Pool Accessories: The Complete Buying Guide

Are you thinking of adding a pool accessory to your swimming pool for that fun experience?

Or you want a safety swimming pool accessory?

Whatever your reason is, you are definitely in the right place.

With so many swimming pool accessories available, it becomes quite a challenge knowing the purposes of these accessories.

That is why you have this guide to take you through the different types of pool accessories.

We get to discuss what these accessories are and their purpose.

Let’s get straight to the point.

What are the Pool Accessories?

Let’s start by first defining what pool accessories are.

Pool accessories refer to that primary or secondary equipment that a pool requires to enhance the outlook, performance,and safety of the pool.

\"SwimingSwiming pool enclosure

Swimming pool enclosure

A pool accessory can range from the small items such as a pool brush to large equipment like a pool pump.

With that in mind, we can say that a pool that lacks pool accessories is nothing but a mass of water in the tank.

Types of Pool Accessories

With the availability of various pool accessories, getting to know each of them can be somehow difficult.

But you don’t have to worry much.

Allow me to take you through some of these accessories and why you need to have them in your swimming pool.

Have a look.

So here, I want you to follow this format:

1) Pool Lights

Pool lights refer to pool accessories that brighten up the pool especially in darkness helping you to see the pool.

They are essential especially when you want to continue swimming during the night.

Latest technology enables pool lights to serve another function.

That is to add ambiance to your pool making it stand out even when you are not using it.

Such lights attract visitors to your pool.

There are different pool lights available for your pool.

Here is a look at some of them.

You can have halogen lights which use halogen bulbs for lightning your pool.

These type of light have a higher electricity consumption rate.

Swimming pool lights

Swimming pool lights – Photo courtesy: Swimming Pool

There are LED lights that use LED bulbs.

They are more economical when you compare to the halogen lights.

You can mount your light either as surface mounted or flush mounted.

With surface mounted lights, either LED or halogen, they stick out on the pool wall slightly.

Though they are easy to install, children tend to break them as they use them as steps when getting out of the pool.

Flush mounted lights, on the other hand, are perfectly in line with the walls of your pool.

This gives your pool an attractive appearance when they are on.

They can also use either halogen or LED.

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2) Pool Enclosure

You can enjoy your swimming by having a pool enclosure on your pool to protect you from harmful objects.

There are a lot of benefits to having a pool enclosure.

First, you will have privacy meaning you can enjoy swimming without worrying about who is looking at you.

You are also able to protect yourself from harmful UV lights.

Pool enclosures come in different shapes and materials.

There are standing pool enclosures which change your pool into an indoor pool.

These types of enclosures come in a variety of materials such as wood, aluminum and glass fiber.

Another form of enclosure is the low profile enclosure which has a slight upward inclination.

This gives you a slightly raised round top fence.

Excelite swimming pool enclosure

Excelite swimming pool enclosure

Lastly, you have the flat enclosure which are enclosures that you fix along the edges of your pool.

Before you choose a pool enclosure for your pool, there are factors that you need to consider.

You need to consider the cost that it will take to have an enclosure in your pool.

Check on the location of the pool.

For instance, if the pool is within an area of many trees or around where people are.

You can also check on the landscape of your swimming pool to check on the area you can enclose.

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3) Pool Fence

Accidents happen around the pool area like your pet or children falling and drowning in the pool.

As such, there is a need to restrict those who enter your pool.

You can do this by using a pool fence.

There are a variety of pool fences available depending on your design.

We have the wooden fence which you can use if you want your pool to have a nature theme.

Swimming pool fence

Swimming pool fence

There is also the steel type fence which offers you much privacy for your pool.

You can also install glass fence on your pool.

The limitation you will have with a glass fence is that it doesn’t provide you with the privacy you may need.

Mesh fences are ideal if you have children around.

They offer the perfect barrier for children to get into the pool without supervision.

No matter which fence you choose to apply to your pool.

You need to consider a couple of factors.

First, consider the gate fence which needs to open away from the pool.

An ideal pool gate needs to open and close on its own when you push it.

The advantage is that you can minimize children from accessing it.

Another factor you need to consider is the height of your fence.

The height of a pol needs to be such that children cannot be in a position to jump over to enter the pool.

Lastly what design do you want your fence to have?

Remember there are different types of fences which depend on your preference and the purpose you want.

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4) Pool Slides

What a way of splashing yourself into the pool than using a pool slide.

Be it a free-standing slide or a cleverly built-in waterfall; a pool slide adds fun to your pool.

Pool slides come in many different forms and designs.

You have to put into considerations factors before you choose a pool slide for your pool.

First, check the size of your pool to determine which slide best fits it.

There are slides which are large and therefore will need a large pool to fit in.

Also, the design of the pool determines the slide you will fit it.

Also, consider the location.

Check on the site to ensure that the placing of the slide will not interrupt other people’s activities as a result of water splashing.

Swimming pool slides

Swimming pool slide – Photo courtesy: Pool Done

An ample location will give you comfort and privacy you need to have fun.

Another element you need to consider is the surface material of the pool slide.

There are two surface materials which are prefabricated polythene and fiberglass chutes.

You can choose polythene which is of superior quality than the fiberglass,but it is expensive.

Lastly, evaluate the cost of installing a slide in your pool to ensure that it is within your budget cost.

Installing a pool slide can be costly,but the fun is worth it.

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5) Pool Liners

Pool liners are a perfect way of lining up your pool during the construction stage.

There are four types of pool liners that you can choose for your pool.

To start with, you can have overlap liners.

The design of these liners allows you to extend them to the pool edge.

To secure the edges, you can apply a special material known as coping.

Swimming pool liner

Swimming pool liner

Overlap liners secure your pool giving it a seamless bond.

Then we have the beaded liners.

You can identify these type of liners by looking at the edge of the pool.

They attach to the pool by use of clips and beads.

The other type of liners are the J-Hook liners which you can install in both in-ground and above ground pool.

They have a series of perforated edges that you can match together providing a watertight seal for your pool.

Finally, you have the universal bead liners.

These liners are easy to install in your pol and act best on your above ground pool.

Choosing a perfect pool liner for your pool can save you some costs.

Let’s see some of the considerations you need to make before choosing a pool liner.

Consider the thickness of the liner.

An ideal pool liner should be thick enough to withstand wear and tear.

This will last your pool for a while.

You need to have a pattern of your liner that will attract you. Look for a design that matches your pool.

Bringing uniformity to your pool is essential.

Lastly, check on the cost to ensure that you can afford the liner and the installation cost.

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6) Pool Diving Boards

You can add the adrenaline rush while swimming by incorporating a diving board in your swimming pool.

These boards are there to give you the perfect dive to the t the swimming pool.

The critical components of a diving board are the horizontal board and the base on which the board lies.

It is from these components that you get the different kinds of diving boards.

The types of diving boards available for you include jump Boards, Diving Boards,and diving platforms.

However, you cannot just use any board for your swimming pool.

The factors you need to consider when choosing a diving board include the type of your pool.

There are diving boards you can use for in-ground pools and others for above ground pools.

Also, consider the size of the diving board available.

An active diving board needs to have the correct length and width for you to dive effectively.

A good diving board needs to offer the sufficient springiness you need to dive as such it should be flexible enough.

You can also check for a diving board that has a durable material.

An effective material is one that cannot break easily or corrodes with the pool water.

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7) Pool Skimmers

We cannot control dirt from getting into the pool especially those that are blown by the wind.

However, we need to remove them regularly.

A device that can help you do this is a pool skimmer.

There are several types of pool skimmers depending on the size of the pool.

Swimming pool skimmer

Swimming pool skimmer

There are those that you connect to the pool pump and attach it to the pool wall.

In this case, as the pump pumps water around the pool, the skimmer filters the water as it passes through.

We also have the surface skimmers.

These skimmers have a rectangular shape and have a tank at the bottom projecting outwards.

By suctioning water through the skimmer as it moves around the pool, it can collect dirt from the pool.

The dirt collects on the bottom of the skimmer,and you can remove once you complete are skimming.

When you want to purchase a pool skimmer, you need to consider some factors.

Firstly, the type of pool you have.

That is if the pool is in ground or above ground.

Also, you need to consider the kind of skimmer you want.

Here we have the manual skimmers, automated skimmers,and the self-contained skimmers.

Lastly, consider the cost. Make sure it is within your budget.

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8) Telescoping Pole

A telescoping pole is an accessory that will help you to clean up your pool.

Usually, you will use it alongside other pool accessories such as leaf skimmers, nets or brushes.

You will attach it to the other accessories by way of clipping it to them since it has clips on end.

When choosing a telescopic pole, you need to consider its length.

Telescopic pole come in a different length hence you need to check for a telescopic pole that will cover the length of your pool.

Another consideration is the material of the telescopic pole.

Typical materials include fiberglass, plastic,and steel.

Each of these materials has its limitation and advantages.

However, you need to choose a telescopic pole that will serve you for a long time.

Lastly, consider the cost.

Different telescopic poles have different prizes depending on the length and material of the pole.

As a rule, the longer the length,the higher the cost.

Telescopic Pole

Telescopic pole – Photo courtesy: Pool Ranger

Another factor you can consider is the compatibility of the telescoping pole to the cleaning accessories.

You need to consider if it has the fitting handle for the other cleaning equipment.

At the same time, fiberglass telescopic poles are expensive when you compare with the other poles.

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9) Pool Steps and Ladders

Pool steps and ladders exist for you to access the swimming pool easily.

Pool steps run from the side of the pool into the pool.

When you want to install the pool steps, you need to consider how deep you want the steps to go.

There are some that go to the bottom of the pool.

Swimming pool steps

Swimming pool steps

You also have to consider the heights of the steps.

This is particularly important if the pool is for public use.

Swimming pool ladder, on the other hand, consists of a series of bars set between two upright poles.

A pool ladder runs from the side of the pool into the pool.

There are a variety of heights when it comes to a pool ladder that you can choose.

However, you need to consider the safety of the ladder.

Swimming pool ladder

Swimming pool ladder

A right ladder needs to have safety rails that you can hold to when you are entering the pool.

Also, ensure that the ladders and steps are of high- impact plastic material to withstand the weight when stepping on it.

The choice of your pool ladders and steps depend on which kind of pool you have.

Above ground pool may have decks or lack it which may affect the type of pool steps and ladders.

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10) Pool Decks

0ne attractive way of making your pool is by creating a nice pool surrounding using a pool deck.

Generally, you can build a pool deck using various materials.

This includes concrete, pavers, travertine, stone, wood,and brick.

Concrete gives a smooth feeling as you walk and is also easy to maintain.


If you choose pavers, they are easy to install and replace if they break. What’s more is that pavers are economical.

If you are a nature lover, wood decks can be attractive to you since they offer a natural appearance to your pool.

When it comes to stone decking, you have a variety of stones to choose from.

They include quartzite, sandstone, limestone, granite, porphyry.

On the other hand, the brick deck is durable and easy to install around your pool.

No matter which material you choose, there are several factors you have to consider.

One is that the safety of the material.

The material you use should not be slippery wet it gets wet.

You need to ensure that the material is even and that it is not bumpy.

Another factor is that the material you choose needs to blend well with the pool and the surrounding.

Remember you are making your pool to be attractive.

Lastly, ensure that the material does not permit the growth of algae or reacts with pool water.

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11) Pool Hydro Massage System

Spice up the function of your pool by transforming it into a therapeutical pool using a hydro-massage system.

This system works by offering you a massage while you are in the swimming pool.

The types of hydro massage system available include the following:

Wall mounted hydro massage which has a nozzle that you can install along the pool walls.

You can have it in a fixed position or a mobile.

We also have the geyser massage system which you can install on the floor of your pool.

This type works by releasing a jet of water under pressure which covers your entire body.

Swimming pool with hydromassage system

Swimming pool with hydro massage system

The other type is the hydro massage benches which provide stimulation for the feet and back.

They come with plates and seat which you can install in your pool.

When you are choosing a hydro massage system for your pool, consider the size of your pool.

A massaging system needs to fit in your pool to give you the therapy you need.

Also, consider the energy consumption.

Different massage systems have different energy consumption rates.

You, therefore, need a system that will consume a considerable amount of energy.

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12) Poolside Shower

A perfect way to start your swimming is by rinsing or cooling yourself first.

You can achieve that by installing a pool shower around your swimming pool.

There are a variety of pool showers that not only gives you an opportunity to cool off but adds beauty to your pool.

Pool side shower

Pool side shower

When installing a pool shower, you need to consider the plumbing options you have.

This includes the drainage system as well as the source of the water for the shower.

You can also check on the enclosure options you want the shower to be.

A pool shower can be an open shower,or you can enclose it in a pool house.

Another option for your pool shower is by having a portable one.

This allows you to rinse yourself anywhere around the pool.

You can also check on the type of shower you want.

Some of the available pool showers include electric pol showers, manual mixer shower, thermostatic shower,and digital shower.

And by the way, the installation of a pool shower is not that hard.

You can easily connect it to the main water source,and you are ready to use.

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13) Pool Thermometer

You need to accurately maintain the temperature of your swimming pool for it to be attractive while you are swimming.

Swimming in cold water can be unattractive leave alone the chances of you getting a cold.

The same is also right for swimming in warm or hot water.

You might get burnt as a result.

Remember also that for the chlorine to be effective in your pool, you need to regulate the heat in your pool.

Swimming pool thermometer

Swimming pool thermometer

Having a pool thermometer can help you get the correct pool temperature for you to swim.

There are two types of thermometers you can have for your pool.

One is the digital thermometers which have a separate console for displaying the temperature reading of your pool.

Having this type of thermometer will cost you more,but they are useful.

You can also have an analog thermometer for your poo which is just a typical thermometer that uses mercury.

Depending on which thermometer you choose, you can have a hanging pool thermometer, floating thermometer or a handheld thermometer.

A floating thermometer is one that floats on the pool recording temperature levels.

When you compare with the other types of thermometers, they are less accurate in their readings since you cannot submerge them entirely in the water.

Handheld thermometers are ones that you hold in your hand like a gun,and you direct an infrared laser in the pool for temperature reading.

Hanging thermometers are the ones you hang on the side of your pool and submerge them a few inches in the pool.

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14) Pool Vacuum Heads

You will use a pool vacuum head alongside a pool vacuum hose to clean your pool.

The vacuum head is an accessory that cleans your pool by sucking dirt and dust from your pool.

Here is a look at factors you have to consider when purchasing a vacuum head for your pool.

First, you need to consider the vacuum head size.

Having the correct vacuum head size for your pool will assist you in cleaning your pool efficiently and faster.

Pool vacuum head

Pool vacuum head

In case you are removing leaves and debris, it is advisable that you have a large vacuum head for that purpose.

Check on the vacuum head type.

Different designs come in a variety of shapes.

You can benefit from this by choosing a vacuum shape that will fit the needs of your pool.

Another element to consider is the weighted position of your vacuum head.

A good head should be in a position glide smoothly down the pool surface rather than floating around.

Also, check on the pool vacuum head handle.

The handle is that point of the vacuum head that you join with the telescopic pole.

Two types of handles are the plastic and steel.

The plastic one is resistant to corrosion,but it quickly breaks.

The more durable one is the steel handle though it is prone to corrosion, it gives you the service for a long time.

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15) Winter Pool Covers

During the winter season, you may need to cover your pool from the harsh weather climate.

Winter pool covers help you in covering your pool thereby preventing debris and harmful UV lights from getting to your pool.

The advantage you have is that it minimizes the need to apply chemicals to the pool since the water remains fresh.

Pool winter covers

Pool winter cover

Though winter pool cover will serve the same purpose, there are of different types depending on the kind of pool you have.

Winter pool covers for above ground pool usually have fasteners around them to help in anchoring it around the pool.

On the other hand, the in-ground pool lacks these fasteners to hold them in place.

Instead, you secure them using water bricks which weighs them down to the pool.

To select the perfect winter pool cover for your pool, ensure the dimensions are correct.

Another feature to check is the thickness of the cover.

You can pick a medium thick cover for your pool due to the ease of handling it.

Heavy covers are difficult to manage.

Also, ensure that the pool cover you buy has its accessories such as water bricks for above ground pool and straps for an in-ground pool.

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16) Solar Pool Covers

One of the most energy efficient ways of heating up your pool is by using a solar pool cover.

Apart from keeping dirt off your pool, solar pool covers warms up your pool.

Actually, by using a solar pool cover, you cut the cost of the chemicals you will use on your pool.

This is because the cover maintains the pool water clean.

Let’s see what factors you will need to consider before choosing a solar pool cover for your pool.

Solar pool covers

Solar pool covers

First, consider the type of solar cover you want for your pool.

There are three types of solar pool cover that you can choose.

They are solar rings, liquid solar covers,and solar blanket covers.

Also, you need to consider the size of your pool.

For the practical result of a solar pool cover, you need to cover your pool as much as possible.

Check for the thickness of the solar pool cover.

Generally, if you want the best of your solar pool cover, it should be too thick.

Finally, consider the cost of the solar pool cover to ensure that it is within your budget.

The advantage of a solar pool cover is that it is cost effective in the long run.

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17) Handicap Pool Lift

A swimming pool fun is for everyone.

This includes the physically challenged people who would love to swim but find it difficult to get into the pool.

With a handicap pool lift,however, they can conveniently access the pool and have fun just like anyone else.

And you don’t have to worry about the weight because there are a variety of handicap pool lift that can handle any weight

So, what do you consider when you want to buy a handicap pool lift?

Well, for starters, confirm if the pool lift has disability support mechanism.

A handicap pool lift needs to offer a support mechanism to the disable people including how to enter and exit the pool.

You also need to confirm on the weight handling of the handicap lift.

An effective pool lift needs to handle a maximum weight as possible.

Also, check on the flexibility of the handicap pool lift.

You can install a fixed pool lift on your pool or one that can move around your pool.

Another factor to consider is the source of power for your handicap pool lift.

Generally, there are manual, hydraulic and battery operated handicap pool lift.

Flexible handicap pool lift generally uses a battery while a fixed one can either be manual or hydraulic.

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18) Swimming Pool Nose Clip and Ear Plugs

For your safety when swimming, you need to have some accessories.

Such accessories include a pool nose clip and ear plugs.

Pool nose clips will assist you in preventing water from entering your nose which could lead to you having a burning sensation.

The types of nose clips that exist include the following.

Basic nose clip which has a  U shape bridge and strapped nose clips which have straps.

When it comes to earplugs, they help protect yours against water entering them.

The various types of ear plugs include the following.

Flanged earplugs that have multiple flanges that act as a barrier against water.

There is also the ergonomic plugs whose design allows the plugs to lay flat against the ear.

Lastly, there is the moldable earplug which you apply on the outer part of the ear.

You need to be keen when purchasing swimming nose clips and earplugs.

One of the important consideration to take care of is the material of the plugs and clips.

There are different materials of the clips and plugs as such you need to choose one that won’t affect your ears or nose.

If possible, consult a doctor before purchasing these accessories.

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19) Pool Dehumidifier

A pool dehumidifier is an important equipment if you have an indoor swimming pool.

What a pool dehumidifier does is that it controls the humidity and temperature of an indoor swimming pool.

Pool dehumidifier system

Pool dehumidifier system

By doing so, an indoor swimming pool environment can remain stable and minimizes the use of outside air.

There are two types of dehumidifiers that you can select for your indoor pool.

One is the condense dehumidifier which consists of a cooling unit, an air intake and a fan.

The function of this dehumidifier is that humid air passed over the cooling fan which condenses it to water.

The condensed liquid passes through an evaporating unit in the cooling fan which evaporates it at low temperature and pressure.

The other type is the ventilation dehumidifier which consists of heat pump, heat recovery section and a mixing section.

What happens in this type of dehumidifier is that the pump pumps out part of the air in circulation within the pool.

There is also mixing of fresh air with part of the air within the pool which is then pumped out to the indoor pool environment.

When you are choosing a pool dehumidifier, you need to consider the ventilation system of your indoor pool.

If there is none, you will have to select a large dehumidifier.

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20) Pool Heating System

At times the swimming pool water is too cold that you cannot swim.

A pool heating system heats the water allowing you the laxity of swimming even during the cold season.

Primarily, there are three types of pool heating system.

You have the solar-powered heating system which works by pumping water from the pool to the filter and into the solar collectors.

Solar pool heater

Solar pool heater

The solar collectors then heat up the water before pumping it back to the pool.

The solar heaters are quite expensive when you compare to the other heaters,and they come into to variants.

That is the unglazed collectors and the glazed collectors.

We also have the gas heating system which uses natural gas to heat the pool water.

Pool water passes through a hot tube which warms it up before pumping back into the pool.

You can use the liquid propane or natural gas as fuel to heat up your gas heating system.

Lastly, we have the heat pump which warms your pool by warming air around the pool which it directs it over an evaporating coil.

Once this air warms up, it passes through a condenser which extracts the hot gas and adds to your pool.

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21) Pool Alarm System

Pool safety is paramount to any pool owner.

You, therefore, need to put in place measures that will ensure pool safety.

One of the ways of doing that is by installing a pool alarm system around your pool.

The importance of this is that you can get an alert in case of intrusion into your pool

There are different types of pool alarm systems that you can install in your pool to ensure safety.

You can have a surface wave detection alarm on your pool by mounting it on the deck of your pool.

These alarms consist of motion sensors.

In case an animal or a person falls into the pool, these sensors detect the motion and trigger an alarm.

Another type is the subsurface detection alarm.

These alarms use sensors that are in the water which when there is a change in pressure of the water triggers the alarm.

Another type of alarm system that you can use when you have children around your pool is the pool immersion alarm.

The alarm consists of a wristband which you place on the child\’s hand and a base station.

Once the child submerges the bracelet, the alarm triggers itself which can prompt you of an impending accident.

The last type of alarm system for your pool is the gate and door alarm.

In case you have a door to your pool, you can install this alarm which will help minimize people entering the pool.

The alarm triggers itself once an unauthorized person opens the door.

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22) Pool Paint

Once in a while, you need to apply a fresh coat of paint to your pool.

The effect of having fresh paint is that the pool appears fresh and new.

There are three types of pool paints that you can choose.

They are Epoxy, Rubber-Based, and Acrylic.

Painting swimming pool

Painting swimming pool

You can use epoxy if your swimming pool is new or it had the paint before.

Epoxy paint lasts long when you compare to the other paints.

Rubber based paint works well in gunite, plaster, and concrete pools.

Lastly, you can use acrylic in any pool regardless of the previous paint, however, don’t apply this paint on the wooden surface.

So, before choosing a paint for your pool, ensure that the color corresponds with the pool walls.

Another consideration is the size of your pool.

You need to pick a paint that will cover the entire pool for uniformity purposes.

Also, confirm the color of paint you want to have in your pool.

There are different colors available depending on your taste.

Pick a color that is attractive and corresponds with the environment in which the pool is.

You can prefer a color that will make you long to go swimming.

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23) Pool Pump

A pool pump is the central part of your swimming pool which pumps water in and out of the pool.

What happens is that a pump consists of components such as an electric motor, impeller, filter and metal strain basket.

Hayward swimming pool pump

Hayward swimming pool pump

The motor propels the impeller which forces water from the various drain to the inlets through the filters.

Water flows into the metal strain basket which holds debris such as leaves.

Once the process is complete, clean water flows back to the pool.

Before selecting a pump for your swimming pool, you need to put into consideration a few factors.

First, consider the speed of the pump.

There are different pump speeds for different pumps.

As such you need to check on the speed.

Keep in mind that a pump that runs faster consumes more power.

Another consideration is the type of pool you have.

That is if your pool is an in-ground pool or above the ground pool.

The type of pool you have is important since it determines the location of your pool filter.

That is if it is an in-ground pool or above ground pool.

Lastly factor in the type of horsepower to ensure that it fits in your pool and the filtering system perfectly.

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24) Pool Vacuum Hose

When cleaning your pool, you will need this accessory to assist you.

A pool vacuum hose refers to a flexible tube that you connects to the vacuum heads when cleaning your pool.

You can pick from the wide variety of pool hoses for cleaning your pool.


There is the automatic vacuum hose (APC) which you can use for automatic pool cleaners.

You can also use service hoses which are specific for use in cleaning the in-ground swimming pool.

Another type is the flat lay hoses which allow for easy rolling for storage purposes.

Lastly, you can use the filter hoses when cleaning your above ground swimming pool.

Some factors to consider when selecting a pool vacuum hose include the type of cleaning you want to do.

If it involves water, you will have to use a tube that is waterproof.

You can also check on the length of your hose.

Vacuum hoses come in different length as such you need to buy one that will cover your cleaning effectively.

Lastly, ensure that the end size of the hose to ensure that it fits the vacuum pump.

There are different pump sizes hence the need to confirm the size you are buying.

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25) Pool Chemicals and Chlorinators

One of the ways you can use to clean your pool is by using pool chemicals and chlorinators.

These accessories ensure your pool is bacteria free at any given time.

However, before choosing a chlorinator or chemical for your pool, you need to put into consideration some factors.

First, which type of pool do you have?

There are different chlorinators and chemicals specifically for an in-ground pool, above ground pool or both.

You, therefore, need to confirm the type of chlorinator before picking it.

Swimming pool chemicals

Swimming pool chemicals

Check on the size of your pool. Remember you need to place the correct amount of chemicals or chlorinators in your pool.

You can determine the amount of water your pool takes in which you can then use to calculate the number of chemicals to use.

Remember, too much chlorine in your pool may not be appropriate for your swimming.

Lastly, you need to consider if you will need an offline or an inline chlorinator for your pool.

With an inline chlorinator, you will assemble it in line with the rest of the pool equipment.

This will need space.

On the other hand, an outline chlorinator, you will connect it as a by-pass to the plumbing system of the pool.

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26) Pool Valve

One of the accessories you will find in the plumbing section of your pool is the pool valve.

You will need this accessory to control the directional flow of the water in your pool.

There are various types of pool valves available.

First, we have the check valve which will be instrumental in controlling the pool water from flowing backward into the circulation system.

Swimming pool valve

Swimmig pool valve

The other type is the compact ball valve.

This valve helps in-line fluid leakage in case there is stem damage.

We also have the pool diverter valve whose function is to divert pool water from one section to another.

Then we have the Jandy valve which is a three-way valve which helps to minimize the number of valves which in turn reduces pipes from running anyhow.

A pool valve can either be a two-way valve or a three-way valve.

When you are choosing a valve for your pool, pay attention to the material of the valve.

There are two types of valve materials.

The steel type and the PVC type.

The steel type tends to be rusty due to the reaction of with the pool water hence you will need frequent replacement.

On the other hand, PVC valve tends to be long-lasting since they don’t react with the pool water.

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27)Swimming Pool Machine

Cut your trips to the leisure center to experience the fun of swimming.

You can now experience this at home no matter how small your pool is using a swimming pool machine.

A swimming pool machine is a machine that enables you to swim against a current which you can control the speed.

There are three types of swimming pool machines that is the pressure driven, volume driven and the hybrid swimming pool machine.

Pressure-driven depends on two or more pump to create the current.

The volume driven machines which create the current by use of paddle wheels.

The hybrid machine combines a couple of resistance – swimming tether system to generate flow.

When you are purchasing a pool machine, you need to check on the output power of the machine.

A useful tool needs to have an output power that can create a strong current for a good workout.

You also need to check on the stream jet a pool machine can produce.

A wider stream jet means the current spreads out,and you will get to enjoy the swimming experience.

Lastly, a good pool machine is one that produces a smooth current which will give you a turbulence-free swimming experience.

28) Pool Masks, Fins,and Goggles

Swimming goggles offer protection to your eyes against the pool waters which can be irritant.

Pool fins are accessories that you wear in your foot to aid in movement while in the pool.

As with the pool masks as a pool accessory will assist you to see clearly while underwater.

When it comes to swimming goggles, you have a wide selection of choice.

This includes competition goggles, practicing goggles, children goggles,and recreational goggles.

WeeTect anti-fog swimming goggles

WeeTect anti-fog swimming goggles

The modifications in each of these goggles help to serve a specific purpose.

However, the primary use of goggles is to protect your eyes from chlorine effect.

When you are purchasing these accessories, you need to consider the following factors.

Check on fitness.

You need to ensure that the accessory fits you correctly and that it protects the vital organs of the body.

For instance, you need to ensure the goggles protect your eyes against the pool water.

The type of material of the accessory.

When it comes to swimming fins and mask, you need to have a material that is friendly to your body.

Factor in the cost of a particular accessory to ensure that it is economical as well as it can serve its purpose.

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29) Pool Ground Cloth

Pool ground cloth applies to the above ground swimming pool.

It offers support to the soft-sided bottom part of your above ground pool.

You need to check the following factors before you choose a pool of ground cloth for your pool.

First, check the material of the cloth.

The pool ground cloth material needs to be a watertight material because it has to hold your pool water.

Pool ground cloth

Pool ground cloth

The material needs to be strong enough to withstand the pressure of the pool water.

Also, you need to consider the size of the pool.

A good pool ground cloth needs to cover the maximum area of the pool.

You, therefore, need to measure the dimensions of your pol to ensure the ground cloth covers it well.

Though it might not be important, let me mention it.

You need to check the color of the pool ground cloth.

Perfect color is one that can match with your pool which will add elegance to your pool.

30) Pool Water Hammock

Relaxing in your pool can be fun with a pool water hammock.

The design of a pool water hammock is such that it allows your body to submerge in water.

Only your legs and head stay on top of the water as there are footrest and headrest to support them.

You can cool your body as you maintain the view of the pool.

Various designs allow for different weight hence you don’t need to worry if your weight fits in a particular hammock.

Another advantage is that you can quickly inflate and deflate the pool hammock saving storage space.

Swimming pool hammock

Swimming pool hammock

The common types of pool water hammock include the sun cliner hammock and mesh pool water hammock.

Choosing a pool water hammock depends on your budget.

You need to check to see if you can afford a variant of a pool water hammock.

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31) Pool Fountain Nozzles

You can use a pool fountain nozzle together with a pool pump to force water into your pool in a variety of styles.

This creates perfect aquatic imagery that attracts you to the pool.

There are several factors you need to have when selecting a fountain nozzle.

This includes the type of material of the nozzle, the designs you want the water to have and the nozzle compatibility with the pump.

Pool fountain nozzle

Pool fountain nozzle

A durable fountain nozzle is that of an aluminum bronze which is expensive but guarantees your performance.

Other types of nozzles such as the plastic nozzles and steel and brass nozzle tend to either not last long or don’t have the appeal you may need.

However, the plastic ones are the cheapest in the market.

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32) Pool Pole Hanger

Make sure you organize your pool well by storing everything in the right place.

A pool pole hanger can help you in sorting things out in your pool.

Pool pole hanger

Pool pole hanger

They are a set of stainless steel hangers with screws that you can attach somewhere around your pool.

Ideally, you can use to hang pool accessories such as pool nets, brushes,and vacuum hoses.

The material of a pool pole hanger includes plastic, wood,and steel.

Plastic pole hanger is preferable since they don’t react with water hence there won’t be corrosion in case of contact with water.

Wood pool pole hanger easily breaks under excess weight as such you need to balance the load.

Steel is durable and can handle heavy weight.

The only limitation is that in case of contact with water, it may rust.

33) Pool Deck Mat

For you to improve the health safety measures of people using a pool, you need to have a pool deck mat.

You place them around the wet areas of the pool.

The function of a pool deck mat is to prevent slipperiness which may result in severe accidents.

When choosing a pool deck mat, ensure that the material is porous to allow for draining of water which ensures it dries quickly.

Also, ensure that it is light in weight to enable you to handle it easily.

Pool deck mat

Pool deck mat

A good pool deck mat needs to cover as much wet area as possible around your swimming pool.

Finally, the pool deck mat should be one that you can quickly treat to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria.

A preferable deck mat is the perforated vinyl pool deck mat since it does not hold water and dries up quickly.

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34) Pool Floating Tablet Dispenser

Ensure your pool is always clean by using a pool floating tablet dispenser.

Using this accessory allows you to deliver the correct amount of chlorine to your pool.

You fill the dispenser with the chlorine form,and you let it float on the pool.

There are control units that allow you to regulate the quantity of chlorine the dispenser can release.

Most dispenser collapse when empty hence you can quickly know when it is time to refill.

When choosing a pool floating tablet dispenser, you need to check the capacity of the dispenser.

This will help you in identifying how to mix the dispenser with water.

It will also enable you to know how often you will replace.

Check also the size of your pool which will help you identify the capacity of the dispenser to buy.

35) Pool Pillow Pal

The pool pillow pal enables you to easily attach the air pillow to the winter cover ropes or ties free.

The attachment allows you to place them on the pool and only remove them as one unit.

During winter, the weather is freezing leading to the formation of ice.

Now, when you have a pillow pal in your swimming pool, it allows for the ice to expand inwards towards the pillow.

This would be different if there were no pillow pal as the ice would expand outwards to the pool walls leading to cracking.

The pool pillow also helps in distribution of the ice on the pool.

36) Pool Inlets and Outlets

Pool inlets allow treated and filtered water to enter the pool through its many small ports.

The ports not only allow water to flow into the pool but pressurizes it.

This helps in distributing chemicals throughout the pool.

Pool outlets are any openings in the pool that allows water to get out of the pool.

Typically within a swimming pool, you might have several pool outlets.

Swimming pool plumbing system

Swimming pool plumbing system

They include the skimmer, the main drain outlet, deep water outlet,and vacuum outlet.

The essence of allowing water to flow out and in is to allow for the circulation of fresh water within your swimming pool.

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37) Pool Brushes

Scrubbing your pool surface often helps to remove algae and bacteria keeping your pool clean.

To keep your pool clean be it inside or outside the pool, you need to wash it often.

A pool brush is an effective way of scrubbing your pool.

When choosing a pool brush for your pool, you need to consider the pool surface material.

If the surface is of gunite material, you can have a pool brush that has stainless steel bristles.

Pool brushes

Swimming pool brush

If the surface is concrete and lacks paint, you can use a mixture of stainless and nylon bristle brushes.

However, if it is concrete and has color, you can use brushes with nylon bristles.

38)Pool Test Kit

You need to test your pool at least daily to ensure that the water is safe for swimming.

A pool test kit can help you in testing your pool water.

The primary test you can carry out includes testing the water pH, the chlorine level and the alkalinity.

Pool testing kit

Pool testing kit

The tools you find in a pool test kit comprises test tube brush, photometer tube, chlorine kit, pH kit,and Cyanuric Acid kit.

The various results you will obtain from these test will help you in adjusting your pool.

For your test kit to be useful, ensure that the testing kit has all the essentials of a test kit.

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39) Pool Air Bed

Pool air bed gives you a comfortable way of relaxing in your pool as you enjoy the view.

When choosing the type of an air bed for your pool, you need to check on the following factors.

Pool air bed

Pool air bed – Photo courtesy: eBay

Consider the kind of material for the air bed.

A good air bed needs to be of a vinyl material which is easy to inflate when you want to swim and deflate once you are out of your pool.

Another consideration is the size of the pool air bed you want for your pool.

A right size needs to be able to accommodate anyone who wants to swim.

40) Pool Water Leveler

Control the level of water in your pool using a pool water lever.

This accessory halts water from spilling over the swimming pool.

There are sensor probes in the water leveler that checks the level of water.

If there is an overflow, automatic pumping of the water takes place.


Likewise, if there is a need to increase the water levels, pumping of the water takes place automatically.

There are two types of pool water levelers that you can choose.

We have the hardwired or wireless version of the pool water leveler which depend on the kind of pool you are using.

41) Pool Flexible Sealer

You may need to seal your pool in case of cracks which may cause leakage to your pool.

You can achieve this using a pool flexible sealer.

When you are choosing a flexible pool sealer to fix a leak in your pool, you need to consider several factors.

First is the type of pool you are using.

Flexible sealer

Flexible sealer

An in-ground pool has a complicated sealing procedure and needs a different kind of a pool sealer when you compare to an above ground pool.

42) Pool Signs

Pool signs are those basic instructions that you can put around your pool.

Their purpose is to give a specific piece of information to those using the pool.

They can also serve as a warning.

For instance, pools meant for adults are deeper when you compare to those of minors.

Warning minors of this depth can help prevent accidents at the pool.

Swimming pool signs

Swimming pool signs – Photo Courtesy: Safety Sign

You can also put up pool signs on your pool for directional purposes.

For a pool sign to be effective, it needs to be clear and understandable to those who read it.

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43) Pool Foot Bath

You can reduce the amount of dirt entering the pool using a pool bath.

It is a shallow container or basin that you can place at the bottom of your pool ladder.

Swimming pool foot bath

Swimming pool foot bath

You fill it with water than before entering the pool; you can rinse off your feet to remove dirt and debris.

44) Pool Ozonator

You can add an Ozonator in your pool to help in destroying organic waste.

What happens is that an Ozonator release ozone into the pool.

Swimming pool ozonator

Swimming pool ozonator – Photo courtesy: Euro Spa Pool News

This ozone kills the presence of organic waste in the pool and also breaks down the chloramines and bromines.

There are some Ozonator that have a metering valve which allows you to control the amount of ozone they produce into your pool.

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45) Pool Winter Ball

Pool winter ball is an ideal way of cleaning your pool during the winter season.

The pool winter ball works by releasing winterizing enzymes during the winter.

Pool winter ball – Photo courtesy: Alu Rex

These enzymes digest scums and eliminate stains that form along the pool wall.

46) Pool Steel Hold-fast and Eye bolt

Another way of demarcating your pool during completion is using a pool steel hold-fast and eye bolt.

They are suitable for anchoring of pool lanes

Pool anchors

Pool anchors – Photo courtesy: UNISPORT

47) Pool Steel Claw Hook

During swimming competition, you need to mark lanes for the competitors.

One way of doing this is by having a pool steel claw hook.

Pool claw hook

Pool claw hook – Photo courtesy: PLASTICA POOLS

A pool steel claw hook is a pool fixing that you use to connect the pool makers to the pool wall.

48) Pool Filter

A pool filter is one of the items you will need to help in cleaning the pool water.

The use of this accessory is mainly in the plumbing section.

Swimming pool filter

Swimming pool filter

There are three types of pool filter available.

We have the sand filter which is one of the oldest screens n the pool industry and the cheapest.

The sand filter works by passing water over a tank containing sand which filters the water removing any microorganism in it.

The other type is the diatomaceous earth filter which has particular fingers that contain a DE powder that filter the pool water.

Lastly, we have the cartridge filter which consists of three to four cartridges that help in removing dirt in your pool water.

The type of filter you choose for your pool depends on the budget you have and the kind of maintenance you want the cartridge to achieve.

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We hope this guide has been useful in identifying a particular swimming accessory that you may need for your pool.

The information in this guide gives you details that will make you have an informed decision when selecting an accessory.

So go ahead and purchase that accessory that you would like to have in your pool.

All the best.

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