Best Time to Buy a Retractable Pool Enclosure For Your Outdoor Swimming Pool

Did you read my last article on the 14 Tips that Will Help You Save $10,000 on Swimming Pool Enclosure Price? I believe you should have a quick overview before shopping for a retractable pool enclosure.

From my experience, timing is a crucial aspect when you plan to buy a new swimming pool enclosure. With this, you’ll get some of the best deals in the market.

Remember, the swimming pool enclosure cost is affected by the law of supply and demand.

Don’t buy a pool enclosure simply because your neighbor has one. It’s a big mistake that most people make.

You must budget for a retractable swimming pool installation process and the actual price of the enclosure.

So, when exactly should you consider buying a pool enclosure?

Best Time to Buy Retractable Pool Enclosure

When you buy an enclosure during these times, there is a high chance you’ll get better deals in the market:

1.      Buy When the Demand is Low

What do I mean by this?

When the demand for a swimming pool enclosure is low, there is a high chance you’ll get better offers. During this period, swimming pool enclosure manufacturers sell their products at reduced prices.


Depending on your geographical location, you may experience two extreme seasons – winter and summer.

Swimming pool cover price are much lower during spring and summer. During these seasons, the weather is favorable for many outdoor activities such as swimming.

Since the weather is relatively warm, there will be no need to have a telescopic pool enclosure. Or, there will be no need to cover the pool.

This is unlike autumn when people are shopping for covers to protect the pool during winter season. People who don’t have a retractable pool enclosure will not extend the swimming season to winter.

During low season, a number of swimming pool manufacturing companies are willing to make less profit to keep everything moving. You need to take advantage of this opportunity.

Since few people will be installing swimming pool enclosures during this season, swimming enclosure contractors tend to charge less fee.

Installing a swimming pool enclosure

Swimming pool technicians installing a polycarbonate enclosure.

In short, you can buy swimming pool enclosures during spring and summer.

NOTE: In the case of swimming pools, the prices are high during spring and summer. During fall and winter installing swimming pool is quite cheap.

Again, in case you intend to install a swimming pool and an enclosure at the same time, then you should do this during winter. You should remember that the cost of installing a swimming pool is higher than that of the enclosure.

So, you need to balance this simple equation to get a fair deal in the market.

Still, you need to evaluate possible options available in the market to get a better deal.

2.      Be on the Lookout for Promotion/Offers

You can benefit from promotions and offers. You’ll be surprised to find retractable pool enclosure manufacturers having incredible offers (more than 33% OFF).

comparing different swimming pool enclosure prices

Excelite has reduced its swimming pool enclosure prices by over 36%

Here is a typical example of what I am talking about. You need to be on the lookout for these offers/promotions.

Maybe, you can sign up for the pool enclosure manufacturer’s newsletters or follow their social media.

3.      Buy Pool Enclosures during Festive Seasons/Holidays

A number of companies offer incredible discounts during major holidays or festive seasons. It is one trick that works for me.

A fully installed retractable pool enclosure

You can get a retractable pool enclosure at an affordable price.

I am sure, you’ll definitely get a discount of no less than 15% of the market price of the retractable swimming pool enclosure.

4.      Buy When a Company is Clearing Old Designs

Every year, you’ll find new swimming pool enclosure designs in the market. This implies, a number of swimming pool manufacturing companies will sell old designs at affordable prices.

A retractable swimming pool enclosure design

An example of a dome shape swimming pool enclosure. Thou most people consider it an old-school and simple design, it is still attractive.

So, you can also take advantage of this opportunity to acquire a pool enclosure.


From the research I have conducted on the retractable swimming pool enclosure market, these are some of the main instances you can get better deals. This requires you access all news and technological advancements in the swimming pool industry as soon as they are available.

You should have the habit of visiting online marketplaces or search for offers via search engines.

For free swimming pool enclosure quotations or inquiries, you can contact me today for assistance.

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