14 Hot Tub Enclosure Design Trends of 2022 for Outdoor Swimming Pools

Did you know that swimming, hot tub enclosure design trends change every year? It is for this reason that people remodel outdoor swimming pool enclosures every year.

Don’t you think this can increase swimming pool enclosure cost?

Well, it does.

In this article, I want to share with you 14 hot tub enclosure designs of 2017 that will remain stylish and adorable for more than 15 years. I am sure this is what everyone desires to have.

So, how about using these amazing hot tub enclosure designs?

I will classify these designs based on the following key criteria:

  • Size of hot tub enclosure
  • Type of hot tub enclosure material
  • Opening and closing mechanism of the enclosure
  • Roofing design and shape of the enclosure

Let’s start with the:

Size of the Hot Tub Enclosure

Based on the size of the swimming pool enclosure, you can opt for the following key designs:

  • High profile enclosure
  • Medium profile enclosure
  • Low profile enclosure

All these heights are based on the distance between the swimming pool water surface and the highest point of the enclosure. Of course, you may modify these enclosures to make them unique as you’ll see shortly in the subsequent sections.

1. High Profile Enclosures

In case you need a larger space above and around your outdoor swimming pool then this is a perfect alternative. Below is an example of high profile swimming pool enclosure.


A high profile swimming pool enclosure with a large space for installing beds or flower vases

Such an enclosure will give you the opportunity to make all necessary adjustments. This may include adding flower vases, chairs and beds.

The high profile swimming pool enclosures come in a wide range of shapes and designs. You can go for the standard designs or customized options.

Normally, the high profile swimming pool enclosure is more expensive than the medium and low profile enclosures. That is, when you compare enclosures manufactured from the same material and design.

With these enclosures, the door is always located at any of the furthest ends.

2. Medium Profile Pool Enclosures

In case you can’t afford the high profile enclosures, then this could be a better alternative. They are cheaper compared to the high profile enclosures.

A medium profile hot tub enclosure

This an example of a medium profile enclosure. The height is large enough therefore, you can swim or comfortably sit on the pool deck even when the cover is closed.

The space above and around the swimming pool is large enough to allow for the installation of a bed or a flower verse. You can comfortably sit on the swimming pool deck.

3. Low Profile Enclosures

Though you can comfortably swim when the enclosure is covered, the space between the cover and the water surface or pool deck is small. This cannot allow for the installation of other accessories in the swimming pool.

A low profile pool enclosure

This is a low profile enclosure. As you can see, the distance between the pool deck and the cover is very small.

In most cases, the hot tub enclosure door is located on the roof of the enclosure. They are also available in different designs and configurations.

These enclosures are available for as low as $2,999. Ideally, size is the first fundamental aspect you need to consider when shopping for the right hot tub enclosure.

Here is simple Guide on How to Save on Pool Enclosure Cost.

So, which one should you go for?

In case you’re working on a tight budget, the low profile enclosures will be appropriate. Otherwise, you should get for the high profile enclosures.

Next, I will quickly review the various types of enclosures based on the type of materials.

Type of Materials Used to Make the Enclosure

High quality materials will protect your outdoor swimming pool from devastating weather conditions. These may include wind, hurricane, tornado and snow.

In this section, I will focus on four possible types of enclosures depending on the type of material. These include:

  • Polycarbonate enclosures (glazing material)
  • Glass enclosures (glazing material)
  • Extruded aluminum enclosures (structural section)
  • Wooden pool enclosures (structural section)

So first you may consider:

4. Polycarbonate Swimming Pool Enclosure

The truth is, polycarbonate is a popular material used in the construction of hot tub enclosures. It is due to the superior properties of polycarbonate sheets.

A polycarbonate material used as hot tub enclosure

A polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure

Polycarbonate sheet is strong, impact resistant, durable and easy to fabricate. This is a lightweight material, hence you don’t have to reinforce the structure of the enclosure.

This will result in significant cost saving.

Moreover, polycarbonate is shatter resistant, thus a safe material. It is for this reason that they have been adopted for tornado or snow prone areas.

I know at times, you’ll find it difficult to decide whether you should opt for solid or hollow/multi wall polycarbonate sheets. Well, the two can offer unique performance properties, however, I will recommend solid polycarbonate sheets.

Solid polycarbonate sheets are stronger, thus recommended for snow prone areas. Here is more information about Solid vs. Hollow Polycarbonate Screen Pool Enclosures.

5. Glass Swimming Pool Enclosure

Glass was a popular material in hot tub enclosures. However, in 2017, they may not be a perfect choice for enclosures.

a glass screen pool enclosure

Above is glass screen pool enclosure. Image source – Flicker (Sarasota)

This is because they can break easily when subjected to high impact. Furthermore, they are heavy, thus the swimming pool enclosure structure will require reinforcement.

Generally, I don’t recommend glass swimming pool enclosures.

6. Wooden Structure Swimming Pool Enclosure

There are a number of swimming pool enclosures that are constructed from wood. This wood must be painted or treated to make it water resistant.


A wooden swimming pool enclosure cover

Honestly, a hot tub enclosure with a wooden structure is too expensive to maintain. This is the reason why these enclosures are not common.

7. Extruded Aluminum Structure Swimming Pool Enclosure

Extruded aluminum pool structures are durable and reliable. This is due to the superior physical and chemical properties of aluminum.


Extruded aluminum rods ready for shipping

Aluminum is strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant. They are can be treated to get different surface finishes.

Again, all swimming pool enclosures constructed from extruded aluminum are easy to maintain and reliable.

In short, I will recommend a swimming pool enclosure constructed from extruded aluminum rods and solid polycarbonate sheet.

Why do I say so?

Such hot tub enclosures can withstand high speed winds (230km/hr.) and high load (900kg distributed within a radius of 1.5m). They are strong and reliable with quite a number coming with a 15 year warranty.

Opening Mechanism Pool Enclosure

Opening and closing mechanism is also another crucial aspect that you should consider. Broadly, the existing hot tub enclosures are classified as either fixed or retractable.

I am sure, at any given time, you’d wish to have an indoor setting in an outdoor environment.

So, how do you go about this?

I’ll start with:

8. Fixed Swimming Pool Enclosure

With a fixed enclosure, you can only create an indoor environment around your outdoor swimming pool. That is, you’ll have a shelter with a complete roof and walls, with one or two doors; depending on the size of the pool.

An example of luxurious pool enclosure to decorate outdoor

A fixed swimming pool enclosure fully decorates

In this case, you should go for a high profile enclosure. Remember, it will be frustrating to walk into the pool while crawling (if you go for a low profile tub enclosure).

Apart from this, another enclosure that has been trending in the recent past is:

9. Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosure

A retractable or telescopic pool enclosures are those structures you can open and close depending on the weather conditions. That is, with your outdoor swimming pool, you can have either an indoor or outdoor environment, depending on whether you have closed or opened the enclosure.


Kids enjoying swimming during summer in a retractable pool enclosure

I find retractable hot tub enclosure more convenient. This is because you can open the pool during summer and close it during winter.

Roofing Design and Shape

The roofing shape and design is also a fundamental aspect that when it comes to choosing the best hot tub enclosure design for your outdoor swimming pools. Below are 5 different swimming pool enclosure roofing designs you may consider:

10. Gable Swimming Pool Enclosure

Gable roof design is one of the most common shape for both residential and commercial outdoor swimming pools. At times, this roofing design is also referred to as the A-roof designs.

A hot tub enclosure

Above is a structural design of a gable roofing design.

Gable pool enclosure is common since they tend to complement most homes since they share the same roofing design.

As you can see from above, the two sections form an obtuse angle with the walls of the enclosure forming a ridge at the center of the roof.  Therefore, snow and dirt will slide down the swimming pool deck.

11. Slope roof design

Quite a number of fixed swimming pool enclosures have a slope roof design. They are commonly used in outdoor pool that are close to the main house.

That is, one end of the enclosure is attached to the main house while the other end is attached to the pool enclosure wall. The design is such that one end of the wall (attached to the main house) is higher than the opposite end (attached to the pool enclosure wall).

You can see this from the image below:

A sloping pool enclosure with a sloping roof design

A fixed swimming pool enclosure with a sloping roof design. Image source – Florian Products

Like the slope roof design, both snow and dirt will always slide down the pool enclosure wall.

12. Dome Roof Design

Dome rood design is a popular swimming pool roof design for low profile, medium profile and high profile swimming pool enclosures. They are easy to design and install.

A reason why they are popular in both fixed and retractable swimming pool enclosures.

A fully installed swimming pool enclosure

A dome swimming pool enclosure with a door locking mechanism

The roofing structure forms a semi-circular shape. Like the other two roof designs, both snow and dust can always slide to the swimming pool deck.

This reduces the level of stress that can be exerted by snow during winter. Rarely will you find a hot tub enclosure with a dome roof design that has collapsed.

13. Mansard Roof Design

This is a common roofing design for fixed swimming pool enclosures. Basically, these swimming pools have four sliding sides that are trapezoidal in design, with a rectangular section replacing the ridge like of the case of gable roof designs.

You can see this in the image below:

mansard swimming pool roof design

A mansard swimming pool roof design

Generally, mansard roof design looks more open and spacious than the gable styles. Moreover, they can fit quite a number of architectural structures.

Normally, the biggest challenge is the rectangular flat top section that may hold snow and dirt. This may exert more stress on the wall when the snow accumulates on its surface.

14. Hip Pool Enclosure

A hip pool enclosure is very similar to the gable roof design. However, instead of a continuous ridge from one end of the vertical end of the pool enclosure, they have triangular shapes at the two opposite ends of the roof (at the widths).

This results in a ridge that is shorter than in the case of gable roof designs. You can see this clearly in the example below.

Swimming pool enclosure roofing styles and designs

Here is a summary of swimming pool enclosure roofing designs, some of which I have discussed above. Image source – FRDCE

With this design, both snow and dust easily slide to the swimming pool deck. Such hot tub enclosures roofs are easy to clean.

Basically, these are some of the most common roof designs you can opt for.

Apart from these, you may also go for customized hot tub enclosure designs. They are available in a wide range of shapes and designs, depending on your creativity.

However, you should be prepared to pay more unlike most standard design I have mentioned above. At times, the design process may be very cumbersome.

It is for this reason that you need to hire a qualified swimming enclosure contractor. The contractor should come up with all the technical drawings and design specifications.


In short, these are some possible hot tub enclosure designs that I find practical and easy to construct. You can always modify the designs to keep with the trend without spending money on a new pool enclosure.

For any questions on swimming pool enclosure design or construction, don’t hesitate to send me a private message or leave your comment below.

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