The Ultimate Pool Service: A Professional Swimming Pool Service Company Should Provide

Last month, I interviewed 97 pool service companies to find out the kind of pool services they offer.


I wanted to establish the swimming pool services that can reduce cost of operating a pool; ensure safety and guarantee the efficiency of pool accessories.

Today, I have compiled an ultimate list of top 30 swimming pool services that a professional pool service company should provide.  With this list, I am sure you can save thousands of dollars in repairs.

Here’s a handy checklist of services that a reliable swimming pool service company should provide;

1. Swimming Pool Construction

We all know that putting up a swimming pool is no simple task.

Fortunately, there are professional pool service companies that can help facilitate this task.

These companies employ contractors, designers, and builders that all work together in turning your swimming pool dream into reality.

Swimming pool construction

Swimming pool construction – Photo Credits: PAPHOS CONSTRUCTION

Firstly, these companies will work with you on your pool area concept, help you plan for it and afterward get their designers to come with a suitable swimming pool design for your yard.

After that, you get a quote for everything inclusive of labor, and materials.

Accept to this, and the company commences work on your backyard to turn it into a beautiful area of relaxation, entertainment, and enjoyment.

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2. Swimming Pool Decking and Coping

Swimming pool decking and coping are majorly decorative services.

Both of them are used to add to the polish and style of your swimming pool. They also add to the safety of your pool area.

Decking, in particular, entails building a smooth deck around your swimming pool. For an in-ground pool, your contractor can do this as part of the swimming pool installation process. It can also be done after, but the former is often preferred.

Wooden pool deck

Wooden pool deck – Photo Credits: FOCUSAIR

Coping, on the other hand, is a sealing service for pool decks. Here, the edges of the pool are capped using the same material used to deck it.

For both decking and coping, a wide variety of materials is used. Your contractor can use wood, tiles, composite or concrete material to deck and cope your pool area.

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3. Resurfacing Swimming Pool Interior

Is your pool’s interior surface cracked, chipped or damaged?

Has the finishing become less appealing?

Then it needs to be resurfaced to help bring it back to life and add to its value.

Swimming pool resurfacing

Swimming pool resurfacing – Photo Credits: QUARTZON

A professional swimming pool service can help resurface your pool. Experts will drain your pool, assess the extent of damage and advise you on the best approach to do the resurfacing.

This could be applying a new finish, and then acid washing the surface or doing a whole new surface once again.

Also, the service provider will advise you on the best material to use this time depending on factors like weather and cost.

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4. Swimming Pool Tiling

Tiling your swimming pool is an attractive way to bring some detail to the pool.

It helps to customize the look and feel of your pool area.

Tiles, in this case, can be used to border the pool water and deck; or both as an interior and exterior finish for the pool.

Swimming pool tiling

Swimming pool tiling – Photo Credits: HOUZZ

Being the ultimate wet area, tiling a swimming pool can be quite a challenge. But then, an expert pool service provider can help professionally install the tiles – that is more durable and aesthetic.

They use the appropriate preparation products including waterproof adhesives and grouts. They also input their years of professional experience into the installation process to ensure that you get nothing short of the best in quality, durability, and appeal.

Professional pool service offers a range of tile finishes for you to choose from as well an array of textures and colors.

You can tile your using the modern glass tiles or the ceramic tiles. You can also opt for mosaic tiles which can be used to create creative patterns on your pool surfaces.

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5. Liner Replacements for Swimming Pool

Swimming pool liners are an easy way to give your pool a makeover.

Like tiles, the liners enhance the durability of your swimming pool and also add a unique element of style to it.

Swimming pool liner

Swimming pool liner – Photo Credits: SIMPLE POOL TIPS

That said, liner installation is not a hard task, and so is liner replacement.

These are tasks that you can do by yourself and complete in a few days. However, there are also pool service providers that can do this for you for a fee.

The good thing about letting professionals do it is that they possess the right experience and skill to handle the job properly. Plus, they have a variety of liner design to choose from.

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6. Regular Pool Cleaning

Regular pool cleaning entails the pool cleaning requirements in properties.

This service involves skimming your pool water to remove floating dirt, i.e., fallen leaves and the likes. It also involves, cleaning the pool surface and the area surrounding it as well as checking and balancing the chemistry of your pool water.

Cleaning swimming pool

Cleaning swimming pool – Photo Credits: HOME TIPS

Regular cleaning can be a weekly, biweekly or monthly service depending on your preference as the pool owner.

Note that this service is highly recommended for commercial, uncovered swimming pools and generally for pool owners who’ve got little time to handle these tasks.

It is the best way to help maintain an appropriate level of sanitation.

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7. Acid Wash Pool Cleaning

The primary role of swimming pool service is to make sure that pools remain healthy and clean for swimming.

Nonetheless, when pools are left stagnant for an extended period, are poorly winterized or undergo improper pool maintenance they become unsanitary for swimmers.

These events encourage the growth of algae and staining of the pool’s surfaces which apparently make the pool unfit for swimming.

In this case, an acid wash service becomes necessary to ensure that your pool is correctly sanitized.

Acid washing which is also known as the ‘drain and clean’ process is an intricate service that targets the inside of the swimming pool.

It employs extensive cleaning procedures which include draining all of the pool water, scrubbing the bottom of the pool and the sides to remove algae, and then wash it with muriatic acid to restore its new.

You can have a look at this video by Jonathan Artsy Silver to understand what I am saying here:

Acid washing strips off a tiny layer of your pool’s surface to expose the newer, cleaner surface underneath.

It shouldn’t, therefore, be an annual custom as it can destroy your pool surface and create a need to complete resurface the pool.

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8. Swimming Pool Algae Remediation

Aside from acid washing, another type of specialized service for people with pools where algae have taken over is the swimming pool algae remediation.

Note that acid washing and algae remediation are two related but very different services.

Poor pool sanitation, leaving the pool stagnant for lengthy periods and poor winterization processes makes your pool a haven for algae. This makes your pool turn black, green or sometimes yellow depending on the type of algae.

Algae in swimming pool

Algae in swimming pool – Photo Credits: BEST PICK REPORTS

When this happens, it becomes difficult for you to see the bottom of your pool and even worse, the pool becomes insightful and unwelcoming.

Pool service companies have staff specially trained to clear your pool of any algae and take up measures to prevent further growth.

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9. Installation of Automatic Controllers for Pools

We all have those lazy moments.

For swimming owners, there are times you wish you could cover and uncover your pool with a single button click or even control your pump, heater, filter system and pool lights the same way.

Well, lucky for you, pool service companies can help turn your wishes into horses.

An automatic controller can be installed in your home. With this device you will control everything including pool area lights, cleaner, heater, pump and other water features from your house.

Digital control system for swimming pools

Digital control system for swimming pools – Photo Credits: WATER FOUNTAIN EQUIPMENT

The best part is the service company will also teach you how to operate the controller as well as how to override the automatic settings.

How nice!

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10. Freeze Guard Installation

Water freezing is one of the biggest problems that pool owners in winter prone areas encounter with their pools.

When your pool water freezes, it could cause severe damage to your pool equipment including pumps, heaters, filters, pipes, etc.

When this happens, you might end up with some very costly repairs and replacements on your part.

So what is the solution?

There are many solutions, but a freeze guard installation is the best of them all. It will help circulate your water even when temperatures are on the low.

Water in the swimming pool remains free from ice

Water in the swimming pool remains free from ice – Photo Credits: ROYAL SWIMMING POOLS

Professional pool service companies provide freeze guard installation services. They come with their guards, install them and even monitor your system to help ensure that it is working correctly.

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11. Swimming Pool Inspection

The same way a home inspection is necessary when purchasing a new home, a pool inspection is likewise needful for recently acquired swimming pools.

As a potential pool owner, your fundamental duty is to guarantee that your pool is safe and reliable for swimmers.

In this way, a swimming pool inspection is needful to help assure you that your dream has come true and that it’s not a maintenance nightmare.



Pool service companies offer this service where they inspect:

  • Areas around the pool
  • Safety measures
  • Pool positioning and design
  • Interior and exterior condition
  • Swimming pool equipment & accessories as well as the content quality.

So if you are getting a home with a pool or having one installed, take the time to hire pool inspectors.

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12. Pool Filter System Replacement

Pool filter system is another prime service provided by professional swimming pool service companies.

The companies provide you with different types of filters to choose from depending on your pool type and size.

There are different brands and types of filters that you can choose a replacement for your old filter.

What’s more?

These filters are often built for durability and optimal performance.

Swimming pool filters

Swimming pool filters – Photo Credits: POOL STAR

A properly working pool filter ensures that your pool is kept clean and clear with minimal maintenance and upkeep.

Pool service professionals will size the filter correctly for your pool ensuring that you get the best value for your money.

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13. Pool Filter Sand Changes

There are different types of pool filters among them a sand filter which uses sand to catch small dirt and debris.

Yes, it uses sand, like the sand on the beach or the ones used in construction sites.

What is interesting about this is that the sand becomes more efficient as time goes by.

But then there is a timeframe for this.

Normally once the sand gets worn out, it stops being as effective in cleaning your pool.

In this regard, you will need to change and replace it with new sand.

Sand pool filter

Sand pool filter – Photo Credits: ULTIMATE POOL CARE

Now, changing the sand in your filter is something you can do by yourself. But why go through the hustle when you can quickly hire a professional to do it quickly and in the most professional way possible?

Well, you got it!

Pool service companies have staff trained to do this task. You just need to make your call, and an expert will be sent your way.

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14. Swimming Pool Deck Replacement and Repair

Like everything else, swimming pool decks age with signs of cracking, and chipping.

When this happens, it means that it’s time for you to repair them

You can also choose to replace the whole deck if the cracks and chips are too severe or if you feel that the deck has lost its appeal

Swimming pool services do the simple job of repairing and replacing pool decks according to the owner’s instructions.

For a concrete deck, a whole new concrete can be poured while minor cracks and chips can be repaired.

Replacing a concrete swimming pool deck

Replacing a concrete swimming pool deck – Photo Credits: LANDS POOL KC

For tiled decks, damaged tales can easily be replaced, or if you want a whole new look, the entire thing can be redone.

For those with wooden decks, your pool service can reapply the finish to restore its appeal or simply redo the whole deck with new materials.

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15. Skimming Swimming Pool Water

Clean and sparkling swimming pool water is an absolute must if you want to enjoy swimming and to maintain the appeal of your swimming pool.

Fallen leaves, however, can sabotage the cleanliness and appeal of your pool.

Not only are leaves unattractive, but they can also cause multiple problems for your pool.

First, leaves can clog the baskets and filters and can also lead to malfunctioning of your pump and filter system.

Skimming swimming pool water

Skimming swimming pool water – Photo Credits: AGIESLIST

Secondly, keeping in mind that leaves do decay quite fast, they tend to become food for bugs.

They also contribute to algae growth in the pool.

For these reasons, it is essential to ensure that fallen leaves are kept out of your pool at all cost and the best way to do this is through skimming.

In that regard, many pool services providers offer pool skimming services. These help to remove leaves from the surface of your pool before they begin to deteriorate and head for the bottom.

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16. Skimmer Replacement for Swimming Pool

Skimmers, as witnessed above, are a critical swimming pool equipment.

They help keep your pool clean at all times.

In that regard, your swimming pool skimmer has to be in good condition always to be able to operate optimally. And in the case of a crack or damage to your skimmer or any of your skimmer accessories, a replacement should be done immediately.

Now here is the thing, skimmer replacement is a changeling. You can do it by following the various DIY guidelines available online or you can a hire swimming pool service to do the job for you.

Here is a good video on how to repair in ground pool skimmer line:

The latter is more preferable, given the amount of experience and skill skimmer replacement requires.

You might not want to hear this, but the truth is skimmer replacements are quite costly

In-ground skimmer replacements cost around $1500 and somewhere around $150 for above ground pools. You might wonder why so much money to replace something that cost less than $100?

Well, there is only one answer to that; it is hard work to replace a skimmer. Only an experienced professional will know the best way to go about it.

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17. Swimming Pool Valve Replacements

Most people confuse pool valves and pool plumbing.

Well, here is a fact; pool valves are part of the pool plumbing system.

They are responsible for controlling the direction of the water flow (to, fro, in and out of the pool equipment).

Winter elements, harsh sun, and debris can damage swimming pool valves, and this can hamper the proper functioning of your plumbing system.

Illustration of swimming pool valve system

Illustration of swimming pool valve system – Photo Credits: ASSURED AUTOMATION

In this regard, your pool valves have to be kept in mint condition always to avoid the costly plumbing repair expenses that come with faulty valves.

Nonetheless, in case of faulty or damaged pool valves, a pool service can help replace them with new ones to restore the standard functionality of your pool plumbing system.

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18. Swimming Pool Filter Cartridge Cleaning

A pool filter cartridge is a sufficient pool cleaning accessory that works by filtering the impurities that are present in your pool water.

These impurities include dirt, dust and other debris that would otherwise make your pool dirty, unappealing and potentially unhealthy to swim in.

For this reason, it is essential that you check your cartridge from time to time as a means to ensure that it is in excellent condition.

How to clean cartridge filter (Hayward pool filter)

How to clean cartridge filter (Hayward pool filter) – Photo Credits: MACRO MARKETING 2016

As you do this, keep in mind that the cartridge is prone to clogging and as such need to clean them regularly too.

Keeping that in mind, swimming pool services can help make the cleaning process more manageable and less tiresome.

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19. Backwash Filter for Swimming Pool

Maintaining the cleanliness of your pool filter is one step towards ensuring a clean and sparkling pool.

The filter system is responsible for maintaining a clean and sanitary swimming pool. But you also need to clean it to ensure that dirt and debris do not clog it.

Because when your pool filter gets clogged, it becomes less effective in its role of filtering out dirt and debris from the pool.

Regular backwashing in this regard is essential to remove any dirt buildup from the filter and to help maintain its effectiveness.

Unfortunately, backwashing isn’t as easy as you would want it to be and it has to be done on a regular basis.

Below is a good video on how to backwash swimming pool filters:

It can take up lots of time and effort.

Luckily though, pool service providers are there and can backwash your filter system as you require them to.

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20. Pool Heater Repair and Installation

A swimming pool heater is one of the most critical pieces of equipment you should own as a pool owner.

For you to be able to enjoy your swimming pool to the fullest even when the temperatures are chilly, a fully functional pool heater is essential.

Not only will the heater make your pool more comfortable, but it will also help to prolong your swimming pool season.

To ensure this comfort and a prolonged swimming time, your heater needs to be in perfect condition always.

This is where pool service providers come in.

An electric swimming pool heater

An electric swimming pool heater – Photo Credits: MEDALLION ENERGY

They offer pool heater repair and installation services to pool owners.

So if you are just getting a pool constructed, then a professional pool service can install a pool heater for you.

Likewise, if your heater develops faults and is not working to its full potential.

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21. Pool Pumps and Motors Repair

Swimming pool pump systems and motors should be checked regularly to ensure that faults and damaged parts are fixed timely.

This can ensure that there is no wastage of resources and everything is working in perfect order.

Swimming pool pumps

Swimming pool pumps – Photo Credits: IPHONE NEWS TRACKER

Pool service providers do check all pool pump and motor issues and fix them suitably.

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22. Swimming Pool Safety Cover Installation

As part of the services, swimming pool service providers offer swimming pool safety cover installation services.

This service helps to ensure the safety of your pool as well as help prevent dirt and debris from getting into the pool.

Swimming pool cover

Swimming pool cover

These professionals will fix, replace and install the swimming safety cover of your choice depending on your pool size, shape, color, design and material.

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23. Salt System Conversions in Swimming Pools

If you are thinking about converting your chemical chlorine pool into a salt system, the best place to get help is a pool service company.

Here is something that might interest you; saltwater systems have become quite popular today. More and more swimming pool owners are taking on the mantle of turning their pools into salt water.

Salt water conversion

Salt water conversion – Photo credits: SPA POOL BILLIARDS

This is owing to the many benefits that salt water systems have over ordinary chlorine water.

For example, salt water systems are easier to maintain as they require less chemical and purification procedures. Also, they are more comfortable to swim in and more luxurious.

So if you consider converting your pool, seek the help of professional pool service.

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24. Pool Area Landscaping

When most people think swimming pool service, landscaping rarely comes to mind.

Well, you need to know that a professional can turn your swimming pool into a relaxing spot that melts with your entire yard.

Pool Area Landscaping


There are many landscaping ideas that professional pool services can apply to your swimming pool area.

In this case, plants, patios, safety barriers, i.e., fences and unique pool designs are often used to enhance the privacy, safety, convenience, and aesthetic appeal of your yard.

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25. Balance Water Chemistry of Swimming Pool

Swimming pools need to keep up a certain chemical balance to rid the pool of algae, dirt, bacteria and many organic matters.

Proper chemical balance for swimming pool water is also necessary to ensure swimmer comfort and safety as well as to maximize the appearance and lifespan of the swimming pool

Treating swimming pool water

Treating swimming pool water – Photo Credits: SCIENCE ABC

Swimming pool water should be too alkaline or too acidic. It should be neutral.

Pool services thus can help keep the pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness of your pool water within range.

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26. Swimming Pool Leak Detection and Repair

Leakages in swimming pools are common problems facing many swimming pool owners.

Depending on your swimming pool water level, the content in your pool may vary day to day, and there are plenty of reasons that may cause leaks.

Swimming Pool Leak Detection and Repair


If you notice that your pool water is unusually dropping by significant level per day, then you are probably facing a leakage problem.

Interestingly, most pool leakages are attributed to faults in hard to reach areas such as the pipes and filters. It is for this reason that hiring a professional pool service to detect the leak and repair where necessary is essential.

Take note that even when the problem can be repaired quickly, the leaks can cause many disruptions and water loss that may result in high utility bills. Professional pool service in this regard can help you save time and money.

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27. Swimming Pool Pressure Testing

Pressure testing is usually one of the first diagnostic tests that pool service experts conduct to identify the cause of the leakage.

Pool service companies will start by isolating your plumbing lines and then test them freely. He/she will see how well they can withstand the water pressure without any leaks.

Note that the accuracy of the pressure test highly depends on the person doing it. Also, potential dangers exist for pressure testing.

For these reasons, the task should only be done by professional pool service providers and using the proper equipment and safety techniques.

Pressure test device

Pressure test device – Photo Credits: ROYAL SWIMMING POOLS

Note that pool service professionals are knowledgeable about the mechanisms of pool plumbing systems. They will input all their knowledge and expertise in the testing process to ensure that the results and analysis they provide is accurate.

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28. Pool Opening and Closing

Swimming pools in winter prone areas need to be closed down for winter. This is because winter often comes with harmful elements that destroy and compromise the safety and appeal of swimming pools.

Pool service companies offer pool opening and closing services at the beginning and end of the swimming pool season.

When opening the pool, these professionals will clean the pool of all dirt and debris. They will also clean all pool surfaces both on the interior and exterior.

After which, they will proceed to inspect the entire pool and equipment and then add the necessary chemicals in readiness for the swimming season months.

Pool Opening and Closing

Photo Credits: PENGUIN POOLS

Pool closing, on the other hand, will involve cleaning the pool, blowing out pool pipes, add winter chemicals, lower water levels and then cover the pool with a winter cover. This process is in other terms is known as ‘winterization.”

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29. Swimming Pool Lighting Repair and Installation

A good pool service provider should provide swimming pool lighting repair and installation services to its customers.

Pool lighting can provide a relaxing ambiance to your pool area at night.

Apart from enhancing the ambiance, colorful and attractive lighting can also provide excellent aesthetics in your backyard.

Keeping that in mind, pool service companies provide lighting repair and installation services to pool owners.

Swimming Pool Lighting Repair and Installation

Photo Credits: IMPROVENET

They can combine and compliment different lighting colors to suit your outdoor theme. They also provide owners with more energy efficient lighting systems that are both safe and attractive.

You can take advantage of this to add a magical and relaxing effect to your swimming pool area.

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30. Swimming Pool Demolition and Removal

Don’t like the look swimming pool present in your new home?

Would you rather have your pool in a different section of the yard?

Well, pool service companies can help you with pool demotion and removal. This is service that helps you remove any pool and transform your vision of your backyard into a reality.

Swimming Pool Demolition and Removal


Yes! Swimming pools aren’t meant to be permanent. They can be demolished, and a swimming pool service is the best contact to help reclaim your space and turn your backyard into whatever you want it to be.

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So, what’s the bottom line here?

Hiring a swimming pool service company is an excellent alternative to DIY swimming pool maintenance.

But then, it is essential to choose the right provider if you intend to enjoy quality services.

Look around and find out;

  • What services do the companies offer?
  • What are their costs?
  • How reliable are they?
  • Are their services comprehensive?

This way, you can be assured that the swimming pool service provider you are hiring is capable of helping you maintain your pool to its maximum best.

That said; have you ever used professional pool services?

What were your experiences?

Please, do share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.

And don’t forget to share the article with friends and family.

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