A Definitive Guide to Reducing Cost of Operating a Swimming Pool

I know most people find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to evaluating the cost of operating a swimming pool. Obviously, no one wishes to see the shocking bills associated with operating a swimming pool.

Interestingly, I know owning a swimming pool is part of your dream.

Well, today I am going to give you a heads-up on how to reduce cost of operating a swimming pool. Frankly, I am aware a swimming pool requires a lot of resources such as heaters, labor, water and chemicals, among other accessories.

A fully assembled swimming pool enclosure

This is a fully assembled retractable swimming pool enclosure

In almost every forum I have attended, my emphasis has always been on a critical analysis of all parameters that may affect the cost of operating swimming pools. I can bet, nearly 17% of pool owners take this seriously.

Most likely, you’re part of the 83% who operate swimming without monitoring energy and water consumption, leave alone the overall efficiency of the swimming pool. The truth is you need to come up with a plan that can enable you to save a reasonable amount of money by the end of the month.

In this article, I am going to teach you how to reduce the cost of operating a swimming pool by focusing on the following costs:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Chemicals

By the end of this article, you should be able to adopt a practical procedure that will help in making good use of the pool without paying a huge amount of bills.

Now, let’s review these aspects in detail:

1.      How Monitoring Energy Consumption Reduces the Cost of Operating a Swimming Pool

I know many people spend a lot of money on energy. This is mainly attributed to poor swimming pool management procedures.

Learn how to reduce cost of operating a swimming pool

An enclosure strong enough to protect the pool from snow

By choosing an appropriate source of energy, you can save a significant amount of money. But first, let’s list the main sections or operations that require energy before exploring how to reduce these costs.

The main areas in the entire swimming pool operation that use energy include:

  • Pumping water and filtration
  • Heating and lighting the swimming pool

Here’s what you need to know about these aspects:

How to Reduce Energy Consumption in Pumps and Filtration Mechanism

Water flowing into the swimming pool is due to the action of a pump that is usually rotated by an electric motor. That is, a motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy (rotational force).

So, here is where the problem starts.

First, choosing a motor and pump with wrong specifications will result in significant loss of energy. This is the reason I recommend you let a qualified technician do the entire design and installations.

Second, you need to install energy efficient pumps and motors. You can make certain adjustments such as changing the drive.

The variable speed pumps guarantee the biggest ROI. With these pumps, you can reduce energy consumption of the swimming pool by over 37%, which translates to hundreds of dollars.

I can promise you this, install a variable speed pump and it will clearly reflect on your next energy bill.

Apart from this, old swimming pool filtration systems will increase your energy costs. Normally, a poor filtration system will overwork the pump hence, high energy consumption.

Here, you have a simple option – upgrade the swimming pool filtration system. You need to upgrade the swimming pool systems with the new designs that can accurately and precisely filter the water.

Remember, whenever dirt or debris clog your pool, be sure the cost of energy will be high.

Heating and Lighting the Swimming Pool

Today, we have efficient and cost effective lights. These are the LED lighting systems.

Furthermore, you can choose from a wide range of colors that are available in the market. They not only provide sufficient light, but also decorate the swimming pool.

LED lights in swimming pool

The energy consumption of LED swimming pool lights is quite low compared to other lamps. So, this is straightforward – you must insist on having LED lights.

Blending LED lights will transform your swimming pool into a night time oasis of beautiful lights. The kind of vibrancy and brilliance that LED lights guarantee cannot be compared to other sources of light.

Another critical aspect is heating the swimming pool water.

There are many possible ways of heating swimming pool water such as:

  • Gas heaters
  • Electric resistance heaters
  • Solar heaters
  • Heat pumps

For more information about these systems, you can read this article: What is the Most Efficient Way of Heating a Swimming Pool?

Now, I find heat pumps and solar heaters the most cost effective ways of heating swimming pool water. Although the installation cost of solar heaters is somehow high, it is a system you can count on when it comes to energy saving.

In case you can’t afford these, then try gas pool heaters. However, NEVER try electric resistance heaters since the bill is extremely high.

Heat pump is an effecient way of heating a swimming pool

A heating system of a swimming pool

But, how do you ensure the swimming pool retains this heat. Of course, these systems should not run 24 hours a day, it will be too expensive.

This is why I recommend that you install a polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure.

Why do I insist on a swimming pool enclosure?

A retractable swimming pool enclosure

This is a fully assembled swimming pool enclosure

This is an amazing accessory that will isolate the swimming pool from the external environment. That is, no heat will be lost through evaporation as the wind blows over the swimming pool water.

Besides, polycarbonate sheet is a good insulator, thus no heat will be lost to the external environment by conduction. It creates a comfortable environment for swimming all year round.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the cold weather during winter or harsh summer radiations.

In short, by adopting these recommendations, you can easily reduce the cost of operating a swimming pool. That is, just ensure you have an energy efficient pump, filters working optimally, choose the appropriate heating mechanism, use LED lights and install a swimming pool cover.

2.      Saving Water Bills

Let’s be honest, no one wants to pay an extra penny for water lost through evaporation, relative humidity or any other means that makes you add a gallon of water to the pool.

Water evaporating from a swimming pool

By reducing the rate of water evaporation, the cost of running a swimming pool will be low

The truth is that saving water is becoming an important environmental concern. Remember, by adopting proper mechanisms, you will not only save money on water bills, but also energy bills.

A number of swimming pool owners I have talked to see this as a farfetched dream. Obviously, they are simply overthinking things.

Do you know by installing a swimming pool enclosure can solve all these problems?

I mean the problem of evaporation and swimming pool PH imbalance?

If you’re not aware of this, then you should read my article on 13 Benefits of Swimming Pool Enclosure. A pool enclosure provides the best shelter to a swimming pool.

Once you reduce the possibility of evaporation, water bills will reduce significantly. As I said earlier, a swimming pool enclosure will reduce any possibility of evaporation while trapping heat that your pool could have lost to the external environment.

Don’t you think this is a good idea of reducing the cost of operating a swimming pool?

Control Splashing Water & Backwashing

I am sure no one has ever bothered to know the quantity of water that is lost through these. It’s time to have better control of water splashing on the pool deck and backwashing if you want to reduce water bills.

Again, have you ever thought of how to recover the amount of water that swimmers splash on the pool deck?

It is a serious issue in commercial swimming pools. So, you need to have a drainage channel that can help recover this water.

Again, backwashing requires a lot of water. Here, I will insist you use a cartridge filter since you don’t have to backwash them.

Also, you may have a pre filter between the main filter and the pump. I can recommend one that generates centrifugal current.

With these systems in place, you can save a significant amount of water every year hence, reducing the cost of operating a swimming pool.

Reduce the Cost of Swimming Pool Chemicals

Well, I want to give you a heads-up here:

A swimming pool that is left open tends to have many challenges and problems.

Normally, the ultraviolet radiations decompose swimming pool chemicals. Definitely, this will cause a PH imbalance.

Again, such pools are susceptible to acid rain that may alter the PH of swimming pool water.  Therefore, you’ll have no option but to treat the swimming pool regularly.

Chemical reactions in swimming pool

The image above shows various chemical reactions in swimming pool. Image source: Chemical & Engineering News

So far, I have shared a perfect solution to this problem. You need a polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure that will protect the pool from these devastating conditions.

With this, you will have control over the swimming pool water PH, hence reducing the extra cost of pool chemicals. Clearly, this is straight forward.

Another technology in the swimming pool industry that helps to reduce chemical expenses is the saltwater pool.

How is this possible?

How Saltwater Pools Reduce the Cost of Chemicals

Saltwater swimming pools do not require adding chlorine every time. That is, you don’t have to add chlorine to the swimming pool water.

In these swimming pools, there is a generator that uses electrolysis to produce hydrochlorous acid. This will save you the hectic process of adding chlorine every time.

It is an effective and reliable process. Currently, a number of swimming pool construction companies in both the USA and UK are adopting the use of saltwater pools.

Other Costs of Operating a Swimming Pool

As a swimming pool owner, you should be ready to incur other costs such as:

  • Repair and maintenance costs such as replacing swimming pool accessories

Here, you need to buy swimming pool accessories that meet the international standards. You should buy the parts from genuine dealers.

It is a sure way of reducing the cost of replacing parts after a short period of time. Here is one of my articles on swimming pool accessories.

  • Possible compensation that could be due to accidents

You need a suitable swimming pool barrier accessory. This may include a swimming pool fence or polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure.

However, in this case, I can recommend a pool enclosure. It will protect the swimming pool from intruders hence, no chances of accidents.

  • Labor costs

Well, you’ll have to pay someone to manage and maintain your swimming pool. In most cases, employing someone full-time is a better option.


As you can see, there is always a process of reducing the cost of operating a swimming pool. All you need is to adopt a practical strategy by analyzing every single aspect that can increase the cost of operating a swimming pool.

The good news is, I have highlighted all you need to do in this article. In case you have questions about swimming pool cost of operations, feel free to contact us.

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