POOL COVERS:The Definitive Guide to Protect Your Swimming Pool

Are you looking for the right pool cover for your swimming pool?

If yes, then you’re in right place.


Because today, I want to teach you how to choose a perfect pool cover that will guarantee safety and help reduces cost of maintaining swimming pools.

By the end of the 6 chapters, you will be a swimming pool covers expert.

But first, let’s get to know what a swimming pool cover is, at least.

Pool Covers

CHAPTER 1What is a Swimming Pool Cover?

CHAPTER 2How the Pool Covers Benefits your Swimming pool

CHAPTER 3Types of Swimming Pool Covers

CHAPTER 4Pool Cover Accessories for your Swimming Pool Cover

CHAPTER 5Swimming Safety Pool Regulations

CHAPTER 6Factors that Determine the Cost of Swimming Pool Covers


What is a Swimming Pool Cover?

According to the English Oxford Living Dictionaries:

A cover is anything that is put on, over or around something for protection and concealing purposes.

Well then:

Briefly, we can define a swimming pool cover as something that is used to cover a swimming pool. But then, I know that is so shallow.

On a more serious tone though, a swimming pool cover is a fabric used to cover either indoor or outdoor swimming pools. It helps to protect the pool from stains and damage, which could be as a result of external weather conditions.

Below is a good example of swimming pool cover:

Swimming pool cover

Swimming pool cover – Image Source: EXCELITE ENCLOSURE

Using this covers in your pool also helps to minimize the dangers associated with leaving it open when and even when not in use.

So how does your swimming pool benefit from this covers?

Continue reading…

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Swimming Pool Covers


How the Pool Covers Benefits your Swimming pool

I can tell you this for a fact…

Pool covers have become quite popular among many swimming pool owners, both commercial and homeowners. And this holds true for all kinds of swimming pools, i.e., indoor, outdoor, above-ground and in-ground.

These coverings bring along very many benefits unimaginable to most pool owners.

These benefits nuclide;

2.1 Keeping the Pool Pristine

A pool cover will help prevent dirt and debris from entering your swimming pool, regardless of the season. This, in turn, keeps your pool cleaner for longer durations.

Cleaning dirty swimming pool

Cleaning dirty swimming pool, most probably without a cover – Image Source: Video by ROB VANDERLEE

With a pool cover, you won’t have to spend much time or money cleaning your swimming pool. Apart from keeping dirt away, the cover will also protect your pool from debris that may damage it if left unattended.

2.2 Increases Safety

According to a 2017 factsheet by WHO (world health organization), drowning accounts for about 7% of all unintentional injury-related deaths.

That makes it the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury deaths worldwide.

Worryingly HUGE isn’t it?

Saving a victim from drowning

Saving a victim from drowning – Image Source: EXCELITEPLAS

But then, most of these cases, especially those that involve children occur due to unguarded swimming pools. Pets too are at risk of drowning in swimming pools.

There have been cases, many cases if you must know.

So how does a pool cover help in this case?

Well, protecting your swimming pool cover with a swimming pool covers helps to keep it safe from accidents like drowning and submersion.

A cover will act as a “perimeter fence” on your pool barring children, pets and other unauthorized persons from accessing it.

And while this cannot substitute proper pool supervisions, it still helps to secure your pool area in your absence. Covering your swimming pool can significantly help to save the lives of your loved ones, pets and even your life too.

Therefore, when buying a pool cover with safety as a concern, you need to ensure that you get one that is safety rated.

2.3 Reducing Heat Loss

This is another significant benefit of covering your pool, which by the way will also save you money in the long run.

Here is how:

Swimming pools lose a significant amount of heat and water when left uncovered. Some studies estimate this number to 30% of heat loss and 10,000 liters of water loss on a daily basis (this includes the chemicals you use to treat your pool water).

Water loss from swimming pool due to convection and radiation

Water loss from swimming pool due to convection and radiation – Image Source: HOME POWER

Do you know why this happens?

Because of evaporation which is known to use up lots of energy in the process of evaporating water. Interestingly, this takes lots of heat from your swimming pool water as well.

A swimming pool cover, in this case, helps to reduce this heat loss significantly. This, in turn, helps to reduce pool heating costs.

The heat that’s locked in with the cover also makes your pool warm and inviting for an extended period.

2.4 Protection for Off-season Weather

Winter is known to be disadvantageous for pool owners.

The cold, falling leaves, debris, snow and all just kind of hinder you and your family from enjoying your outdoor swimming pool.

Swimming pool with snow

Swimming pool with snow: Image Source: EXCELITEPLAS

Luckily, with a pool cover, you can save yourself from all the harsh winter conditions. Winterization becomes easy with a pool cover plus all your swimming pool equipment remains in mint condition.

This helps to reduce the cleaning costs and time when you open your pool after winter.

2.5 Reduce Consumption of Chlorine

Treating or testing swimming pool water every day is a demanding and tiresome task. I know you’d wish to have a situation whereby, after treating the pool, it can take you for several days.

Also, I am sure you are aware that chlorine is the most popular and effective swimming pool water sanitizer.

But, do you know that UV light degrades chlorine at a faster rate?

I am glad, now you know.

This is why you need a pool cover that will reduce the intensity or amount of UV radiation hitting the water surface.

Installing a pool cover will save you from frequent testing and treating the pool water.

Just in case you intend to treat your swimming pool, here is a video by HASA FLIX on how to go about the process:

So, what’s the bottom line here?

Let me make this clear, these are the general benefits of all types of swimming pool covers. You will learn more about what benefits each cover offers in chapter 3.

Again, from the above benefits, installing a swimming pool cover will help to:

  • Save on swimming pool maintenance costs such as heating, treating, adding water, cleaning, etc.
  • Ensure safety of the pool and its users
  • Save on time; no need to clean the pool before swimming, simply remove the cover and you’re good to go.

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Types of Swimming Pool Covers; Discover Which Cover Best Fits Your Pool

Now, we’ve already seen how beneficial pool covers can be for your swimming pool. But have you thought about what kind of pool cover you need?

What material, color or design is suitable for your pool?

I guess not.

Here is one truth you should know; pool covers are available in a wide variety.

While some people may choose covers for safety reasons and others, do it for economic reasons. But the good thing is that pool covers don’t limit you to one benefit-you get them all.

It is, however, essential to know what you want and to expect from your pool cover-before choosing one that is.

You might think that they are all the same, but no!

Pool covers differ dramatically regarding materials, strength, durability and overall quality. Of importance is to know what you want.

Here are the most common types of swimming pool covers that you can buy.

3.1. Solar Pool Covers

The primary role of a solar pool cover is to warm water by harnessing the suns energy and preventing water from evaporating when the pool is not in use.

Solar pool cover

Solar pool cover – Image Source: COMMERCIAL POOL

The effectiveness of this type of cover is proven beyond reasonable doubt. Nonetheless, choosing the right one for your pool is dependent on several factors such as:

  • Price
  • Preferences
  • Pool size
  • Materials among other things.

It is therefore imperative for you to understand these different factors to be able to make the right choice regarding the best solar cover for your swimming pool.

3.1.1. What is a Solar Pool Cover?

Among the many types of swimming pool covers is the solar cover. They don’t just do the typical ‘keeping dirt and debris away’ job.

It heats your pool water.

I know you don’t fancy cold water unless you are drinking it.

So yes, solar covers do heat pool water…maybe, not like water heaters would.  But it keeps your pool water comfortably warm.

Obviously, solar pool covers will save you from the enormous costs as a result the pool losing water through evaporation.

3.1.2. Solar Pool Covers Material

Solar covers come in a variety of materials, but mostly they are made of plastic materials, i.e., polyethylenepolypropylene or polyvinyl.

Solar pool covers material

Solar pool covers material – Image Source: TOP TEN REVIEWS

These materials are processed into a bubble like a warp fabric that aids in the absorption of heat.

The bubble wrap like material is what increases the efficiency of your solar cover in keeping your pool water warm and in protecting it from evaporation.

Nonetheless, the quality and durability vary with the type of plastic used to make the poll cover fabric.

Please don’t forget this:

For instance, polyethylene is more durable compared to polypropylene, but polyvinyl is the most durable plastic among all three.

3.1.3. How Does the Solar Pool Cover Works

We know that solar pool covers work solely to keep your pool water warm and to prevent it from evaporating.

But have you for once wondered how all these are achieved?

Well, a solar cover also known as the solar blanket is like a bubble wrap for your pool. It consists of two vinyl sheets separated by a bubble layer.

These layers create an air pocket between the atmosphere and your pool.

How solar pool covers work

How solar pool covers work – Image Source: ZANE SOLAR POOL HEATING

The air pocket acts as insulation to keep heat, chemicals, and water in the pool. Thus the pool loses neither the heat nor chemicals through evaporation.

Take note of this:

For maximum efficiency, a transparent solar cover is best recommended over darker ones as it effectively captures the sun’s heat and transfers it to the water to warm it.

3.1.4. Advantages of Solar Pool Cover

Besides keeping dirt and debris away, and maintaining the temperature of your pool water, have you considered the additional benefits of having one?

There are many more benefits of getting the right solar cover for your swimming pool. These include;

  • Guarantees and extended swimming time

Solar covers help to keep pool water warm for extended periods. We can’t say the same for pools that stay uncovered, especially during extremely cold nights.

In this case, pools covered at night will still be warm in the morning allowing you and your family to enjoy swimming.

In fact, you can use the pool throughout the day without having to heat it with a heater or wait for the sun to rise.

Moreover, a solar pool cover will also prolong the duration of your swimming season, especially if you live in areas where summers are shorter.

  • Ensures Safety of the Pool Water and Users

Nearly most solar pool covers can take the weight of a child and that of pets. So, once you install it, there is nothing that can fall or drown in the swimming pool.

Pool covers supporting heavy weight

Pool covers supporting heavy weight – Image Source: REX GARDEN

From my experience, I can recommend that you use solar pool covers alongside pool fences.

  • Cost efficiency

Instead of thinking about the cost of buying and maintaining a solar pool cover, why don’t you think of the cost benefits it brings?

For instance, a solar cover will always keep your water warm regardless of the weather and time. This, in turn, helps to lower expensive heating costs.

Additionally, these type of covers help to prevent evaporation of water, thus reducing the amount of water required to fill the pool on a consistently.

A well-fitting solar cover will help reduce the amount of debris and dirt that gets in your swimming pool. This feature thus helps in reducing the cost cleaning chemicals and servicing, another clear advantage that is definitely worth your consideration.

3.1.5. Disadvantages of Solar Pool Cover

With all the benefits that solar pool covers come with, I doubt you want to hear anything about its drawbacks.

But well, we just have to mention these.

  • Removing/Storing Solar Pool Covers is Somehow Cumbersome

To begin with, solar pool covers are quite difficult to store and deal with compared to other types of covers.

Unlike most pool cool covers that are anchored or fastened to the pool edges, solar pool covers just float on your pool- the more reason why they are also called ‘solar blankets.’

So depending on your pool size, taking a solar cover off it can prove to be quite a challenge especially if you don’t have a helping hand.

Removing solar pool covers

Removing solar pool covers – Image Source: BEUTHE

You can choose to roll it up on a spindle or just struggle folding it. But keep in mind that it is quite enormous.

  • Free Floating Solar Pool Covers may 100% Keep Dust/Dirt Away

This is yet another disadvantage of solar pool covers. Therefore, you must be cautious when choosing a particular design.

Due to the above characteristic, they are also not able to prevent kids and pets from gaining access to the pool whether intentionally or accidentally. So for the most part, this only has a minimal functional contribution.

3.1.6. Solar Pool Cover Cost

Are you among the people that shy away from getting a solar pool cover because of the “perceived” high price? Well, don’t be.

While a regular or safety pool cover can run you thousands of dollars, a solar cover will cost much less than that. They are not as pricey as you might have been led to believe.

A solar pool cover can cost you about $500 -$1500, depending on the size of your pool.

What’s more?

A solar blanket, unlike other costly types, can pay for itself in the cost benefits that it can bring you.

Pumping and heating water can take a large part of your expenditure, and a solar pool cover can help mitigate these costs.

3.1.7. How to Install and Remove the Solar Pool Cover

Contrary to popular belief, installing solar pool cover is an easy fix regardless of the size and shape of your pool.

Installing solar pool cover

Installing solar pool cover – Image source: AQUA NET

The process requires you to;

  • Lay the solar swimming pool cover over your pool ensuring that the bubble side faces down and the smooth side up facing the sky.
  • Once laid, flatten down the bubbles so that the cover sits flat on the water
  • If your swimming pool and cover are not of the same shape, you might want to trim it to avoid ruining the look of your beautiful pool with an oversized blanket thrown over it.
  • So to trim it, take out a pair of sharp scissors and let someone hold the cover in place as you do the trimming.
  • Trim the sides according to your pool shape. While doing this, you need to ensure that cut it carefully and that you follow the coping to avoid creating gaps between the cover and the swimming pool wall when it floats over the water.

That’s it! A pretty easy fix isn’t it?

What about uninstalling it?


Removing a solar cover from water is also simple. All you need to do is hold one end and pull it out of the water if it is of a soft and lightweight material.

If the cover is big and somewhat heavy, you’ll need a cover reel to make the installing and uninstall process easier.

Solar pool cover with a cover reel

Solar pool cover with a cover reel – Image Source: BUETHE

A reel allows you to roll up the pool cover and get it off the water easily and quickly regardless of size, and weight.

3.1.8. Top Solar Pool Cover Manufacturers

Among the hundreds of solar pool cover manufactures, few rise above the rest.

These solar cover manufactures were able to push their swimming pool cover manufacturing to perfection, producing only the best solar pool covers for you and me.

Five solar pool cover manufacturers rise above the others in their years of experience in the industry and have become the most popular in the world of swimming pool protection today.


Intex has been around in the market for over 4 decades now. It is one of the leading manufacturers of solar swimming pool covers. The company delivers the most renowned and quality solar cover brands.


Sun2solar solar pool covers aren’t the same as those covers you see in every store. When it comes to solar pool covers, you can trust the Sun2solar brand.

They have a good reputation as the best in terms quality, durability, and reliability.

Mid-West Canvas

Mid-West canvas is an American developer and retailer of pool covers and supplies. The company strives to offer quality solar pool covers that are affordable and available of various kinds.

In the Swim

In the Swim provides all kinds of solar pool covers in all price ranges, materials, sizes and shapes. Here, you can also get numerous solar pool covers, depending on the shape or design of your pool.

Blue Wave

Blue Wave is one brand that encompasses quality and affordability in its pool cover products. Their solar pool covers beside being affordable are quite efficient in the work they are designed for.

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3.2. Mesh Pool Covers

The mesh cover is another swimming pool cover that is woven openly enough that water can pass through it.

However, it is sufficiently tight that dirt and debris are blocked from sinking into the swimming pool and clog the filter.

This type of cover is designed mostly for winter use to protect the swimming pool from the harsh winter conditions.

Mesh pool cover

Mesh pool cover – Image Source: BLUE WAVE

The mesh pool cover for this situation is then put over the swimming pool and firmly anchored to the edges of the pool.

The good thing about mesh pool covers is that:

Any rain or melted snow amid the offseason channels into the pool.

3.2.1. Mesh Pool Covers Material

I know you are beginning to wonder how a mesh pool cover material looks like.

From the term mesh, we can note that it kind of looks like a net. Well, mesh pool covers are more or less similar to nets.

Yes, nets, the ones used to catch mosquito, fish. Only that the mesh covers are extremely fine nets.

This is exactly what I am talking about:

zooming mesh pool covers

This is what you will see on zooming mesh pool covers – Image Source: POOL STORE

Now, which materials do the pool cover manufacturers use to make these “nets”?

Like the solar pool covers, mesh covers are made from different types of plastic including polypropylenepolyvinyl and polyethylene.

Mostly, mesh covers are from blended polypropylene that is also impervious to chlorine and mildew.

3.2.2. How do Mesh Pool Covers Work?

Mesh covers are quite popular among swimming pool owners, especially in winter prone areas. In most cases, they install mesh pool covers during winter and remove them in summer.

Their primary role is to keep dirt and debris away as well as to protect the pool from harsh winter effects.

Nonetheless, although light, mesh pool covers also serve as a safety barrier for most swimming pools.

The covers work by the filtration system, such that they will catch most debris like dried leaves and small rocks. Water, however, can still pass through these nets and unfortunately, microscopic particles can also pass through.

Even so, they still perform well for the job they were designed to do.

That is:

To keep larger debris out of the water and to prevent the pool filters from clogging. This makes it easier to clean the pool when the swimming season begins.

3.2.3. Advantages of Mesh Pool Covers

In case you are planning to buy mesh pool covers, here are its key advantages you need to know:

  • Mesh Pool Covers Guarantee Safety

Mesh pool covers work well in providing safety of the swimming pool during the off-season months. These covers help to keep dirt and debris away including fallen leaves and small rocks.

Mesh swimming pool cover

Mesh swimming pool cover by Arctic Armor

  • Prevent Direct UV Light from Hitting Pool Water

Also, like solar covers, mesh pool cover block direct sunlight which kind of help to prevent the pool water from evaporating.

Nonetheless, they do allow water to penetrate the cover. This implies that, you don’t need to pump accumulated water off your pool cover.

The above advantage also allows for faster pool opening in spring.  Moreover, it saves you water and lots of time that could otherwise be wasted on refilling the swimming pool.

  • Easy to Handle due to Lightweight, Elasticity & Flexibility

This brings two benefits; first installing and removing the cover from the pool. You can even do it alone.

Besides, storing this cover becomes easy and more convenient.

Secondly, being flexible and elastic makes the mesh cover more likely to sustain heavier loads without tearing. This is most important if you are concerned about the safety of your pool.

3.2.4. Disadvantages of Mesh Pool Covers

With a mesh swimming pool cover, you will have to deal with the following:

  • Tiny Pores allow Water Mixed with Dirt to Pass Through

This is a significant downside of the mesh pool covers.  Allowing water that has mixed with dirt will obviously contaminate the swimming pool.

The above may result in the pool water needing serious attention and cleaning when the pool opens in spring.

  • Less Effective in Preventing Algae Growth

Another downside is that mesh covers are less effective in preventing algae and evaporation. Weak pool mesh covers will also not prevent kids and pets from drowning.

Lastly, depending on the size of the swimming pool, installing and uninstalling mesh pool covers can be a cumbersome process.

3.2.5. Mesh Pool Cover Cost

Unfortunately, swimming pools don’t come cheap. The cost of acquiring a swimming pool is without a doubt too high.

It is even more costly to maintain it.

Luckily though, maintenance cost can be mitigated through the use of protective items like covers. These covers protect the swimming pool against damage and other harmful elements.

Mesh pool cover is a perfect example.

The truth is:

Even though you may spend hundreds of dollars to acquire one, its benefits surpass the initial cost of investment.

Surprisingly, mesh pool covers are not as expensive as most pool covers. You can get one for as low $100 depending on your desired quality and pool size.

I am sure if you contact original manufacturer of mesh pool nets, you will get better deals. Do not be intimated by the price tags.

3.2.6. How to Install and Remove a Mesh Pool Cover

As earlier mentioned, mesh pool covers are lightweight which makes them easy to install even by a single person.

But how do you install this? Does it follow the same procedure as with solar pool covers?

Well, mesh covers come in various shapes and sizes, and the process of installing one will depend on the size of your pool and well as the complexity of the pool’s shape.

To install, you need to have a cover, clips, and some cement.

Now, this is what you should do:

  • Begin by laying out the cover on the pool until it covers the pool altogether. Once this is done, identify the eyes on the covers and mark them on the ground. (You will drive bolts into these markings to help secure the cover on the ground).
  • Once the eyes are marked, roll the cover out of the pool and put it away. Next, take the eyebolts and drive them into the ground the same way you drive nails into objects using a hammer.
  • When this is done, set the bolts permanently by using quick drying cement. So now the bolts are permanently secured, what next?
  • You will take your mesh cover and attach the clips or carabineers to it. These will be used to anchor the cover to the bolts to cover the pool.
  • Once done, roll out the mesh cover over the pool and attach the clips to the bolts. And voila! You are done. Your pool is ready for winter!

You can also watch this video by Cover Star Pool Covers to learn more about the installation process. This video illustrates 9 vital and practical steps of installing mesh pool covers.

3.2.7. Mesh Pool Cover Manufactures List

To keep your pool pristine and safe, from the harsh winter elements, you need to invest in a good quality mesh pool cover.

Here are some top mesh pool cover manufacturers that you can consider;


For those looking for an efficient and affordable pool cover for winter, Snow2cover mesh pool covers could be your best bet.

The covers are designed with a rugged mesh material that allows for rain and melted snow to pass through and into the pool. This increases the longevity of the material.


Robelle is a leading brand of swimming pool products including swimming pool covers in the northeastern parts of the world.

The brand’s swimming pool mesh covers have come with an added a 1.5” heavy duty binding which protects it from excessive wear and tear.

Its dense fabric covers allow water to pass through while keeping dirt and debris from entering your pool.

Blue Wave

Blue Wave is one brand that produces mesh covers for both in the ground and above ground swimming pools and is highly recommend for pool owners with safety as their number one consideration.

Pool Mate

This is a popular swimming pool cover brand in the market. Pool mate mesh covers are designed to withstand the worst winter scenario. These covers come with a reinforced binding that ensures lasting durability and optimal protection for your pool.


Another popular brand is Arctic Armor which manufactures excellent quality mesh pool covers and provides reasonable warranties for them.

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3.3. Swimming Pool Enclosure

Among the many ways of protecting swimming pool, an enclosure is the most effective. It covers the entire surface of the pool, while allowing you to swim even after closing the cover.

Swimming pool enclosure

Swimming pool enclosure – Image Source: EXCELITE ENCLOSURE

Well, it is quite different from the swimming pool covers. But as you recall from my definition in chapter 1, it serves the same purpose.

That is:

It protects the swimming pool surface.

3.3.1. What is a Swimming Pool Enclosure and how do they Work?

Swimming pool enclosures, in general, are architecturally designed sort of “shelters” for outdoor pools. They come in different shapes with varying functionalities depending on the design.

You can see this from the example in section 3.3 above.

Well, they function pretty much like roofing systems.

Where, depending on the size, you can close and swim comfortably irrespective of the weather condition. In fact, these are the real accessories that extend the swimming season.

Broadly, we have:

  • Fixed Pool Enclosures

With pool enclosures, the cover is always in a fixed position. That is, you cannot open/push the cover.

So, this implies that, you will only have an indoor environment in the outdoors.

Does this sound complicated?

I hope it doesn’t.

Fixed swimming pool enclosure

Fixed swimming pool enclosure – Image Source: EXCELITE PLAS

Look at the room of your main house. It is fixed, so you can neither open nor close it.

That is exactly what I mean by fixed swimming pool enclosure.

  • Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosure

I like the retractable swimming pool enclosures. This is because they allow you to have both an indoor and outdoor swimming environment.

Are you surprised?

Well, with retractable pool enclosures, you can open or close the cover depending on the weather condition.

You can have a look at this:

Retractable swimming pool enclosure

Retractable swimming pool enclosure – Image Source: EXCELITE ENCLOSURE

With this, you can decide to open or close the swimming pool cover.

I hope you can see the difference.

3.3.2. Swimming Pool Enclosure Materials

Unlike the other pool covers, enclosures are made from either Poly(methyl methacrylate) or polycarbonate sheets, with aluminum frames.

Unlike the other pool covers, enclosures have two main components:

  • Structure or frame; this is mainly extruded aluminum thou some are made from steel or wood.
  • Glazing or cover material; it is main either Poly(methyl methacrylate) or polycarbonate sheets.

All these results in a robust structure that can withstand high wind speed (230km/hr.) and heavy load (900kg distributed within 1.5m radius).

With these kinds of structures, a pool enclosure can serve you for more even 20 years or more.

Furthermore, others may have manually adjustable ventilation systems and doors. Of course, this is alongside a lockable door.

Now, what’s the bottom line here?

Pool enclosure guarantees safety and security. Once you install one, it can serve you for many years.

3.3.3. Advantages of Swimming Pool Enclosures

Now, let’s explore some of the main benefits of swimming pool enclosures. They include:

  • Extends Swimming Seasons

Irrespective of the weather conditions (winter or summer), pool enclosure guarantees all-year-round swimming. It will protect you from cold and harmful UV radiations of the sun.

Even at night after closing both the cover and the door, you will swim comfortably. There are no insects or animals that will enter the pool once you close it.

More interestingly, for retractable pool enclosures, you can have either an indoor or outdoor environments at any time. Simply close or open the cover.

  • Guarantees Privacy and Security of the Pool

Once you lock the swimming pool enclosure door, nobody will access the swimming pool area. This keeps your pool free from bugs and many other insects that can enter the pool.

Furthermore, you can opt for tinted polycarbonate sheets. They will give you the ultimate privacy you desire.

Tinted polycarbonate sheet

Tinted polycarbonate sheet – Image Source: EXCELITEPLAS

  • A Perfect Safety Accessory

A pool enclosure is like a barrier. Once you install it, nobody will access the swimming pool hence drowning will be a thing of the past.

Even your pets will be safe – they cannot access the swimming pool area.

  • Cost Saving

After installing polycarbonate swimming pool, you don’t have to worry about:

  • Water evaporation
  • Degradation of swimming pool chemicals
  • Algae growing in your pool
  • High cost of heating the pool
  • Debris or dust in the pool
  • Exposure to UV radiation

It will be a perfect barrier that will prevent all these. Therefore, there will be no more unnecessary expenses.

  • Adds Aesthetic Value to Your Backyard

Additionally, these structures have aesthetic value as it boosts the look of your swimming pool area with more elegance.

And thanks to the numerous designs, colors, and materials. You can achieve a unique look that will bring lots of elegance and class to your swimming pool area.

Clearly, there is so much to gain from swimming pool enclosures.

3.3.4. Disadvantages of Swimming Pool Enclosures

Like other pool covers, enclosures also have some disadvantages. These include:

  • High Initial Cost of Investment

As you will realize shortly, enclosures are more expensive that pool covers. In fact, a high quality and most affordable pool enclosure goes for $2,999.

This is not the case with some pool covers that go for as low as $200. But, this should not discourage you from buying one.

Let me tell you the truth:

At $2,999 you will get an enclosure that can serve you for nearly 20 years!

The truth is:

For long-term investment, go for an enclosure while for short term, a pool cover is ideal.

Apart from this, some people tend to complain about:

  • Yellowing of the glazing material; thou these are common with substandard pool enclosures. They do not have UV treatment.
  • Cloudy view, which is also a temporary phenomenon
  • Tedious installation process.

Anyway, by the end of the day, it is upon you choose a pool cover that fits your unique requirements.

3.3.5. Swimming Pool Enclosures Cost

I will not lie to you:

Swimming pool enclosures are more expensive than any other type of pool covers.

As I had mentioned in section 3.3.5 of this chapter, the best price for a high quality enclosure is about $2,999.

The cost of a pool enclosure varies with the size, roofing design, functionality, etc. Remember, there are those that go for over $15,000 depending on their features.

Simply search for a reliable swimming pool enclosure manufacturer or supplier; you’re likely to get a fair deal.

All-in-all, investing on a high quality enclosure is always a noble idea.

3.3.6. How to Install and Uninstall a Swimming Pool Enclosure

Installing these enclosures can be done in two ways, hiring an expert to do it for you or do it by yourself.

But, whichever the route you opt for, I can tell you for a fact, the process is quite demanding. It varies depending on the design and size of the pool enclosure.

The installation process can take 3 or more days.

For the scope of this guide, I may not explore everything here. Though, I am going to give you a quick overview of what you should do.

Installing swimming pool enclosure

Installing swimming pool enclosure

The good news is:

All swimming pool enclosures have technical guides or installation manuals. They are easy to follow.

So, what should you expect when installing a swimming pool enclosure?

  • Verify and sort all parts from the manufacturer
  • Install the rail assembly (for retractable pool enclosures)
  • Now assemble the first PC cover, ensure you fit every part appropriate.
  • After assembling a complete frame, repeat the same process for the next until the last section.
  • Fit the frames on the rail assembly (start with the smallest to the largest frame).
  • Confirm if they can slide seamlessly on the rail system and over each other
  • Fix the pool enclosure door and locking mechanism

By the end of this process, you should have something like this:

Swimming pool enclosure

Swimming pool enclosure

We didn’t mention this, but you can buy already made swimming pool enclosures and install them around your pool. It is an easier way to go about the swimming pool enclosure installation process.

Swimming Pool Enclosures Manufacturers list

There are quite a number of swimming pool enclosure manufacturers out there. However, you need to consider their experience in the industry depending on their previous work (ones you can verify).

Here are some of the top five manufacturers in the global market:

Aqua Shield

Aqua Shield is a U.S. based swimming pool enclosure manufacturer. Its main products include telescopic pool enclosures and sunrooms besides numerous pool covers.


This is a Chinese polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure manufacturer.  Excelite’s main products include fixed and retractable swimming pool enclosures that come with a 15 year warranty.


Albixon is a world-leading pool enclosure manufacturer that has for a long time redefined the look and design of swimming pool enclosures.

Azenco Group

Azenco Group is a U.K. company that designs and manufactures a range of swimming pool accessories such as enclosures and covers.  Its enclosures range from low to high profile.


Remco is an Australian company that designs and manufactures a range of pool enclosures and covers. They also have many sizes and shapes.

More resources pool enclosures:

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3.4. Thermal Pool Cover

Thermal pool covers, also known as bubble covers are versatile swimming pool accessories. Most people confuse these covers with solar blankets, but no, they are quite different and serve almost similar but different purposes.

3.4.1. What are Thermal Blankets and How do they Work?

Unlike solar pool covers, thermal blankets do not heat water. They instead, work to retain the heat of the water.

Structure of thermal pool cover

Structure of thermal pool cover – Image Source: AQUATECH POOL SYSTEMS

These types of covers are advantageous to owners of indoor swimming pools that are not out in direct sunlight. With good quality and well fitted thermal pool cover, indoor heated pool owners can save huge energy costs.

This pool cover is capable of retaining up to 75% of the pool water temperature.

Also, it is worth noting that thermal pool covers just float on the pool.

Do you remember what I said about solar covers being free floating?

Yes, thermal covers are too.

They float on the water and come with a hand-cranked roller system that makes removing the cover from the pool easier.

3.4.2. Thermal Pool Covers Materials

The thermal pool covers being heat insulators made from very thick, waterproof polyethylene material. The covers look more like a blanket, and that’s why they work so well for the work which they are designed for.

Note that the outside of thermal pool covers are UV protected to block the UV rays. This prevents possible PH imbalance due to dechloramination of swimming pool water.

Besides, it also helps to prevent the growth of algae in the pool.

Apart from the UV protection, most thermal covers are also impermeable to both water and chemicals.

3.4.3. Advantages of Thermal Pool Covers

The benefits of thermal pool covers include;

  • Cutting on Heating Costs

For those with heated pools, you know the temperature of the pool water drops drastically when the pool is left uncovered. But when one uses a thermal cover, their heating costs could reduce up to a whopping 70%.

  • Eliminating Pool Water Evaporation

Thermal covers eliminate water evaporation and its effects. This also brings about significant savings in pool heating and pumping costs.

  • Extends Your Swimming Time

By keeping your swimming pool water warmer for longer, the thermal covers also indirectly extends your swimming seasons.

  • Reduces Cleaning Time and Costs

Yes! With a thermal pool cover, dirt and debris will be kept away from your pool making it easier and cheaper to clean it after always

Thermal pool cover

Thermal pool cover – Image Source: SUN BATHER

3.4.4. Disadvantages of Thermal Swimming Pool Covers

Like everything else, thermal pool covers also have their downsides.

Firstly, they do not heat your pool. So even if you cover your swimming pool with a thermal cover when the pool water is cold, it will still be cold when waking up the next morning.

Secondly, these covers are quite pricey compared to most other types of swimming pool covers. This, however, we can attribute to the covers’ superior quality, energy saving abilities and durability.

Last but not least, thermal covers cannot be installed singlehandedly. You will need a professional hand or a roller to help you put it on and take it off the pool.

3.4.5. Thermal Pool Covers Cost

The pricing of thermal pool covers or bubble pool covers goes hand in hand with durability and longevity.

A wide range of thermal pool covers options are available in varying prices, thickness and warranty for any given size. So depending on these factors, thermal pool covers may cost you anywhere from $20 to $40 per square meter.

3.4.6. How to Install and Remove Thermal Pool Covers

A thermal pool cover although big and heavy can be installed or removed from the pool in a matter of minutes – that is if a roller is used.

Nonetheless, to install it without a roller, more than one hand will be needed. Note that this cover is free floating, so you don’t need to clip or anchor it to anything.

As such, you just have to get it on the water and ensure that it fully covers the pool for maximum efficiency.

To remove from the pool, a hand-cranked roller can easily roll it up and out of the pool in minutes. By hand, you just have to get to one end and pull it out.

But for this, you will need the help of other people since it is big and heavy.

Examples of thermal pool cover manufacturers include Sun BatherAquaTech Pool SystemsT-Star, and Solar Safe, just to mention a few

More resources;

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3.5. Swimming Pool Net

Picture the net used to catch circus performers in high wire acts in case they fall or fishing net. That’s what a swimming pool net looks like.

Swimming pool safety net

Swimming pool safety net – Image Source: CLEAN POOL AND SPA

It functions the same way as it prevents people and animals from falling into the pool. Children will also not mistake a net cover for a solid surface so they will not dare go near it.

Here are a few things you need to know about swimming pool net cover.

3.5.1. What is it and How does it Work?

Swimming pool nets as already mentioned are just what they sound like; a net-like safety fabric that covers your pool.

This particular cover is not exactly meant to keep out dirt. Instead, it is designed to act as a safety barrier between the pool water.

It will help save small kids who might wander too close to the edge of the pool, in case the fall.

They made up of fibers which form a net. The net may not be dense enough to support heavy weight though it can hold that of a child.

pool fence

A child on a pool fence – Image Source: POOL SAFETY NET COVERS

The holes on the net are very small for children to get through. However being a net with holes that are not closely woven, makes it pretty dangerous to walk or even jump on.

3.5.2. Swimming Pool Net Materials

We already mentioned that swimming pool nets are much like mesh covers. This means that they are woven similarly only that the swimming pool nets are not as fine as mesh covers.

The openings on the net are quite large compared to those on the mesh covers.

As for the material, it is mostly polyethylene that is used to make these nets.

3.5.3. Advantages of Swimming Pool Nets

As we already know, swimming pool nets are designed to prevent kids and small children from falling into the pool.

In addition to being a safety barrier, the nets are lightweight making them easy to install, remove and store way. You can do it alone.

The net covers are also affordable. They are some of the cheapest swimming pool covers in the market.

So regardless of pool size and budget needs, there is always a swimming pool net for everyone.

3.5.4. Disadvantages of Swimming Pool Nets

A swimming pool net will work well in preventing kids and pets from accidental drowning. However, it does not prevent most dirt and debris from getting into the pool.

Also, while cleaning this cover is easy, you must remove it from the pool and clean it aside before putting it back on which can be quite tiresome.

Furthermore, it cannot keep your pool protected from winter elements. If you already own one of these, you will need a solid cover to use it together with the net for winterization.

3.5.5. Swimming Pool Net Cost

Again, swimming pool nets are inexpensive pool covers. You can get a simple net cover for as low as $70. More expensive ones can cost up to $500.

It all depends on your needs, pool size and budget.

3.5.6. How to Put and Remove a Swimming Pool Net

Like the mesh covers, pool nets are lightweight and less technical to install. The installation process can be done by one person as long as they know the procedure and have the required tools.

To install it, lay the net over the pool and anchor it down with some stones. You can clip it on eye bolts.

Removing swimming pool net

Removing swimming pool net – Image Source: KAPIKOLUULNA

Normally, the eye bolts are driven into the ground so that it does not move or get blown away by the wind.

As for removing it, you can just pull it off from the water by hand or use a reel to roll it up from the water.

3.5.7. Swimming Pool Net Manufacture

Some of the top swimming pool net manufacturers include;

  • Arctic; arctic is a popular swimming pool covers manufacturer. Their products are known to be of excellent quality and highly durable.

The fabric is designed in a way that protects it against elements that cause wear and tear.

  • Blue wave; yet another popular swimming pool net brand. Blue Wave is dedicated to ensuring that its customers enjoy nothing short of effective performance.

Their products are also among the most affordable in the market.

  • In the swim; made from durable knitted polyethylene, In the Swim net covers are obviously durable and of top quality.

The tightly knitted net prevents even the smallest leaves from entering your swimming pool.

  • Naite Netlightweight, lasting, reliable and invisible are all the things that describe Naite net pool nets. The cover when laid on your pool cannot be seen from afar.

Thus won’t destroy the beauty of your lawn or well-crafted swimming pool.

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3.6. Sliding Deck Pool Cover

Do you need unique and ecofriendly pool covers?

Well, you can try sliding deck pool covers. They are the ultimate expression of beauty and luxury.

So, how does a sliding deck pool cover look like?

Let’s have a quick overview of these swimming pool accessories:

3.6.1. What is a Sliding Deck Pool Cover and How does it Work?

A siding deck pool cover is a swimming pool cover made out of wood. The design and functionality quite differ from the other kinds of swimming pool covers.

But above all, it still serves as a safety and protective barrier for your swimming pool.

Sliding pool cover

Sliding pool cover – Image Source: OCTAVIA SAS

If you can recall, the other covers we’ve covered in this article are mostly made out of plastic material, are porous and quite light.

Sliding deck covers, on the other hand, are made out of robust, water-resistant wood.

And what’s more?

The cover is designed in such a way that you can even walk, sit, run or do whatever on it.

Moreover, these can be made in different configurations and designs. There are covers designed as two separate parts that slide in opposite directions.

Here is a good example:

Wood sliding pool from opposite directions

Wood sliding from opposite directions – Image Source: GOLDMAN WELLNESS

These sliding deck pool covers are easy to open and close and can be left in the pool in all seasons.

Some designs come as one cover sliding in one direction. These like the first one are also easy to operate.

Sliding pool cover sliding on one direction

Sliding pool cover sliding on one direction – Image Source: XIOMARA VAZQUEZ

Also, some can be designed as numerous covers that slide over each other. These are quite complex to design, install and even operate but are equally effective in their roles.

The advantage of this versatility in design is that you have different options to choose from depending on your tastes and preferences.

3.6.2. Swimming Pool Deck Cover Materials

As already mentioned, sliding deck covers are made out of solid wood that is both durable and water resistant. These covers are crafted to withstand the effects of direct sunlight and decay due to everyday contact with water.

3.6.3. Advantages of Sliding Deck Pool Covers

The benefits of this type of pool covers are many. Among them being;

  • Durable and Strong Pool Cover

The wooden material makes for a very strong and durable pool cover. The water resistance and UV resistance features also protect the cover from direct sunlight and decay caused by water.

Because of their strong material and robust construction, sliding deck pool covers are considered to be the safest covers for swimming pools. These covers can support heavy weight.

Due to this, they function well as a safety pool cover.

  • Sliding Deck Pool Covers are Attractive

From their appearance, sliding deck covers are attractive. The design of the wood and its finishing makes for a stunning pool cover.

What is more is that you can have it constructed in your design of choice.

The cover will add the atheistic value of your backyard with stylish new terrace to relax on even dine on.

  • Help to Keep the Pool Clean

Sliding deck pool covers help to prevent falling leaves, insects, and twigs and stones from dirtying your pool.

With this cover, you can close your pool when not in use especially at night and open it when you need to use it.

3.6.4. Disadvantages of Sliding Deck Pool Covers

Besides being advantageous, these covers also have some demerits.

  • Very Expensive

First of all, they are slightly expensive to install and maintain compared to the other types of covers mentioned here.

Installing this cover can cost you up to $20,000 depending on various factors such as:

  • Size and shape of the pool
  • Wood type
  • Design, among other factors

Of course other factors such as treating wood may also contribute to the high cost.

  • Cumbersome to Install

Secondly, these covers are quite cumbersome to install. You will need to get an expert contractor to do a perfect installation of the cover.

Moreover, this can take several days to complete.

  • Deck Pool Cover Neither Heats nor Prevents Loss of Heat Effectively

Thirdly, unlike most other covers like the solar pool covers, the sliding deck cover does not heat water. In fact, it can be hard to enjoy swimming in during those cold days if you have this type of cover.

  • Opening and Closing is Tedious Unless You Automate It

Fourthly, it’s just too much work having to slide the cover off every time you want to swim. This is because the wood cover is quite heavy.

So the sliding in and out can be tedious.

Alternatively, you can automate the process though you will pay more for this.

3.6.5. Sliding Deck Cover Cost

As I said, the sliding deck covers are slightly expensive than other swimming pool covers.

The cheapest cost of which you can get a sliding deck cover installed is $5000.

3.6.6. How to Install and Remove a Sliding Deck Pool Cover

I know you might not want to hear this:

The truth is, installing a sliding deck pool cover is no walk in the park. It is difficult and can be quite a challenge for someone with no expertise in the field.

Therefore, you must hire an experienced contractor to get the job done.

Note that these contractors have varied quotes. So ask and compare quotes from different contractors before hiring one.

Sliding deck pool cover

Sliding deck pool cover – Image Source: MOANA POOL & COVER

Once installed, operating the cover is “pretty much easy”. You have to slide the cover in to open it and slide it out to close cover the pool with it.

3.6.7. Manufactures of the Sliding Deck Pool Covers

As already mentioned, there are several constructors that you can hire to get you a cover over your swimming pool. This also applies to readymade sliding deck covers that only need installation.

Here, I will advise that you hire a local contractor. Importing readymade deck pool cover is quite expensive besides the strict rules and regulations wood products.

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3.7. Roller Automatic Pool Covers

If you haven’t come across these types of pool covers, you might wonder what makes them so unique from the other pool covers mentioned herein.

For a fact, they serve nearly the same purpose as most pool covers you have learnt so far. However, the uniqueness comes in its structural design.

Let’s see exactly what roller automatic pool covers are:

3.7.1. What is a Roller Automatic Pool Cover and How Does it Work?

The roller automatic pool covers are more or less similar to the covers we’ve mentioned before this. Only that this ones operate automatically.

They are normal swimming pool covers that ride in tracks fitted along the sides of a swimming pool. These covers, unlike the others, are attached to the pool sides and operate via a motorized system.

A motorized pool system

A motorized pool system – Image Source: AUTO POOL REEL

Whereby, an electric motor is used to turn on the reel to wind or unwind the swimming pool cover.

So you can imagine:

No more hustles pulling your pool cover on and off the swimming pool manually any time you want to use or close it.

3.7.2. Roller Automatic Pool Cover Material

Well, there is nothing spectacular here.

In fact, the roller automatic pool covers are made from the same materials used to make the other covers. Nonetheless, most of them are manufactured out of vinyl material due to its strength and durability.

Note that some roller automatic covers come with interlocking slats whose main role is to offer support against a heavyweight. Besides, it is also to secure the pool against unauthorized persons.

Like all the other covers mentioned in this article, the roller automatic pool covers also have their pros and cons and these include;

3.7.3. Advantages of Roller Automatic Swimming Pool Covers

Below are some of the main advantages of roller automatic pool covers:

  • Guarantees Safety

The ability to support heavyweight is one advantage of automatic swimming pool covers. This helps to reduce the chances of falling and submerging in the pool.

Others have interlocking slats to provide added safety.

  • Easy to Operate – Both to Open & Close the Cover

Another advantage is that operating this swimming pool cover is easy. The possibility to open your pool without any manual input makes your swimming pool more enjoyable.

  • Can Preheat the Pool During Summer depending on Type of Material

A roller automatic pool cover will help make your swimming pool favorable for friends and family. This is because it can preheat the pool water (remain warm for long).

But then, despite all these advantages, these types of swimming pool covers have their disadvantages. Find out below.

3.7.4. Disadvantages of Roller Automatic Swimming Pool Covers

Firstly, it is important to note that these types of pool covers are in most cases manufactured using slightly less sturdy materials.  Therefore, you cannot rely on them as a safety cover when placed over the pool area.

As such, it is often recommended that users should not be dependent on these coverings to provide full safety, especially where children are involved.

Another disadvantage of these coverings is the high cost of installation, operation, and maintenance. Unlike the other manually operated pool covers, they depend on electricity/fuel to operate which results in additional costs.

However, there are those that are fitted with solar.

Roller automatic pool covers with solar

Roller automatic pool covers with solar – Image Source: Solar Lake

3.7.5. Roller Automatic Swimming Pool Covers Cost

Truth be told, the roller automatic pool covers may be advantageous in several ways but are quite expensive to acquire or rather to install.

These coverings depending on the automation systems can cost you more than $3000 to install in your swimming pool.

And to be honest, I don’t think that this cost is worth it given the many disadvantages the pool cover also comes with, i.e. high cost of operation and maintenance.

In my opinion, a swimming pool enclosure or a simple sliding deck pool cover would be better to install than this particular cover.

3.7.6. How to Install and Remove a Roller Automatic Swimming Pool Cover

Experts advise that installing a roller automatic swimming pool cover be done during the pool construction. This is due to the complexity involved in installing the cover, so that cover tracks are correctly lined with the swimming pool rails.

But then, if you already own a swimming pool and would want to get this type of pool cover installed, it is still possible.

For one, there are some professionals that can help you achieve your wish. These professionals will be able to supply you with a ready-made automated pool cover.

They can customize such covers to fit your swimming pool.

If possible, you can get the supplier to show you a working example of their product. You must verify their expertise before you hire them.

Again, a step-by-step guide on how to install an automatic pool cover is beyond the scope of this guide. But, as a rule of thumb, follow instructions as stipulated in the product manual.

3.7.7. Roller Automatic Swimming Pool Cover Manufacturer

Some of these manufacturers include Solar lakes, Sun2solar, Blue wave and In the Swim all, just to mention a few.

They work diligently to help you ensure the safety of your swimming pool.

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Pool Cover Accessories for your Swimming Pool Cover

Swimming pool cover accessories are available in many shapes and designs for different functions. They are popular among pool owners.

Ranging from pool cover pumps, pool cover clips and pool cover rollers, swimming pool cover accessories offer outstanding convenience when protecting your pool.

These accessories make the process of safeguarding and maintaining swimming pool more effective.

The bottom line is:

Apart from installing a swimming pool cover, you must have some of these pool cover accessories.

Below are some of the most important accessories:

Pool Cover Pump

As a wise pool owner, you must be aware of all possible procedures that will help maintain hygiene and smooth operation of the pool.

For instance, you will need to regularly treat your water with swimming pool chemicals to be able to kill algae and bacteria in the water.

You will also have to change your pool liners in any case you want to continue enjoying their use and efficiency.

Most importantly, you will need a swimming pool cover pump. You will use it to remove the water that has collected on your pool cover during the off-season months.

A pool cover pump is a-must have pool maintenance device. There will be times, especially during the rainy season you will need to free your pool cover off accumulated water.

Pool cover pump

Pool cover pump – Image Source: POOL SUPPLIES

And quite frankly, the easiest way to achieve this is to use a pool cover pump. They come in a range of configuration, capacities and sizes.

How does poof cover pumps work:

Can you visualize how a drinking straw works?

Well, a cover pump works pretty much like a straw. It sucks up the water from the pool cover leaving it completely dry and water free.

Once you’ve sucked up all the water and your cover is dry once again, you can remove it from the pool and enjoy swimming once more.

Do not underestimate the importance of this device. During the rainy seasons, water accumulating on your pool cover can help literary fill up and flood your area.

Can’t you imagine this happening right?

Well then, consider getting a cover pump if you don’t have one yet.

Pool Cover Clips

Seen how the wind blows a parachute? Well, that’s exactly how your swimming pool cover will be blowing anytime the wind comes around-if it’s not fastened with cover clips.

Okay, maybe this is a little bit exaggerated, but I know you can relate. But the truth is, during stubborn windy days, if you don’t fasten the cover it will be blown away.

Pool cover clip

Pool cover clip – Image Source: THINGIVERSE

Pool cover clips, again, work like clothespins. They help to hold your swimming pool cover in place and prevent it from the effects of the wind.

All you need to do with these accessories is to use them to grip your cover on each side of the rail-like a clothespin. This way you can be assured that no matter how harsh the wind is, your cover will be protected from damage.

Pool Cover Roller

Is a cover roller a must have for swimming pool owners?

Well, honestly no. You don’t have to own a roller to install or remove your pool cover.

Most pool cover accessories dealers will tell you the same thing.

Pool cover roller

Pool cover roller – Image Source: SUN BATHER

The truth is, a swimming pool cover roller isn’t must have, but having it makes handling and operating your pool much easier.

In fact, with a pool cover roller, it would take you less than a minute to remove your cover from the pool and even less than that to put it back on.

How is this possible? You might wonder.

Well, most rollers come with about four lockable wheels that allow you to easily move your wound up cover out of the way when it’s not in use.

But before you consider getting a roller for your pool maintenance needs, you ought to know that there are many of these on the market. Therefore, picking the right one will depend on various factors like pool size, durability, price range, etc.

You just need to ensure that you pick the right roller for your pool and that you know how to set it up correctly.

Well, you realize that while a pool cover roller is not a must-have accessory, it helps a great deal in eliminating the problems associated with handling pool covers.

Water Tube Bags

Water bags can help your pool cover to function much more efficiently. This accessory is often attached to the edges of the cover to help secure it in place.

It kind of seals the cover’s edges to prevent it from being blown by the wind.

Water tube bags

Water tube bags – Image Source: DOLPHINE LEISURE

I can say that the water bags work more or less similar to the clips.

A mistake that most pool owners do however is to substitute the water tube bags with heavy objects like bricks. This is wrong because these objects can scratch and fray the surface of your swimming pool cover.

Pool Cover Seal

Cover seals are mostly used for above ground pools and during the winter season when swimming pools are closed.

From its appearance, this seal looks like a large roll of cellophane and is used to make an airtight seal on the edges of the pool cover. This, in turn, helps secure the cover from getting blown away by the wind.

Pool Cover Seal

Pool Cover Seal – Image Source: In the Swim

The bottom line is:

These items are among the accessories that make having a swimming pool a whole lot better. So it won’t be a bad idea if you equip yourself with some of these.

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Swimming Safety Pool Regulations: Learn What the Law says about Pool Covers

According to the CDC reports, it is said that drowning is a major cause of unintentional injury deaths with most cases being of children under five years. This is because they don’t make any splash noise to warn other swimmers or people in the vicinity about the possibility of drowning.

Failure to wear protective clothing, i.e. lifejackets, lack of safety barriers and supervision are the leading contributors to swimming pool drowning.

As a swimming pool owner, your job doesn’t end at constructing a swimming pool or buying one.

Safety of the swimming pool is also your responsibility.

You are expected to take measures to ensure that your swimming pool is safe. That is, it must be free from dirt and garbage but also from any accidents that might occur.

A kid drowning in swimming pool

A kid drowning in swimming pool

You must ensure that your pool is safe for all including children and pets. Failure to which you could be breaking one or two laws and this could get you in big trouble.

Take note that, different areas have different rules and regulations about swimming pool safety. So check with your local authority for ordinances and codes that apply to you.

Nonetheless, here are some essential general rules:

 Pool Safety Measures:

  • Install safety barriers particularly swimming pool fence with a self-closing and self-latching gate that opens outwards. This makes it easier for adults to access the pool and harder for kids and pets to get in.
  • Reduce the chances of entrapment by utilizing safety equipment like vacuum release systems, filter pumps, covers and another venting mechanism for reducing pressure.
  • Lifejackets and guards are a must have the pool area. Kids under 5 years must wear these when going in the pool.
  • A first aid kit, working telephone, reaching the pole, ring buoys, and other safety equipment should be kept near the pool area for emergency situations.
  • Sharp objects like glass, metals and other harmful objects should not be allowed in the pool.

About Swimming Pool Cover:

  • A cover should be installed on the swimming as a safety barrier and an also as a means to prevent dirt and debris from getting into the pool
  • Before buying or installing a swimming pool cover, review your areas ordinances and codes. Ensure that the cover you are buying meets the set safety standards.
  • As a safety barrier, a pool cover can be used in place of a pool fence, but both are required since pool covers won’t restrict access to the pool.

Pool Safety Measures for Parents:

  • Children below five must always be in the company of an adult
  • Kids must be taught how to swim
  • Toys and plays things must be kept away from the swimming pool area. Kids might get tempted to enter the pool area to get the toys.
  • Parents, pool owners, and attendants must learn basic first aid techniques like Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to help save a life in an emergency.

Besides all these, you need to ensure that visitors to your pool understand your set pool rules and regulations. But how can you communicate the same to swimmers?

Communicating your safety regulations to swimmers is of utmost importance, and the best way to do this is through pool safety and regulations signs.

Swimming pool sign

Swimming pool sign – Image Source: SIGNPRINTABLES

With these signs, you can display emergency phone numbers, CPR process, warnings, etc. You just have to ensure that the communication is presented in bold writings, colors, and graphics to grab the attention of everyone who comes to the pool.

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Factors that Determine the Cost of Swimming Pool Covers

Safety has no price tag! And so is pool safety.

It’s kind of like trying to quantify the value of life. Whatever the price, pool safety is an investment worth the cost!

So choosing to get a cover for your pool is choosing to invest in your safety, your loved ones’ and that of others who will use the pool.

Along these lines, the questions would be:

  • How much does a pool cover cost?
  • Why it is that some are more expensive than others and vice versa?
  • What determines the cost of swimming pool covers?

To answer these questions, you first have to understand that as with any pool accessories, the price of pool covers vary according to your needs and many other factors.

These covers range in style, size, shape, fabric, brands, etc. What you need to do is find a cover that suits your needs and budget.

But first, let’s look at a few factors that determine the cost of pool covers;

Size and Shape of the Pool

The cost of many pool covers is mostly determined by their size. And when we talk about size, we are referring to the size of your swimming pool.

In this instance, you will need to get a cover that is the right fit for your pool. So if your pool is big, you will need a bigger cover, if it’s small, you will likewise need a smaller cover.

Expectedly, the bigger the pool cover, the more you will have to pay and the smaller the cover, the less, it will cost.

Also, along with size, you have to consider the shape. More complicated pool covers tend to be the price that the normal round, rectangle or square pool covers.

Different swimming pool designs and possible covers

Different swimming pool designs and possible covers

Also, you can opt for a custom fit cover depending on the complexity of your pool. But note that this will come at a cost in your pocket.

So when out shopping for a swimming pool cover, ensure that what you buy regardless of its cost is designed to satisfy your pool size.

An ill-fitting pool cover will not perform to its maximum efficiency. Most likely, it won’t also be in a position to provide the safety and protection that it is supposed to.


This factor is pretty self-explanatory. You can compare it to furniture material.

Furniture made from hardy and high-quality materials are stronger and more durable and thus are more expensive compared to those made with less hardy materials.

The same applies to pool covers. They are designed with different materials.

Some are made out of mesh, some netted, and some are made out of solid materials like wood, plexiglass, etc. It all depends on individual needs.

Therefore, the stronger the pool cover material, the more you will pay for it. While weaker materials like mesh or strap covers tend to be cheaper in comparison.

Keep in mind that while solid pool covers are more expensive, they more durable, sturdy, and perform well in protecting your pool. They protect the pool against the effects of evaporation, from dirt and debris, and from other weather-related effects.

Type of Cover

Pool covers are categorized into two, the automatic covers and the manual covers.

The manual variety is operated by hand. That means covering the pool and removing the pool is done manually.

The automatic ones, on the other hand, operate automatically. They will uncover themselves or roll up by a simple button press.

Take note that the later ones are pricier than their manual counterparts and are more demanding regarding upkeep and maintenance.

So generally, automatic pool covers are expensive both in buying price and cost of maintenance.

When shopping for pool covers, whether manual or automatic, there is a wide range of options to choose from. As seen from earlier in chapter 3 of this guide, there are solar, automatic, safety, winter, mesh, net and thermal covers.

There are swimming pool enclosures too. These are based on the benefits users derive from them or somewhat their functionality.

Winter pool covers are designed for protecting the swimming pool against the harsh winter elements. Solar pool covers are primarily designed to help maintain the temperature of pool water at a comfortable level.

Safety pool covers, on the other hand, are meant to provide safety against accidents and to prevent dirt and debris from entering the pool.

These are a few of the swimming pool cover types that you can consider. And depending on your needs, and desires, the price varies for each one of these varieties.

Extra Features

Pool cover costs, all things considered is additionally dictated by the additional features in/on the cover. For this situation, covers that have added features like tear resistance, UV resistance and that are double stitched will be priced higher than those lacking these features.

Extra features like the ones I’ve just mentioned guarantee that the pool cover can withstand any pressure and damage. This ensures your swimming pool is secure at all times.


What does a supplier have to do with the price of a pool cover?

Well, you might not know this, but product costs vary depending on the manufacturer and supplier. A product that’s retailing at $50 in one store might be $60 in another or even $40.

Therefore, it is advisable that you buy your pool cover from a reputable pool accessories supplier. Get a vendor with a wide selection of covers as these are most likely to offer great prices and discounts.

Also, ensure that you research beforehand on the type of pool cover you want and then compare the prices of different sellers. Once you are done, buy from a supplier that offers excellent value for money.

However, when comparing the prices of different suppliers, do not be enticed by those with lower prices. Some may offer cheap prices for substandard covers. To ensure that you know exactly what you are looking for and that you get the best value for your money.

To get the best deals on pool covers, carry out some research on cost and elements that determine the cost of pool covers.

The web can be an excellent resource to research on and compare the prices of several pools covers available on the market before making a choice of one that will perfectly suit your needs and budget.

Clearly, you can see that we have numerous pool cover designs and shapes, hence the variation in prices.

From experience, I always insist on buying high quality pool covers since their benefits obviously supersede the costs.

With all information I have shared with you in this pool cover guide, I believe you can make an informed decision.

By the way, which pool cover do you think is suitable for your swimming pool?

You can share your experiences and ideas by leaving a quick comment below.

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