How Commercial Patio Enclosures Add More Value to A Property for Sale

Do you know that commercial patio enclosures can increase the value of your property by over 7%?

This can only be possible if you follow the vital pieces of advice I am going to share with you in this article.

Pool enclosures are now a major selling point for most realtors. This is because they make commercial properties such as restaurants or hotels more attractive and distinctive.

In most cases, buyers will avoid properties that have swimming pools but do not have an enclosure. This is mainly due to the fear of high operational costs, safety and security.

Here is what you should do to before selling your commercial property:

How Commercial Pool Enclosures Increase Value of a Property

Below are fundamental aspects that can entice property buyers

1.      Consumers Are More Concerned About Pool Security

A swimming pool that is not secure come with unnecessary costs. In fact, your insurance premiums will also be high.

No buyer is willing to take such risks at all cost.

Therefore, any commercial property that does not have an enclosure is basically a liability to the buyer.


A locked swimming pool enclosure provides better security

Buyers will opt for a property without a swimming pool than one with a pool but doesn’t have an enclosure.

It’s only a swimming pool enclosure that will solve all security problems since they are lockable.

Commercial pool enclosures are made from strong materials such as solid polycarbonate sheets and extruded aluminum. No one can break into the pool and go unnoticed.

Moreover, they have a self-latching door locking mechanism. This ensures the swimming pool environment remains secure either when there is someone in the pool or not.

In short, buyers are willing to pay an extra buck for a property that is secure. As a realtor, you’ll profit from this.

2.      A Maintenance Free Swimming Pool Attracts Many Buyers

Owning a swimming pool comes with many additional costs. The cost may be high even in the public swimming pool.

check swimming pool water quality

A technician treating swimming pool water

Some of these costs include:

  • Testing swimming pool water PH and buying the required pool chemicals.
  • Cleaning the swimming pool due to dust and debris
  • Removing snow and pumping out extra water during winter
  • Employing security personnel to guard the pool
  • Filling swimming pools as water is lost through evaporation during summer.
  • Heating swimming pool to maintain water temperature during cold seasons.

Clearly, no one is ready to incur all these unnecessary costs. In fact, some people may opt not to have a swimming pool at all.

Also, for the case of a restaurant or hotel, owning a swimming pool is a plus. This is because it will attract more customers.

Therefore, as a realtor, you should install the right commercial pool enclosures to save on these operational costs.

Commercial pool enclosures will make your pool maintenance free. Therefore, potential customers will definitely buy the property since they will not incur any additional expenses.

Remember, there are places where no one will buy a commercial property without a swimming pool. This is common in relatively warm regions such as Navarre, Vojvodina, Oregon, Florida, etc.

Obviously, every swimming pool must be accompanied by an enclosure.

3.      Commercial Pool Enclosures Guarantee Privacy

The solid polycarbonate sheet some if different configurations. You may opt for the tinted options that reduce the degree of light transmission.

As a result, passers-by will not see all that is going on within the swimming pool.

Most hotels and restaurants, especially those located within the central business district (CBD) may opt for tinted commercial pool enclosures. This is because the privacy of all their customers is a priority.

polycarbonate enclosure for swimming pool

A tinted swimming pool cover provide better privacy

Of course, you’ll only benefit from this if understand the specific needs of your buyers.

Therefore, before you install a swimming pool enclosure, you need to do a quick survey to establish what exactly the customers require.

4.      Buyers Strive to Comply with Swimming Pool Safety Regulations

Swimming pool safety is mandatory, especially with the increase in the number of drowning cases witnessed in the recent past.

You’ll find that installing a swimming pool enclosure or barrier is a requirement in most states and governments.

A swimming pool that doesn’t not have any form of barrier, whether it is a pool fencepool cover or pool enclosures is considered a risky accessory.

This is because animals and kids can easily drown, especially if there’s no security personnel to guard the swimming pool.

Swimming pool drowning

Statistic showing swimming pool drowning. Image source – Budget Pool Safety Inspections

As you can see from the image above, commercial pool enclosures completely isolate the swimming pool from the external environment.

That is, no one can access the swimming pool without your permission.

Pool enclosures are not like fences where one can easily jump over to access the swimming pool. These enclosures come with either one or two entrances (depending on the size of the pool).

Once they are locked, your swimming pool will remain safe.

Remember, due to the security risks associated with swimming pool without an enclosure, even your insurance premiums are always very high. In fact, there are some companies that do not insure such properties completely.

Therefore, this safety aspect will make the pool a perfect choice for most property buyers.

5.      The Possible Resale Value of the Commercial Property

For a fact, there are companies that will purchase a property to resell it in the near future.

Obviously, such individuals are always targeting to profit from the increase in prices in the future. With such a plan, the probability of making profits is always high.

However, this can only be possible if you consider the following key properties of the commercial swimming pool enclosure:

  • Lifespan of the swimming pool enclosure

A swimming pool enclosure constructed from polycarbonate sheet and extruded aluminum rods will serve you for more than 25 years. In such instances, the possibility of profiting from future resale is always high.

These are the primary swimming pool enclosure materials.

  • Size of the commercial pool enclosure

A large or high profile swimming pool enclosure provides you with more space to make simple modifications or add simple pool enclosure enhancements.

Therefore, you can easily adapt the swimming pool to the changing swimming pool enclosure trending designs.

With these in mind, you stand a high chance of profiting from your current property when you resell it in future.

Bonus Tip:

You need to evaluate your neighborhood by conducting a proper market research.

This is because, it may not make sense if you install a swimming pool and an enclosure in a slum area. No one will buy the property.

Basically, you need to analyze the current real market prices and future prospects.

Swimming pools are common in high end areas. They are mainly associated with a luxurious lifestyle.

Therefore, it will be viable to invest in both a pool and an enclosure if your neighbors have one. Or they have a pool but no enclosure.

This will make your property stand out.


As long as you’ve considered all your medium term intentions, alongside proper market research, installing commercial pool enclosures will increase the resale value of your property.

In fact, the resale cycle can be very short.

So, don’t just install an enclosure because you think it will increase the value of a commercial property. Do a proper market research.

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