.


Retractable swimming pool enclosure at night

Below are some of the key factors to consider when it comes to retractable pool enclosure lighting ideas:

Choose Quality LED Lighting System

LED lights are popular due to their:

  • Low energy emissions
  • Design flexibility
  • Weather resistance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Energy efficiency
  • Long service lifespan.

The lighting systems come in many designs and configurations.

LED strip lighting system is popular among many swimming pool owners. They are IP67 waterproof LED lighting systems.

These lighting systems are flexible and can withstand the opening and closing of the retractable pool enclosure.


LED strip lighting system – Photo Credits: SAOUTDOORLIGHTING

Alternatively, you may also opt for standard LED lighting systems for swimming pool. Below is a good example of such lighting systems for swimming pools:


Photo Credits: LOVERSIQ

Once you have the right lighting system, it is now time to choose the exact point where you should install the light.

Where to Install the LED Lighting System

Depending on the design of your swimming pool and the kind of lighting effect you intend to create, you can install the light on:

  • Retractable swimming pool enclosure
  • Swimming pool deck
  • Walls of the swimming pool

It doesn’t matter where you install the light – it will light up the entire swimming pool enclosure.

Honestly, this is one of the most challenging tasks for most retractable swimming pool contractors. They have to balance light intensity or blend colors appropriately.

That is the only sure way to have a spectacular swimming pool environment.

As you think of the best lighting system for your swimming pool, it is important not to under-light the swimming pool enclosure. You can achieve this by balancing the intensity and mount of light within the swimming pool enclosure.

Choose LED lights with the correct wattage.

Now, let’s have a quick overview of these three options:

1.      Installing LED Lights in the Swimming Pool

Well, this will depend on the design of the swimming pool. In most cases, this process is easy when you are dealing with circular, rectangular or square swimming pools.

However, the complexity of the lighting system arises when you want to light up “irregular” swimming pools. At times, you may even install more lighting systems to ensure the light covers both the pool and retractable pool enclosures.

Look at this:


Installing light within the pool – Photo Credits: HOME DESIGN LOVER

2.      Installing Lights on the Swimming Pool Deck

When you opt for installing swimming pool lights on the pool deck, it must provide sufficient light in both the pool and enclosure.


Swimming pool lights on the pool deck – Photo Credits: IMPRESSIVE POOL TIPS

As a cardinal rule, just ensure they provide sufficient light to the pool. At times, you may also incorporate the pool lights in the swimming pool too.

3.      Installing Lights on the Retractable Pool Enclosure

I know this is one of the biggest challenges for most retractable swimming pool enclosure installers.

For a fact a retractable pool enclosure is a system that the users push back and forth. So the possibility of damaging the wires or cable system is always very high.

It is not like the case of fixed pool enclosures where the entire structure is stationary. In fixed pool enclosures, you don’t have to worry about the lighting system getting damaged due to the moving surface:


Lighting system on a fixed pool enclosure

Now, for retractable pool enclosure, you can fix the lighting system on the extreme ends of the pools. This is because at that extreme ends, we have vertical panels – there is a lot of space there.

This will save you from worrying about possible damages that may occur to the cables when moving the covers.


Retractable pool enclosure with light at extreme ends – Photo Credits: BULLY FREE WORD

Again, for the wall mounted retractable pool enclosure, the process is even easy and simple. Simply mount the lights on the wall.


Photo Credits: Abri Design

On the other hand, for the retractable pool enclosures whose two ends are fixed, you can install the lighting system on the extreme ends.

But, the truth is:

These are not the only options at your disposal. There are other retractable pool enclosure lighting ideas that give you even more freedom.

For example, you can choose from the numerous designs of portable swimming pool lights. They are available as floating pool lights or portable swimming pool lights which are battery operated.

With these lights, you can mount them anywhere on the swimming pool enclosure or pool deck.


Battery operates waterproof swimming pool lights

It is this simple; choose the design you can fix on your pool enclosure. The color and design of portable swimming pool light will depend on your preference and theme of the pool.

But, this is not all you need to know about the retractable pool enclosure.

You must know how to clean and maintain swimming pools.

Just keep reading…I have more in store for you on that particular subject.


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Chapter 8:

Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosure Maintenance Guide


Now, let me take you through an important segment of retractable swimming pool enclosure.

I am sure you’d not wish to invest another $2,999 or more on retractable pool enclosure due to your carelessness.

The truth is:

Polycarbonate pool enclosures with aluminum frames should last for even 20 years. Of course, this is only possible with proper cleaning and maintenance procedures.

I will discuss all of them here…just be patient and read this section to the end.

It will help you to maintain your retractable swimming pool enclosure.

Well, let’s dive right in:

Clean Extruded Aluminum Rods and Polycarbonate Panels (Use the Right Detergents)

A dirty swimming pool enclosure is not only disgusting, but also a serious health hazard. So, you must clean your swimming pool enclosure regularly.

To achieve this, you can adopt any of the following procedures:

  • You can powder wash the polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure using lukewarm water. In some instances, you may use pressurized water, which will remove all oil stains and other dirt particles.
  • In case your retractable swimming pool enclosure has tough stains, use a sponge to scrub the surface. It will eventually remove it.
  • In the event that you want to bleach some stains, mix an appropriate portion of bleaching agent. You must not use any chemicals that react with the extruded aluminum rods or solid polycarbonate sheet panel.

Cleaning a polycarbonate surface

When it comes to choosing cleaners or detergents, please refer to the swimming pool technical data sheet. Or, you can contact the retractable pool enclosure manufacturer.

Take for example, you cannot use a strong acid to clean extruded aluminum rod. It will react with it, hence, changing its physical and mechanical properties.

On the other hand, you can’t use cleaners with pinesol, isopropanol, or Lysol. They are not compatible with polycarbonate material.

The bottom line is:

Use the right solutions to clean all parts of the polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure. Once you complete the cleaning process, give it time to dry before use.

But, this alone is not enough. There is still another important procedure you can’t just ignore:

Regular Inspection of Retractable Pool Enclosure in Non-negotiable

Why do I say so?

By regularly inspecting swimming pool enclosure structure, you will identify problems in time. As a result, you will take appropriate actions.

You must check/inspect the following parts:

  • All joints of the retractable pool enclosure
  • Rail system
  • Sliding mechanism/how wheels roll; of course, when opening and closing the enclosure
  • Gap between two sliding polycarbonate panels (ensure they fit well)
  • Pool enclosure door to ensure it is lockable
  • Pulley and motor mechanism for automatic pool enclosures
  • Pool enclosure structure and glazing material

Excelite polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure

As a rule of thumb, you can inspect the pool enclosure system after every 2 weeks. However, this will depend on how frequently you use the swimming pool.

During this time, you will have an opportunity to assess every part of the pool enclosure. You can then recommend appropriate repair procedures.

Monitor and Control the Use of your Swimming Pool

It is a better way to ensure you have full control of your swimming pool. This is why your retractable pool enclosure has a door locking mechanism.

By doing so, you will ensure that:

  • No one bangs the polycarbonate panels or the pool enclosure doors. This maintains the integrity of the structure.
  • Every pool user is liable and accountable in case of any damages. Therefore, they will be extra careful when using the pool, hence the enclosure will remain intact.
  • You will ensure that pool users open and close pool enclosure door, ventilation systems and panels appropriately.
  • Nobody climbs or hangs on the frames of the polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure. Kids are fond of this habit and it loosens and weakens the joints.

Open retractable swimming pool enclosure

In case you are not around, I can advise you to employ a swimming pool attendant. This way, he/she will monitor the use of your swimming pool.

And by the way, let me tell the truth:

Maintaining a swimming pool enclosure is everyone’s responsibility.  Therefore, you need to educate every individual on why a pool enclosure is an in important accessory.

Do you remember what I shared in chapter 4 (benefits of retractable pool enclosure).

Well, let them appreciate that they need to extend the swimming season, reduce cost of owning a swimming pool and guarantee safety. This way, they will protect the retractable swimming pool enclosure.

Basically, if you observe every point I have mentioned in this section, your retractable pool enclosure will obviously serve you for years.

Still, I know you could be having more questions on this, right?

Don’t worry because chapter 8 addresses all possible questions you are asking yourself right now.

You will find answers to all your questions…keep reading.

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Chapter 9:

The Ultimate Retractable Pool Enclosure FAQ (Get all Your Answers about Pool Enclosure)


Do you have any doubts or questions about the retractable pool enclosure?

Well, in this section, you are going to get all answers to any questions you have about retractable pool enclosures.

Let’s go straight to the main subject of this section:

Q&A about Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosure Price/Cost

Here are some of the most common questions about retractable pool enclosure cost:

  1. How much does a retractable pool enclosure cost?

Well, the cost varies depending on the size, design, type of material, functionalities and geographical location.

But I am sure from $2,999 you can get a quality retractable pool enclosure with a solid polycarbonate panel and aluminum frame.

  1. What is the cost of maintaining a retractable pool enclosure?

Well, it is virtually zero. Remember, a pool enclosure is built to last for 20 years.

  1. Do retractable pool enclosures have a warranty?


However, the warranty period will depend on the quality of the polycarbonate sheet and extruded aluminum.


Excelite swimming pool enclosure comes with 15 year warranty

In addition to these, it will also depend on the retractable pool enclosure manufacturer. For instance, I know Excelite retractable pool enclosures have a 15 year warranty.

It is also common to find pool enclosure manufacturers having different warranty periods for:

  • Aluminum structure; it can be 10 or 12 years
  • Polycarbonate glazing material which can be 10 or 15 years

So, before you buy a retractable pool enclosure, the manufacturer should clarify the timeframe of the warranty. Also, you must confirm the terms of the warranty.

Q&A on Where to Buy Retractable Pool Enclosure

Are you planning to invest in a new retractable pool enclosure? Here are a few Q&A that will help you to acquire a new accessory.

  1. Which companies design and construct a high quality retractable pool enclosure?

There is no straightforward answer when it comes to this. However, you must focus on the company’s reputation, experience and the number of pool enclosure designs they offer.

The company should prove beyond reasonable doubt that it designs and manufactures high quality pool enclosures. Again, it should offer the best market prices, while maintaining high quality standards.


Simple swimming pool enclosure design

In case you cannot find a pool enclosure manufacturer near you, the best option is to import. In chapter 10, I will list a number of reputable pool enclosures manufacturers you can contact.

You should request for quality test data to be sure that you have bought high quality and durable accessory.

  1. During which season should I buy a retractable pool enclosure?

Even though most people argue that polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures are cheaper during specific seasons, I disagree.

These accessories are not like pool fences or pool covers, whose prices mostly depend on season. Also, I don’t object to the fact that the forces of demand and supply may also affect these prices…but not much.

Remember, a retractable pool enclosure is useful both during summer and winter. Even at night, you will still need it.


Swimming in a pool

It is for this reason that I indicated that pool enclosures extend the swimming season.

So the bottom line is:

Just contact a reputable and professional pool enclosure manufacturer to get the best market prices. Their prices do not depend on the season in most cases.

  1. Do swimming pool enclosure manufacturers offer technical support?

Sure, they do. However, for maintenance, you can hire a swimming pool enclosure installer near you…it will be affordable.


Fixing a retractable pool enclosure

In case you have your installation manual, you can use it to make necessary adjustments in the structure. So don’t throw it away after installing the pool enclosure.

Q&A on Swimming Pool Enclosure, Design, Operation and Maintenance

This section covers important Q&A on retractable pool enclosure design, installation, operation and maintenance. Some of the most common questions include:

  1. Once I get all parts and components, how long will it take to complete the retractable pool enclosure installation process?

A DIY retractable pool enclosure installation process can take 3 to 7 days, or even more. It will depend on the complexity of the design, expertise (when it comes to installation), manpower and size of the pool enclosure.


Installing a swimming pool enclosure

  1. How frequently do I have to maintain my retractable pool enclosure?

It depends on how frequently you use the pool. However, inspecting and verifying its functionality once a fortnight is not bad.


Open swimming pool

Again, if you follow all the maintenance procedures I have indicated in chapter 8, you don’t have to worry about any maintenance costs.

  1. Are there any weather conditions that may affect the performance of pool enclosures?

No, remember this is a robust, sturdy and strong structure that is built to withstand 230km/hr. speed of wind a 900kg distributed within 1.5m.


Photo Credits: Pool and Spa

Besides, the solid polycarbonate sheet has a UV protection. Therefore, even during summer months, you will be safe.

At the same time, it prevents heat loss thus you will still be comfortable during winter.

In short, you can use it comfortably all year round.

  1. How exactly do retractable pool enclosures work?

Well, I did explore, this is chapters 1 & 2. Still, let me make it straightforward for you here:

  • Pushing the cover on the rail system will either open or close the cover depending on the direction of force.
  • Again, this can create an indoor (by closing the cover) or outdoor (by opening the cover) environment. Giving you the opportunity to extend the swimming season.
  1. Can you recommend specific designs of retractable pool enclosure for my pool?

Well, you have the freedom to choose from different profiles and roof designs. There is comprehensive information about this in chapter 3.


Medium profile swimming pool enclosure

Remember, they come in different sizes and finishing too. Just choose one that blends well with the theme of your swimming pool or outdoor landscaping ideas.

Furthermore, you are at liberty to choose a unique lighting system. Again here, you can learn more in chapter 7.

In short, all these options will give you the ability to customize any retractable pool enclosure for your specific needs.

  1. Why do I need a retractable swimming pool enclosure?

I can tell you for free:

Retractable pool enclosures have many advantages and benefits. These include extending the swimming season, reducing cost owning a pool and ensuring safety, just to mention a few.

You can explore more of these in chapter 4.


Retractable pool enclosure after closing the cover

But frankly, a polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure is a must have accessory.

  1. Are there any laws regulating swimming pool enclosure installation?

Yes, there are quite a number. Please check with your local authority for swimming pool barriers laws and regulations.

Remember, it is a requirement that every swimming pool must have a barrier. This many include a swimming pool fence, enclosure or cover.

In short, these are the main questions I sampled from different swimming pool forums.

Just in case you have more questions about retractable pool enclosures – just talk to me.

Leave a quick comment below and I will respond to it.

Well, as I promised earlier, let me take you through a list of top swimming pool enclosure manufacturers in the global market.

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Chapter 10:

Top 10 Swimming Pool Enclosure Manufacturer in Global Market


I know this is what you have been waiting for.

For a fact, there are 100s of retractable pool enclosure manufacturers in the global market. However, not all of them have the capability to design and fabricate standard and custom pool enclosure designs.

Besides, some companies don’t have a variety of pool enclosure designs to choose from. As a result, this can make the process of choosing a suitable retractable pool enclosure an overwhelming task.

Today, I want to help you by sharing my top 10 list of pool enclosure manufacturing companies.

Here we go:

1.      Summit Leisure

Summing Leisure is a United Kingdom based retractable swimming pool enclosure manufacturer. The company offers a range of services in the swim spas, hot tubs, swimming pools, enclosures, etc.


Summit Leisure homepage

So far, Summit Leisure has numerous pool enclosures such as high/medium/low profile telescopic pool enclosures, fixed pool enclosures, bespoke pool enclosures and automatic telescopic swimming pool enclosures, just to mention a few.

2. Aqua Shield

In case you are looking for retractable swimming pool enclosures made in the U.S., then you can try Aqua Shield. The company boasts of several swimming pool enclosure designs that it has patented so far.

Besides, its main products include telescopic pool enclosures, telescopic sunrooms, safety covers and greenhouses among other products.


Aqua Shield homepage

Aqua Shield has several swimming pool enclosure models such as Ellipse, High Shield and Mid-Size Model pool enclosures. All these pool enclosures are available as either retractable or fixed designs.

3. CCSI International Inc.

With over 50 years in designing and fabricating swimming pool enclosures, CCSI International Inc. has grown to be a household name in this industry.


CCSI International Inc. homepage

The company designs a range of pool enclosures for both commercial and residential swimming pools. CCSI International Inc. has both glass and polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures.

It constructs glass patio enclosures too.

4. Excelite Pool Enclosure

Are you looking for a company with years of experience in solid polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures? Well, Excelite is a Chinese company that designs and fabricates retractable pool enclosures.

Their pool enclosures are known for cost competitiveness and performance. Excelite retractable swimming pool enclosures are made from extruded aluminum frames and solid polycarbonate sheets.


Excelite Pool Enclosure homepage

Excelite retractable pool enclosures come in low, medium and high profile designs. Furthermore, different roofing styles and designs are also available, from the dome, gable to wall mounted enclosures.

Its main retractable swimming pool models include B, C, D, E, F, G and J, alongside the DIY pool enclosures.

5. Remco Pool Covers & Products

In case you need an Australian made retractable pool enclosures, then Remco offers a perfect solution for you. It designs and fabricates both standard and custom design swimming pool enclosures.


Remco Pool Cover & Products homepage

The company invests in technologies that allows for electronic and manual opening of the retractable swimming pool enclosure.  Like other swimming pool enclosure manufacturers, Remco enclosures come in low, medium and high profiles.

It has also ventured in the polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure designs.

6. Abrisud

Just in case you are within the Eurozone, you can order for telescopic pool enclosures from Abrisud. It is one of the leading retractable swimming pool enclosures in the United Kingdom.


Abrisud homepage

The main products from Abrisud include flat pool enclosures, low pool enclosures and full height pool enclosures. They also come as free standing and semi sliding pool enclosures.

At the moment, Abrisud is one of the leading companies that make retractable pool enclosures with wood frames. Of course, this is alongside those the metal frames too.

Furthermore, it boasts of delivering over 5,000 swimming pool enclosures every year.

7. Libart

With Libart retractable pool enclosures, you have no doubt that it will guarantee indoor comfort and outdoor freedom. Libart U.S.A. is known for its unique architectural designs of the retractable pool enclosures.


Libart homepage

From low, medium to high profile retractable swimming pool enclosures, Libart meets the dynamic needs of both residential and commercial pool owners. Moreover, the pools come in many roofing designs, from stand alone to wall mounted retractable pool enclosures.

Whether you need manual or motorized retractable pool enclosures, there is always a perfect solution at Libart. This alongside retractable skylights, roofs, windows, etc. with an option for fixed pool enclosures also available.

8. Abrisol

Since 1990s, Abrisol has been designing and fabricating a range of retractable swimming pool enclosures in North America and Europe.

The company is popular for its unique architectural designs of retractable pool enclosures. Its products include high telescopic covers and low telescopic covers.


Abrisol homepage

Unlike most retractable pool enclosure manufacturers, Abrisol uses both metal and wood for its pool enclosure structures. With most of the covers made of polycarbonate sheet.

9. SouthWest Enclosure Systems Inc.

SouthWest Enclosure Systems Inc. has been in the swimming pool enclosure manufacturing industry since 1977. The company is popular for its unique designs of high, medium and low profile retractable and fixed swimming pool enclosures.

The company uses both polycarbonate and glass to make its retractable pool enclosures. It also offers both manual and motorized retractable pool enclosures.


SouthWest Enclosure Systems Inc. homepage

10. Pool & Spa Enclosures LLC

As a member of IPC Team, Pool & Spa Enclosures is a premier designer and manufacturer of telescopic pool enclosures. It designs low, medium and high profile retractable pool enclosures with varying roofing designs.

Among its key retractable swimming pool enclosures include Corona, Elegant, Imperia, Oceanic low and Terra, just to mention a few.


Pool & Spa Enclosures homepage

Apart from the retractable swimming pool enclosures, Pool & Spa also has patio enclosures, pool enclosures, hot tub enclosures and commercial enclosures, just to mention a few.

Like other pool enclosure manufacturers, Pool & Spa uses metal and wood for the structure and polycarbonate sheet as glazing material.

From all the 10 swimming pool enclosure manufacturing companies, the following are quite evident:

  • Retractable pool enclosure profiles are available in high, medium and low
  • Every company strives to fabricate unique roof designs and as a result, we have both standard and custom designs.

Apart from all these, I want you to remember this important fact:

Buying a retractable pool enclosure does not end at evaluating factors that determine the costs of this accessory (refer to chapter 5). It also involves your ability to analyze and research about the retractable pool enclosure manufacturer.

Throughout out this eBook, I have highlighted some of the key qualities of a good retractable pool enclosure manufacturer.  However, as a quick reminder, let me list them here:

  • Guarantee quality, hence the retractable pool enclosure MUST have a warranty
  • Exemplary customer support/technical service
  • Company must be reliable with a known history of quality designs and pool enclosure fabrication
  • Pool enclosure must guarantee safety and optimal performance

I am sure with all these you can now proceed to evaluate the retractable pool enclosures available in the market.

Now, it’s time to hear from you:

What are some of the pool enclosures ideas you have in mind?

Or, do you have a question about retractable pool enclosures?

You can let me know by leaving a quick comment below.

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