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Hot-tub enclosure

The basic structure of the SPA enclosure consists of 8 pieces of thermo-formed polycarbonate sheets, the glazing panels come in transparent or brown colour compact polycarbonate, there is one door fixed on an aluminium track and the whole dome put on the ground with aluminium track

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Enclosure $4,999 Pre Sale

You can choose one door or two doors. The hot tub enclosure door can be opened to both directions. Also, you can choose to put the door to any direction of the circle.tent here, content here’, making it look like readable English. Many desktop

Size of The SPA Enclosure

All sizes in mm

Enjoy Your SPA In Our 360° Transparent Hot Tub Enclosure

All sizes in mm

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Hot Tub Enclosure:The Ultimate Buying Guide

hot tub enclosure is one luxurious feature that is not only owned by spas but also home owners.

Given that hot tub enclosures offer absolute relaxation, comfort and privacy, they come in diverse designs.

Moreover, in this particular guide,I will explain to you all that you need to know about hot tub enclosure without excluding how you can build and purchase your own.

So keep reading.

What is a Hot Tub Enclosure?

First, you need to know what we mean by a hot tub.

By that, you will understand better what we mean by a hot tub enclosure.

hot tub otherwise known as Jacuzzi is a pool of hot aerated water used for the purpose of hydrotherapy, pleasure or relaxation.

Hot tub

Hot Tub Photo Courtesy: Hot Tub Works

You can choose to position it outdoors or indoors depending on your desired choice and preference.

With that said, a hot tub enclosure describes a structure that is built around a hot tub to cover and protect it.

You can otherwise call it the “cover” of the hot tub.

Have a look at this;

Hot tub enclosure

Hot tub enclosure

A hot tub enclosure guarantees you continuous enjoyment of your hot tub all year round.

How is this achieved?

I will explain all this later in this guide, just stay with me.

This structure comes with a lot of benefits not excluding health benefits.

Why You Should Build a Hot Tub Enclosure

I know you could be wondering why you should buy hot tub enclosure.

Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Enjoyment all year round

After a long day, a long soak in a hot tub will make you relax your mind as you enjoy the warm water.

Additionally, your muscles will be able to loosen up reducing tension and stress.

Basically, enclosures change your hot tub space into a year-round enjoyment area.

Relaxing in hot tub

Relaxing in hot tub – Photo courtesy: The Hot Tub Store

This is due to the fact that they will protect you from harsh weather conditions such as harmful UV rays throughout the year.

This as well protects your skin from sun burns and all problems associated with too much exposure to the sun rays.

2. Extends your hot tub usage for decades

Hot tub enclosures not only protect from harsh weather conditions but also offers protection to your hot tub.

Protecting hot tub

Protecting hot tub

Too much exposure to sun rays in some way starts to fade away the color of some hot tubs.

However, the polycarbonate panels along with extruded aluminum offers a longer service life which will last you for decades.

3. Ensures safety of the hot tub

Installing a cover on your hot tub would save you from incurring accidents in your hot tub.

This is aided by the locking system which ensures controlled entrance of kids into the enclosure who might otherwise drown or get injured while in the hot tub.

Safety of hot tub

Safety of hot tub

Aside that, a hot tub enclosure protects foreign materials from falling into the hot tub.

As some locations are found in some leafy suburbs, it’s very easy for falling leaves to drop inside your hot tub if not well covered.

4. Protection from UV radiation

Building an enclosure for your hot tub will aid in blocking UV radiation which is harmful to human skin.

Hot tub enclosure design

Hot tub enclosure design

In most cases, the enclosures are constructed using polycarbonate panels which helps in achieving this.

5. Ensures no entry of foreign materials in your hot tub

Enclosing your hot tub with an enclosure will prevent insects, falling leaves and animals from messing your hot tub.

Hot tub enclosure dimension

Hot tub enclosure dimension

It will lock them from gaining access or falling into your hot tub in turn keeping it clean.

6. Adds beauty to your garden

An enclosure is such an attractive feature more so if placed outdoors.

The picture of clear panes and a pool of water inside a hot tub portrays a calm, elegant and classy look in your compound.

Hot tub enclosure for beauty

Hot tub enclosure for beauty

You might choose to add plants such as palm trees or lilies around just to create an oasis look.

In addition to that, you can introduce art work on the pavement surrounding your enclosure or even have some well-designed light bulbs erected around your hot tub enclosure.

7. Provides low maintenance

By this I mean, it reduces the frequent cleaning of your hot tub.

As I said earlier, it protects foreign materials from entering your hot tub meaning you won’t have to clean it on a regular basis.

8. Health benefits

Having being built of polycarbonate sheet which block UV rays, it guarantees you protection of your skin from harmful UV rays.

Polycarbonate light transmission

Polycarbonate light transmission

With that, conditions such as sunburns are prevented from occurring.

9. Creates privacy and personal space

Having an enclosure for your hot tub will ensure proper privacy from prying eyes.

Easy to open and close hot tub enclosure

Easy to open and closure hot tub enclosure

It provides a private atmosphere where you can meditate or even enjoy your hot tub activities without worrying about any interference.

10. Adds value to property

Constructing a hot tub enclosure will undoubtedly add value to your property.

Spa enclosure

Spa enclosure – Photo courtesy: Building System

Take for instance,premises with a hot tub enclosure will sell quite faster than the ones without.

You get what I mean right?

All these benefits openly prove that a hot tub enclosure is an important structure.

Hot Tub Enclosure Ideas-What’s the Best Hot Tub for You?

In this section, I am going to walk you through the various hot tub enclosure designs.

Let’s look at these:

i. Retractable Hot Tub Enclosure

First, you need to understand what we mean by the term retractable.

The word retractable suggests that the enclosure can freely be opened and closed at any given time.

Retractable hot tub enclosure

Retractable hot tub enclosure

I would recommend such an enclosure as it is not only convenient but also protects the hot tub from being accessed by unauthorized people.

The segments can easily be slid with little effort applied to open or close it.

ii. Outdoor Hot Tub Enclosure

As the name suggests, an outdoor hot tub enclosure is located outside your premises.

Adding an outdoor hot tub enclosure to your home setting will not only add value to your property but also offer an attractive ambience in your compound.

Outdoor hot tube enclosure

Outdoor hot tub enclosure – Photo courtesy: Polycarbonate Sale

Like any other enclosure, it will protect your hot tub from falling debris or rather foreign materials from entering your hot tub.

That not enough, such an enclosure adds value to your property too.

Aside that, you can choose to add accessories such as a cushions and headrests, hot tub aromatherapy,furniture,fireplace, plants among others for maximum pleasure and relaxation.

iii. Hot Tub Enclosure Attached to House

This type of hot tub enclosure is designed to directly attach to your house.

This is exactly what I’m talking about;

Hot tub enclosure attached to a house

Hot tub enclosure attached to a house

In most cases, home owners prefer this design due to the convenience it offers.

Additionally, attaching your hot tub enclosure to your house in some way improves security of your hot tub.

How does this come about?

Take for instance someone tries to break through the enclosure, it will take you a shorter time to get alarmed as compared to a hot tub that is built far from your house.

I’m hoping you’re getting what I mean.

iv. Automated Hot Tub Enclosure

This is more than just a hot tub cover.

In most cases, hot tub enclosures are designed to be opened and closed manually.

Now, think of a hot tub enclosure that you will only require a key to perform all these operations.

Sounds cool, right?

An automated hot tub enclosure is designed to automatically open up as well as seal the spa retaining heat and energy just by a key press.

Here are some reasons why you should acquire an automated hot tub enclosure.

  • Only opens for you

You are the only person who has the authority to open your hot tub.

This offers adequate security as you are able to authorize who gains access to your hot tub.

Any other person can’t enter once the cover is already locked down.

  • Lift your status

Your neighbors will admire such an enclosure and wish they had the same.

This also plays a major role when you plan to sell your property.

Your property will sell faster due to this added advantage it has over other homes without.

  • Long term investment

You won’t have to be insecure about your hot tub whenever you are away.

Regardless of the climate, an automated hot tub enclosure requires minimal maintenance.

v. Hot Tub Dome Enclosure

As the name suggest, this type of hot tub enclosure comes in a dome shape.

This is what I mean;

Hot tub dome enclosure

Hot tub dome enclosure

Such an enclosure best suites an outdoor hot tub as it ensures maximum enclosure of your hot tub and provides complete protection from harsh weather conditions.

vi. Corner Hot Tub Enclosure

This type of enclosure is built at the corner of structures such as walls.

Building your hot tub enclosure at the corner of a wall structure will save you some extra expenses that would otherwise be used in secluding the area taken up by the wall.

vii. Spa Dome Hot Tub Enclosure

Just as the hot tub dome enclosure, a spa dome hot tub enclosure takes a dome shape.

However, you have to keep in mind that a spa dome hot tub enclosure can be used in spa while a hot tub dome enclosure is solely meant for hot tub purposes.

viii. Free Standing Hot Tub Enclosure

Such a hot tub enclosure can be positioned pretty much anywhere you prefer.

This can either be in a corner of your backyard, on a deck, near a pool or indoors making them one of the most convenient hot tub enclosures.

They are a stand-alone hot tub enclosure.

Take a look at this;

Freestanding hot tub enclosure

Freestanding hot tub enclosure – Photo courtesy Tub Top

ix. Inflatable Hot Tub Enclosure

This particular hot tub enclosure simply refers to one that has been filled up with air.

Well, you can compare it with a swimming floater but in this case, it has a large,solid, flat surface that is used to cover a hot tub.

So this is exactly what am talking about;

Inflatable hot tub enclosure

Inflatable hot tub enclosure

I hope you now have a clear picture of what I’m talking about.

Also, this type of hot tub enclosure consumes less space as compared to the rest making it easily compatible with any location.

x. Rustic Hot Tub Enclosure

If a wooden or a natural theme is your preferred choice, then I would recommend you to use a rustic hot tub enclosure.

Such an enclosure comes in different designs.

However, they are mostly made of wood giving your hot tub a natural vibe.

Additionally, rustic hot tub enclosures are not only easy to build but also stylish in some way.

They are a great choice more so if want to bring about a vintage or natural theme for your hot tub.

Have a look at this

Rustic hot tub

Rustic hot tub

Additionally, you can choose to attach it to your house or build it as a free standing hot tub enclosure.

xi. Portable Hot Tub Enclosure

Like the name suggests, a portable hot tub enclosure is highly customizable.

What do I mean by this?

Such an enclosure allows you to open and close as per your requirement, be it gaining more privacy or maximizing heat efficiency.

That’s not enough, you can dismantle it at any given time and put it up elsewhere.

This offers you much convenience at any given time.

Hot Tub Enclosure Roof Designs

We have diverse roofing designs used in different hot tub enclosures.

However, the common roof designs include;

  • Hip roof style
  • Mansard roof style
  • Dome roof style
  • Slope roof style

Top view of hot tub enclosure

To view of hot tub enclosure

  • Dome roof design

As the name suggests, dome roof design has a dome shape.

Its due to this that it’s commonly fit for all types of enclosures that is low, medium and high profile enclosure.

As if that’s not enough, it is quite simple to construct.

  • Slope roof design

Slope roof designs are commonly used when you choose to attach your enclosure   to your house.

Such roof design slants from the house to the pool enclosure wall.

This feature enables easy clean-up of the enclosure as debris and other falling materials slide down the enclosure.

  • Hip roof design

With a hip roof design, we have two opposite sides that slant and converge at the topmost middle part of the roof.

Such a roof design will allow debris to slide down the roof in turn minimizing your maintenance routine.

However, the down side of this roofing design is that they are not only expensive to build but also difficult to design.

I would recommend you to hire a professional for this.

  • Mansard roof design

A mansard roof has four trapezoidal slides that slope and meet at the topmost flat surface.

As you can see, mansard roof design is made up of two roofing styles.

Gable roof design– The slanting sides give a picture of the gable roof style.

Flat roof design– This is represented by the topmost flat surface.

Roofing designs

Roofing designs

Hot Tub Enclosure Material

Whenever you’re buying a hot tub enclosure, you must know the type of material it is made of.

It is only through this that you can choose durable hot tub enclosure.

And even before you go to that, you should know the various parts and components of hot tub enclosure.

Look at this:

Parts of hot tub enclosure

Parts of hot tub enclosure

Hot Tub Enclosure Structure

The structure forms an important part of the hot tub enclosure.

When it comes to the structure, you can consider the following materials:

i. Extruded Aluminum Hot Tub Enclosure Frame

Extruded aluminum is the perfect material for enclosure frames be it for pool enclosures or even hot tub enclosures.

Why am I saying so?

Extruded aluminum is bound to last much longer, secondly this material is resistant to rust.

The paint on the aluminum prevents humidity and color change from interfering with the quality of your frame.

Now you get why I recommend it right?

However, extruded aluminum can be supplemented by wood.

Given that wood is a good absorber of water, using it will mean that it won’t last longer.

This is evidently due to the rotting that comes with water absorption.

Other advantages of using extruded aluminum include;

Extruded aluminum is safe to use.

By this I mean, its non-toxic nature makes it fit for use by all age groups.

On the other hand, extruded aluminum is a strong metal which is not only able to withstand heavy loads but also prevailing harsh weather conditions.

ii. Redwood Hot Tub Enclosure Structure

As the name suggests, this enclosure structure is built from wood, redwood to be precise.

Such an enclosure serves a perfect fit for hot tubs located in the woods.

They come in diverse designs according to your choice and preference.

For instance, you can choose to include sliding or fixed windows with or without tint.

In addition to that, you can as well make a choice on any door style matching your preference.

Hot Tub Enclosure Glazing Material

Apart from the structure, you must consider a suitable material for your glazing material.

This is the material that will cover the entire surface of the hot tub enclosure.

You can consider the following:

i. Glass Hot Tub Enclosure

I will not lie to you, glass is classic.

At first sight, it might seem like the perfect material you need for your hot tub or pool enclosure.


Not only can you see through it but it also appears to bring out a classic elegant look in your yard.

Glass has been used over the years and has completely transformed the construction industry.

Using it as your glazing material in some way might be a good idea more so if you purpose to locate your hot tub in a place with high level of maintenance and care.

Why am I saying this?

Take for instance placing a glass hot tub enclosure in your yard.

This might pose quite a number of risks and losses too.

More so if you have kids around, such an enclosure is at a much higher risk of cracking or breakage.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t use it as your glazing material because you have kids around.


However, I will recommend the best glazing material for you, just stay with me.

ii. Polycarbonate Hot Tub Enclosure

Polycarbonate is the best substitute material for glass as a glazing material.

Having a polycarbonate hot tub enclosure provides you with all features associated with glass.

It includes a visual appeal of a clear enclosure without posing any risk factors associated with glass.

Polycarbonate hot tub enclosure

Polycarbonate hot tub enclosure

The reason why I would recommend polycarbonate sheet for you is because of the various benefits it possess.

First, it’s durable and can last for years and years.

Secondly, polycarbonate hot tub enclosure is much cheaper as compared to a glass hot tub enclosure.

In addition to that, polycarbonate sheet reduce cost of energy while at the same time minimizing heat loss.

Not forgetting that polycarbonate sheet is easily fabricated.

This are just some of the key benefits among many others that make polycarbonate sheet the most common used material in the construction of pool and hot tub enclosures.

With that said, let’s now look at the last type of glazing material.

iii. Plastic Hot Tub Enclosure

Well, if glass and polycarbonate are not convenient for you, another option is to use plastic.

As compared to glass, plastic has less risks attached to it.

First, it’s not subjected to breakage minimizing the occurrence of accidents.

Secondly, plastic is much cheaper as compared to both glass and polycarbonate.

It’s important to know that we have two types of plastics.

  • Acrylic plastic
  • Polycarbonate plastic.

Acrylic plastic is normally shiner and less expensive as compared to polycarbonate plastic which is not only costlier but also has qualities such as being much stronger.

With that said, am sure you are now in a position to make a wise choice on your preferred glazing material.

Build Your Own Hot Tub Enclosure Step by Step

Now that you have knowledge on the best materials to use, you are set to start constructing your own hot tub enclosure.

Before commencing any building operation, it’s important for you to make sure that you have a leveled flat surface.

After that, you can now start your construction.

Step 1. Gather the different parts of the hot tub enclosure

Assemble and study the different parts that come with the hot tub enclosure.

This will enable you to know how they are joined.

Sections of the roof

Sections of the roof

Luckily, most manufacturers label the parts with their right measurements as well as quantity to be used otherwise making your work much easier.

Note that the larger the hot tub enclosure the more equipment you will use in construction.

Step 2. Install the rail

First, begin by marking around your hot tub in order to know where to position your enclosure’s rail.

Basically, a rail system is the path round your hot tub enclosure that will offer support to your enclosure.

So after you’re done with the marking,it’s now time for you to position your hot tub enclosure.

In our case, we are installing a dome enclosure.

Sliding rail

Sliding rail

This means that you will position your rail in a circular angle.

Have a look at this.

Section of the rail

Section of the rail system

Step 3. Gather the hot tub enclosure structure

This is the section where you will make use of your polycarbonate panel and extruded aluminum.

First, you will start by constructing the frame of the hot tub enclosure.

It’s quite simple.

Here is what you need to do.

The frames come already made.

All you need to do is gather the frames,in this case it’s the extruded aluminum metal then begin by joining them together.

Well, this is the point where you start your actual construction of your hot tub enclosure.

It’s also important for you to handle the parts with care given that they don’t come in extras.

The good news is that most manufactures will provide a manual having an in depth explanation on how you fix the parts.

Alternatively, you can choose to hire a professional to get the work done.

However, just stay with me to learn more.

As you continue joining the frames, a meaningful structure starts forming.

So, this exactly what am talking about.

Fixing different panels

Fixing different panels

Step 4. Install the Doors of Your Hot Tub Enclosure

At this point, everything is almost done.

All that is remaining is making sure that your hot tub is well secured.

This is achieved by placing a locking system which will prevent access of unauthorized people into your hot tub.

Nevertheless, a door will prevent entry of foreign materials such as falling leaves from messing your hot tub.

So, having the locks readily packed, all you have to do is fix them onto the enclosure.

What do I mean by this?

First, cautiously study the bolts, screws and nuts as this will help you know the fastening tool to use.

By doing this, you as well gain knowledge on how they complement each other.

Different manufacturers use different locking systems for different enclosure.

Just like the ones shown below;

Hot tub enclosure door

Hot tub enclosure door

So, what’s the bottom line here?

Make sure you use of your manual. It’s just a matter of fixing and tightening parts together.

In this case, you just have to tighten the right nuts to their ideal bolts.

Once you are done with this step, test whether everything is working as desired.

If so, then you are now ready to use your hot tub enclosure.

It’s that easy.

How to Buy DIY Hot Tub Enclosure Kits

Buying a DIY hot tub enclosure kit is quite simple process too.

To make any purchases, we have a variety of online platforms ready to provide you with any type of hot tub enclosure kits.

All you have to do is order one and it will be delivered to you.

Certain manufacturers such as Excelite offer shipping with a door to door service while at the same time charging lower on the freight cost.

However, you first have to pay a small percentage of your total amount for your shipping process to begin.

In more cases, its 30% of the total payment.

One thing you need to know is that hot tub enclosure kits are available in several styles, types and sizes.

This is in relation to the windows and doors that you desire to have which might either be screened or glass.

Obviously, screened windows and doors will play a significant role in ensuring smooth inflow of breeze into your enclosure.

Stylish Hot Tub Decorating Ideas

Installing a hot tub enclosure is not enough.

You need to decorate or add certain features that will make it look stylish.

Here, are some of my top 5 secrets:

1. Outdoor Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas

You can come up with several ways of incorporating your hot tub into your home environment.

Alternatively, others might choose to seek advice from a local hot tub dealer concerning the location and installation of your hot tub.

Hot tub landscapaing

Hot tub landscaping

By doing this, you are in a position to lay out your plans concerning your preferred hot tub location.

After settling on the preferred location, you can now think of incorporating other landscaping elements just so as to enhance the luxurious atmosphere of your hot tub.

Such elements might include plants, furniture,lighting just to mention a few.

2. Hot Tub Enclosure Lighting

There’s no doubt that lighting can be of much importance to your hot tub soon as the sun sets.

To enrich the pleasure that lighting brings to you, you have to make sure that all lights are in a proper condition and working efficiently.

Hot tub lighting ideas

Hot tub lighting ideas

In most cases, many people prefer to use colored bulbs in their hot tubs for the purpose of achieving a certain mood or theme.

3. Hot Tub Enclosure Furniture

This is not new at all.

In recent times, most hot tub enclosure owners chose to add some spark around their hot tub by adding fancy furniture.

Hot tub furniture

Hot tub furniture

These might include cushioned sofa, side table, planter, step just to mention a few.

As if that’s not enough, you can choose to incorporate a bar feature with seats around that can be easily adjusted.

This will provide you with a cool place where you can enjoy you hot tub while at the same time having your favorite drinks.

4. Best Plants for Hot Tub Enclosure

Before introducing plants in your hot tub enclosure I would recommend you to factor out what plants would be ideal for your hot tub.

By this I mean, know what theme and feel you want to create and choose the perfect plant to achieve that.

Hot tub plants

Hot tub plants

For instance, planting day lilies would transform your hot tub area into an oasis.

Secondly, research on the climate experienced in that area.

Certain plants wouldn’t thrive in given climates or as well be costly to maintain them.

You don’t want that.

In addition, planting palm trees and bamboo would create a breath taking tropical fence.

However, it’s important to note that palm trees shed and this might add up to your hot tub maintenance cost.

5. Hot Tub Privacy Enclosure

Having maximum privacy is an important factor that every hot tub owner should consider.

You might choose to achieve this using plants,privacy screens or even curtains.

Hot tub privacy

Hot tub privacy

Shrubs, trees and climbing vines can be the perfect fencing idea for your hot tub.

Additionally, you can include potted plants hanging from your built wooden walls.

Hot Tub Enclosure Prices – Latest Comparison of Hot Tub Enclosure Cost

Prices of hot tub enclosure are determined by key factors not excluding size, type of material used as well as designs.

Obviously, a larger enclosure will cost more than a smaller one.

This solely depends on the size of your hot tub.

Hot tub enclosure cost

Hot tub enclosure cost – Source: FIXR

As I mentioned earlier, a hot tub constructed using polycarbonate sheet is much cheaper than one built using glass.

First, installing a hot tub will cost from as low as $4000 or even more depending on the type of hot tub you want.

However, purchasing a hot tub enclosure is different.

You can get a hot tub enclosure from as low as $5000 to $58000 or even more.

This is a bit pricey as compared to purchasing a gazebo which you can get from as low as $275 for the Lay-Z spa gazebo.

In most cases, polycarbonate sheets will cost you around $55 while the price of extruded aluminum ranging from as low as $1700 to $2500.

A hot tub enclosure door will cost you about $52.

This excludes the installation cost.

That’s if you are planning to get a professional to have the work done.

With this knowledge, you are now able to make a wise buying decision as per your set budget.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Hot Tub Enclosure

Shopping for a hot tub enclosure can be quite challenging. More so if you have never purchased or used one before.

Some of the questions you might be having in mind are;

What is a hot tub enclosure made of?

Most enclosures are made of extruded aluminum and polycarbonate sheet owing to the fact that they are cheaper and last longer.

Will the enclosure protect me from harmful UV rays?


Generally, the enclosure is meant to offer protection to your hot tub.

To be specific, the polycarbonate sheet panels are the ones that offer protection from harmful UV rays of the sun.

Can foreign materials enter the hot tub?

No. As long as you keep the hot tub enclosure closed, neither leaves nor bugs can have access inside.

What other equipment come with a hot tub enclosure?

The enclosure will be shipped together with all the parts and equipments needed for installation.

These include polycarbonate panels, tracks, extruded aluminum doors, arches and several other tools that having installation manuals.

Can I install the enclosure without a professional help?

Yes, you can do that all by yourself especially if you are a handy person.

Basically, a hot tub enclosure can take 2-4 days depending on your speed and amount of labour available.

Will the enclosure prevent children from entering?

The enclosure is equipped with a locking system which not only prevents children from having access but also strangers.

How can I secure my enclosure against strong winds?

It’s simple, you just have to make sure your enclosure is well closed.

What kind of foundation is ideal for installing a hot tub enclosure on?

Its best for you to install it on a properly leveled flat surface.

Who else can install a hot tub enclosure for me?

Any qualified local contractor is in a position to easily install the enclosure for you.

Where can I purchase a hot tub enclosure?

There are several websites which sell hot tub and pool enclosures together with accessories.

All you have to do is choose your preferred store and purchase after which shipping will be conducted.

Can one use glass in constructing your enclosure?

Yes. You have the option of using glass or polycarbonate sheet as your glazing material.

Which is cheaper? Glass or polycarbonate sheet?

Polycarbonate sheet is much cheaper.

How should I prepare a hot tub enclosure for winter?

You don’t need to perform any special preparations.

All you have to do is make sure the door is locked as well as removing any layer of snow that settles at the surface of your enclosure.

Excelite Hot Tub Enclosure – Your Trusted Hot Tub Enclosure Manufacturer

Being an established manufacturing company, Excelite serves as the perfect manufacturer for hot tub enclosures.

Our experienced professionals produce high quality products not only for hot tubs but also other pool tools and equipment.

With Excelite hot tub enclosure, you are guaranteed a warranty as well as full support from experts in the installation process.

Alternatively, we have well explained guides for each product that are meant to help you install your product without the need of a professional.

We also have several dealers all over the world ready to offer help when need be as well as conduct the distribution process.

The good news is that door to door shipping services are made available too.

Not even mentioning the freight cost which is relatively lower.

All these have made us gain a better quality control ability than local companies.

Purchasing your hot tub enclosure is made quite simpler through Alibaba and PayPal where you are required to make a 30% payment so as to start the processing of your order.

In addition to that, we have several online platforms such as eBay and Amazon where you can find our products.

Excelite stands to be the leading supplier of enclosures in Asia.


As you can see, a hot tub enclosure is such a cool feature offering much luxury and beauty at your disposal.

Having read this guide, there’s no doubt that you are now able to make wise decision regarding what best suites you as well as knowing how to make your own hot tub enclosure at the comfort of your premises.

At this point, you are now set to make your purchase.

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Panel material: 3 mm/4 mm thick solid polycarbonate sheets

Side sliding door

The side sliding door need additional cost of 180 USD.

Material Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

Light transmission

Solid polycarbonate sheets transmit up to 85%-91% of light, and the transparency can be comparable with glass.

High impact resistance

Polycarbonate is 250-300 times stronger than normal glass, and 2 times stronger than toughened glass. It even enjoys the reputation of "safety glass" and "ring steel".

Anti- UV protection

There are anti-UV coatings on the surface of the solid polycarbonate sheets which protect your skin from damaging rays.

Extruded 6063 aluminium is high wind pressure and corrosion resistance. Anodized aluminium has an oxidation layer on the surface. So the aluminium is high corrosion resistance in seawater, the corrosion rate less than 0.018mm/Y in sea water.

6063 T5 Aluminium Frame

Wind & Snow pressure Test


Withstands high wind speed of (230km/h) or (142mph)



Withstands high snow loads (900kg per 1.5m radius) or (1984 lb)