Why Solid Polycarbonate Sheet is An Amazing Material for Your Pool Enclosure Screen

Are you planning to install a pool enclosure screen? Well, I want to tell you one secret that most sales people don’t tell clients.

You must choose the right glazing material.

Why do I say so?

Even if you choose a swimming pool enclosure with extruded aluminum structure, the glazing material still plays a crucial role.

Don’t worry, I will explain that later in this article.

So, what is the best material for a pool screen enclosure?

The answer is simple, you need a screen pool enclosure constructed from solid polycarbonate sheet. There are several reasons why I am a proponent of solid polycarbonate sheets for this project.

Pool screen enclosure

A pool screen pool enclosure constructed from solid polycarbonate sheet and extruded aluminum

But, first, let me take you through a quick review of the vital aspects of a pool enclosure. It will help you understand what I will discuss later in this article.

In this article, the words pool enclosure screen, pool enclosure or screen pool enclosure” refers to both the

Fixed pool enclosures – those that allows for only an indoor option.

Retractable/telescopic pool enclosures – you can open and close depending the pool depending on the weather condition. That is, you can have either an indoor or an outdoor environment depending on the position of the enclosure.

Another confusion comes when choosing the type of polycarbonate sheet. A common question is whether to go for a solid and hollow/multiwall polycarbonate sheet.

Below are images of the two types of polycarbonate sheets:

  1. Solid polycarbonate sheet

This is a compact solid.

A solid polycarbonate sheet used to construct screen pool enclosure

These are different types of solid polycarbonate sheet

  1. Hollow/multiwall polycarbonate sheets

There’s an air space between polycarbonate sheets.

A twin wall polycarbonate sheet

A multi-wall polycarbonate sheet

When it comes to strength, which is a crucial aspect in a swimming pool enclosure, you should go for solid polycarbonate sheet.

7 Reasons Why You Need Solid Polycarbonate Sheet for Your Pool Enclosure Screen

Here are 7 simple reasons why you should use a solid polycarbonate sheet for your pool:

1.  Solid Polycarbonate Sheets Are Strong

Solid polycarbonate sheets are stronger than multi-wall polycarbonate sheets. Pool enclosure screen constructed from solid polycarbonate sheet and extruded aluminum can support 900kg load distributed within 1.5m and high wind speeds of up to 230km/hr.

A pool enclosure screen with snow

The solid polycarbonate enclosure can withstand heavy snow weight. Therefore your pool will be protected during winter.

You can confidently use these pools in snow or tornado prone areas. They will not collapse, making them safe and reliable.

For a fact, solid polycarbonate sheets have superior mechanical properties. It is for this reason that most homeowners have abandoned even glass.

However, the strength may vary depending on the grade of the solid polycarbonate sheet. I can only recommend those manufactured from 100% virgin polycarbonate sheets.

So, buy your solid polycarbonate, pool enclosures from a reliable and trusted manufacturer.

 2.  Polycarbonate Sheets Are Impact Resistant and Unbreakable

Unlike a glass pool enclosure screen that could break when subjected to high impact, polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures are unbreakable. They can withstand high impact and pressure.

A graph comparing polycarbonate sheet to other plastics

As you can see, polycarbonate sheet has a high impact strength compared to other materials of the same category. Image source – Polymer Technology Services.

The high strength, impact resistance and unbreakable nature make them suitable for tornado and snow prone areas like Alberta, Canada.

Moreover, solid polycarbonate sheets are shatterproof. Unlike glass that breaks into smaller pieces that are dangerous and difficult to clean, your solid polycarbonate pool enclosure screen will remain intact at all times.

For instance, most companies that guarantee the quality of swimming pool enclosures subject every section to a number of quality tests such as the 3 feet snow testing.

3.   Solid Polycarbonate is Easy to Fabricate

I know you want to have a unique swimming pool screen enclosure. An enclosure with a unique shape and design.

To achieve this, you need to go for a material that is easy and simple to fabricate. This will give you the freedom to customize a pool enclosure to your unique specifications and requirements.

Bending polycarbonate sheet to fir screen pool enclosure section.

This is a section of a bent polycarbonate to fit a structure.

Unlike other materials such as glass, fabricating polycarbonate sheet is easy and affordable. It is for this reason that you’ll get a solid polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure for as low as $2,999.

The process does not require sophisticated machines that will make the entire process expensive, hence increasing the pool enclosure cost.

4.   Polycarbonate Pool Enclosures are Durable and Long-lasting

Do you need a material that will serve you for more than 25 years? Well, you should go for solid polycarbonate sheet.

All pool enclosure screens come with a 15 year warranty. A clear indication that the swimming pool enclosure manufacturing company is confident about the quality of their product.

Swimming pool enclosure

This swimming pool enclosure is designed to last for over 25 years. It will maintain this shape and look for all those years.

Even the multi-wall polycarbonate sheet cannot serve you this long. Also, during this period, the pool enclosure cost of maintenance will be quite low.

You’ll adopt simple procedures such as a cleaning the surface with water that has mild soap.

I know the initial swimming pool enclosure cost can be quite high, but there are ways you can save on the high pool enclosure cost.

5.   It Reduces Costs of Operation & Maintenance

I know every swimming pool owner wishes to reduce the cost of operation and maintenance as much as possible. There is only one way to go about this:

You must install pool screen enclosure constructed from solid polycarbonate sheet.

This is for the reason that it will:

  • Reduce rate of evaporation
  • Help save on heating costs
  • Cut on chemical costs. This is because ultraviolet radiation will no longer decompose water chemicals.
  • Protect the swimming pool from debris, dust and acid rain

Cleaning pool enclosure screen

A homeowner cleaning swimming pool without an enclosure. Image source – S.napa Thailand

As you can see, a polycarbonate pool enclosure is an essential accessory to have a peace of mind.

6.   Solid Polycarbonate Enclosure Extends Swimming Season

Extending the swimming season is the desire of every swimming pool owner. Luckily, a solid polycarbonate pool enclosure screen will definitely guarantee this.

Water remains clean and good for swimming al seasons

You can comfortably swim during winter as if its summer

As I had stated earlier, a solid polycarbonate is strong enough to protect the pool from harsh weather conditions. You don’t have to worry about extremely cold temperatures or snow; you’ll be protected by the pool enclosure.

Remember, you’ll enjoy this for 25 years. For sure, this is an accessory worth investing in.

7.   They Guarantee Safety and Security

First your swimming pool will be protected from unauthorized access. Even kids cannot not access the area without your permission hence, it guarantees swimming pool safety.

locked swimming pool enclosure

A lockable door prevents intruders from accessing the swimming pool area

Secondly, there will be no instances of the pool enclosure screen collapsing. Remember, when a pool enclosure collapses it may cause fatalities if at all there were people in the swimming pool.

You can achieve all these by using a strong material such as extruded aluminum rods for the structure and solid polycarbonate sheet as the cover.


In short, solid polycarbonate sheet is the best material for swimming pool enclosures. This is quite evident from the seven reasons I have highlighted above.

Its performance and reliability surpasses that of the multi-wall polycarbonate and glass. Therefore, you can trust it even in the devastating weather conditions, such as during winter.

For inquiries and help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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