Top 9 Swimming Pool Accessories Every Pool Owner Must Have

Today, I want to discuss yet another critical aspect in this industry – swimming pool accessories. I find this a critical subjected of discussion since it is only by choosing the appropriate accessories that we can prevent accidents, protect the pool from unauthorized access, ensure efficient operation, etc.

In this article, I will focus on the following key areas:

  • Swimming pool safety accessories
  • Cleaning and maintenance swimming pool accessories
  • Accessories for having fun and playing
  • Swimming pool accessories for daily operations

Now, let’s go straight to the main subject of this article:

Swimming Pool Safety Accessories

For anyone who owns a swimming pool, safety must be a priority.

Why do I say so?

So, far the number of people who drown in swimming pool has been increasing over the years. It is for this reason that governments and NGOs are investing a lot of resources in training people how to adopt the right safety measures.

To ensure your swimming pool remains safe, you need to consider the following safety accessories:

1.      You Must Have an Effective & Reliable Swimming Pool Barrier

What do I mean by an affective barrier?

This should be a barrier that prevents unauthorized access to the swimming pool area. I am not talking about a swimming pool fence or swimming pool covers.

With these, kids can still access the swimming pool surface irrespective of their quality. You need to invest in a system that will guarantee 100% safety.

The only barrier I consider to be reliable is the polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure. Once you lock the pool enclosure, kids will not access the swimming pool area.

An enclosure is an important swimming pool accessories

This is a fully assembled swimming pool enclosure with a polycarbonate cover and extruded aluminum

This swimming pool barrier covers every section and most of them come with self-latching mechanisms. This implies, even if you forget to lock the pool, it will automatically lock itself.

Furthermore, the entire structure is made of extruded aluminum rods. With the solid polycarbonate sheet, expect a pool enclosure to withstand heavy load (900 kg, distributed within 1.5m radius) and strong wind (230km/hr.).

Again, the polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable. So, it doesn’t matter how one tries to access the swimming pool – he/she won’t access the pool without your permission.

This is not the case with pool fence where one can easily jump or winter covers that leave the surface of the pool accessible.

You have the freedom to choose any swimming pool enclosure design of your choice.

2.      Purchase Swimming Pool Rescue Equipment

Let’s be realistic and honest with ourselves:

How can you operate a swimming pool without rescue equipment?

I am not astonished that some swimming pool owners do not bother to acquire these accessories. This is quite gross.

These are swimming pool safety accessories

These are a set of swimming pool safety accessories. Image source – Water Melon

Under normal circumstances, these are the key safety accessories you should have within the swimming pool area:

  • A first aid kit; with this kit, you can easily and efficiently respond to any emergency before seeking proper medical attention. Moreover, you should have the basic first air training.
  • Life jackets; with these, even kids who are learning how to swim will remain floating on the water surface when they become helpless. This makes rescue operation easy and faster.
  • Spine board; you’ll need spine boards to carry swimmers with injuries off the pool. A good spine board should have restraint straps, non-porous, comfortable head section and beveled shape.
  • Life hook; it provides a fast ad quick way of rescuing kids from drowning. Simply extend a life hook to the victim, maneuver it around them and try pulling them off the pool.

Apart from these, other swimming pool safety accessories include safety ring, rope floats/dividers, rescue tube and rescue can. Here is one my blogs on Best 5 Swimming Pool Safety Equipment That Guarantee Children’s Safety.

3.      Swimming Pool Alarms & Light

Strangely, some people believe that with a swimming pool enclosure, they don’t need an alarm. Well, the truth is, you still need a swimming pool alarm.

With a swimming pool alarm, it will be nearly impossible for any intruder to access the swimming pool area. You can install these alarms in strategic locations such as the pool deck, entrance, windows, doors, etc.

The alarms may include wave detecting or infrared.

Apart from alarms, you need swimming pool lights, especially for people who use this accessory at night. The modern swimming pool lights are mainly LED systems that are energy efficient.

retractable pool enclosures

A swimming pool enclosure with LED light systems

The swimming pool lights will not only work as a safety measure, but also double up as decorative idea. This gives a swimming pool an adorable look.

In short, you cannot afford to look down upon swimming pool safety. Once you secure the swimming pool, even the users will go about their activities confidently.

Again, the swimming pool structure itself should guarantee safety. That is, every component should meet the international standards of swimming pool safety.

Other measures such as training and active supervision are fundamental aspects of swimming pool safety.

Accessories for Cleaning & Maintaining Swimming Pools

At some point, you’ll have to clean and maintain swimming pool parts or sections. This may involve cleaning, washing, draining and testing PH, among other factors.

Here are some accessories you need for this task:

4.      Swimming Pool Cleaning Accessories

Cleaning is an integral process in ensuring the pool maintains the required standards of hygiene. This will help in removing algae or bacteria, hence, reducing chances of infections.

clean the swimming pool enclosure

Cleaning a swimming pool water to maintain high hygiene

In the today’s swimming pool industry, there a range of swimming pool cleaning accessories. Depending on the complexity of the swimming pool, you may choose any of the following:

  • Chemical floater; this swimming pool cleaning accessory floats on the water surface, slowly releasing chemicals. So far, this is a convenient and efficient way of keeping swimming pool water clean and hygienic.
  • Swimming pool broom; it comes with a long handle that can reach a greater section of the swimming pool. You can easily remove algae and leaves in water.
  • Pool vacuum cleaner; these vacuum cleaners are made with durable and strong bristles. Their design helps to remove hard to reach algae or some stains that need specialized cleaning process.
  • Filter cartridge cleaner; you should choose a swimming pool filter cartridge cleaner that is compatible with the pool accessory. With an appropriate cleaner, maintaining the pool hygiene will be easy and simple.

In short, there are hundreds of swimming pool cleaning accessories available in the market. It is important to assess the cleaning requirements of your pool to choose an appropriate accessory.

5.      Swimming Pool Maintenance Accessories

Normally, these accessories come in the form a full kit. That is, a swimming pool maintenance kit has all accessories you need when open bolts, cut pipes, test PH, unblocking pipes, etc.

With appropriate pool maintenance kit, going about the maintenance procedures is easy and simple.

Apart from this, you may need an electric swimming pool drain pump. Most pool maintenance kits do not come with such accessories.

A fully maintained swimming pool enclosure

This swimming pool has been assembled to the required specifications

Of course, there are other procedures you have to do such as draining the swimming pool water. This is where you’ll need a corrosion-proof electric pump that is not affected by the pool chemicals.

Basically, with the required cleaning and maintenance accessories, you can maintain the pool to the required quality standards.

Swimming Pool Accessories for Playing and Having Fun

Do you have kids?

Well, you should let kids enjoy their time in the swimming pools by purchasing safe and high quality playing accessories. There are many accessories that vary in design and make, depending on the kind of games kids intend to play.

Let’s look at some of the most common accessories:

6.      Swimming Accessories for Fun

Choosing these accessories at times seems to be really challenging for most people. Like I said, earlier, the choice of a particular design will depend on the nature of the game or what kids desire to have.

We all know that kids love to swim, but, availing some these accessories will make it even more interesting. They will desire to be in the pool, which has a lot of benefits as far as their health is concerned.

Pool accessories for fan are basically designed with kids in mind. For a fact, kids tend to get bored faster, especially if they don’t have something to entertain them.

A good example of such accessories is the inflatable boats.

These boats come in a wide range of shapes and sizes that can carry 3 to 10 people. With this, kids can use a swimming pool like a lake or sea.

Depending on the design, inflatable boats have handles and chairs. Quite a number of kids enjoy rowing these inflatable boats on the water.

Kids playing accessories

Kids playing in a swimming pool

Clearly, this can be one of the best ways of enjoying the summer holidays. Alternatively, they may opt for swimming pool rafts.

7.      Inflatable Pool Toys for Kids

There is a range of swimming pool toys you can choose from. These include beach balls, baby floaters, beach toys, water blasters and soakers, dive toys, pool noodles, etc.

In case you want to see how creative a kid is, then give him/her an appropriate swimming pool toy. Definitely, they will invent a new swimming pool game for themselves.

Swimming pool accessory for kids

Kids playing in swimming pool with parents. Image source – Pool for Home

These toys come in a wide range of shapes and designs. Therefore, it is upon you to choose from a wide range of shapes and designs depending on what your kids may like.

Always, before you decide to buy these toys, it is important to do a quick survey – just ask the kids what they would wish to have in the swimming pool. By doing this, your kids will definitely have the desire to use the pool.

Note: Active supervision is IMPORTANT, especially when kids are using these toys.

Swimming Pool Accessories to Enhance Daily Operations

To operate your swimming pool efficiently, you’ll need a wide range of accessories. Normally, this may vary depending on either the size or specific applications your pool is designed for.

It can either be a commercial or residential swimming pool. Therefore, in this section, I am going to focus on those tools and equipment that allow you to access the swimming pool easily amongst others.

8.      Swimming Pool Steps and Ladders

Jumping into and out of the swimming pool is very dangerous. Therefore, you need a ladder that is strong and corrosion free.

This will make it easy for kids to access the swimming pool. Quite a number of swimming pool ladders are made from stainless steel or resin.

Swimming pool ladder is an important swimming pool accessory

Swimming pool ladder is an important accessory

Another alternative when it comes to this is the walk in steps. These steps perform the same functions as ladders.

The spacing between the ladder section and steps should be such that one doesn’t strain to reach the next step. This is an essential safety measure.

9.      General Accessories the Ensure Normal Operation of the Pool

A swimming pool is a huge system with so many parts assembled together. Therefore, depending on the design and purpose of your pool, you may need the following:

  • Swimming pool heater/pump heater
  • Filters such as rapid or high rate sand filter
  • Pumps
  • Recessed automatic skimmers
  • Flow meters
  • Floor inlet fittings
  • Drain covers
  • Brominators
  • Gas chlorinators
  • Chemical feeders, generators and controllers

At any given time, you should install only those accessories that have been approved by the swimming pool safety regulatory bodies of the state. There are instances, where improper choices of some accessories have resulted in drowning.

Retractable pool enclosure

A clean swimming pool with a fully opened retractable pool enclosure

This is why I insist that this process must be done by qualified and trained swimming pool technicians. Furthermore, you need to work closely with local authorities so that they do a routine inspection to ensure the pool meets the recommended safety standards.


As you can see, a swimming pool has many accessories and equipment. Therefore, even before you begin up-grading or buying a new accessory, the safety of every pool user is a MUST.

Always remember, as swimming pool owner, it is your responsibility to ensure everyone who uses the swimming pool is safe at all times.

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