Quick Guide: How to Budget for a New Spa Enclosure in 60 Minutes

In this guide, I will show you how to budget effectively for a spa enclosure project. This is a critical stage that most people ignore, yet it is crucial.

With a realistic budget, you’ll complete the project successfully even on a fixed budget.

You don’t need over $10,000 to own a retractable pool enclosure. With a $3,500 budget, you can have a complete polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure.

I know you can’t believe this, but it’s possible. I’ll show you how to go about it shortly.

First, before I highlight the key components of a spa enclosure budget, you need to choose a system or software you’ll use to document all your plans.

You can use Microsoft Excel to document key components of your budget. Here is How to Create a Budget Spreadsheet.

Alternatively, you may consider other budgeting tools and software such as Centage, Prophix, etc. You can find a list of the most common budgeting tools here.

With these in mind, now let’s focus on the key components of a spa enclosure budget.

Key Elements of a Spa Enclosure Budget

Your budget should cover the following costs and plans:

 Consider the Cost of Buying the Spa Enclosure

This is the cost of buying an enclosure or enclosure kit. You can get a spa enclosure for as low as $2,999 to over $10,000.

comparing different swimming pool enclosure prices

The actual swimming pool enclosure prices

You need to do a proper research to get the best deal in the market. This will involve comparing products of the same category.

Here is a good swimming pool enclosure comparison.

In addition to these, you need to know the best time to buy pool enclosures, while having a strategy that will help you save on swimming pool enclosure cost.

As you budget for a spa enclosure, you need to note that the variation in the actual price of this equipment depends on very many factors. These include:

  • Type and Design of the Enclosure

You should expect to pay more for complicated or sophisticated designs. If you’re working on a fixed budget, I’ll recommend standard designs.

spa enclosure with a gable roof design

A gable roof design

A spa enclosure with a dome shape roof design

A dome shape roof design

Normally, you’ll find that a complex or sophisticated pool design is 3 times more expensive that the standard ones. It is upon you to decide on the amount of money you intend to spend for this project.

  • Size of the Pool Enclosures

The size of an enclosure depends on several factors such as height, width and length. You’ll pay more for a larger enclosure compared to a smaller one.

a medium profile spa enclosure

A medium profile spa enclosure

swimming pool security with pool ecnlosure

A low profile swimming pool enclsure

Normally, you may choose from low, medium or high profile swimming pool enclosure. Remember, every enclosure is designed to extend the swimming season, however, if you want to install more accessories, then go for high profile enclosures.

  • Consider the Type of Material

Today, solid polycarbonate sheet is the best material for a swimming pool enclosure. This is due to its superior physical and chemical properties.

GP polycarbonate solid sheet

A solid polycarbonate sheet used to make swimming pool enclosures

I have seen a number of homeowners having problems when it comes to this. I’ll advise you to go for materials that guarantee long-term cost saving.

A spa enclosure constructed from extruded aluminum and solid polycarbonate sheet will serve you for more than 25 years. In fact, most of them come with a 15 year warranty.

NOTE: Don’t buy an enclosure that doesn’t have a warranty.

  • Consider the Available Enclosure Brands in the Market

Different swimming pool brands, retail at different prices. For example, Excelite swimming pool enclosures are more than 2 times cheaper than the IPC products.

This comparison is based on products of the same design, performance and material.

Here is the secret: Go for the affordable brands only after doing proper comparison.

  • Does the Enclosure Has Any Additional Enhancements?

Additional enhancements will definitely increase the cost of a pool enclosure. Customized swimming pool enclosures have more enhancements thereby increasing costs.

So, in your spa enclosure budget, remember to:

Compare pool enclosure based on the factors I have mentioned above. Always focus on the most important features of the enclosure.

Your enclosure should protect the pool from harsh weather conditions, extend the swimming season and provide security/safety.

 You Should Consider Professional/Consultation Fees

A number of people do not factor this in their spa enclosure budget. They only focus on buying the pool enclosure.

The truth is, your expenses do not end after you have acquired the enclosure.

Depending on where you intend to install the enclosure and size, you’ll have to involve experts. They may include quantity surveyors, environmental consultants, economists, etc.

By involving these individuals, your project will be accomplished in time and to the required standards.

For example, it is illegal to begin the construction of any structure without an environmental impact assessment certificate/approval.

Environmental Impact Assessmant for a Spa Enclosure

Above shows essential components of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Image source – Civil Service India

Since you’re not an expert in this field, you’ll have to spend some money on the consultation. Let’s have a quick overview of the most common costs:

  • Architectural Design for Customized Pool Enclosures

A custom made pool enclosure design is a unique designed that is crafted specifically for your pool. Therefore, you’ll require technical expertise of a swimming pool enclosure design team.

They will craft the pool enclosure to your specific requirements. That is, converting an idea into a technical drawing.


This is a technical drawing of a swimming pool enclosure showing al possible angles of projections and specifications.

Well, you’ll have to pay for this service. However, at times you may find a swimming pool enclosure manufacturing company that does the entire design work for free.

One example of such a company is Excelite.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

You need to factor in the environmental impact assessment fee. Local authorities will not allow you to begin the construction process without a certified letter/document indicating that it is safe to install a pool enclosure.

You should hire registered individuals or company to do the assessment.

  • Acquiring License or Construction Approval

In some states, you’ll have to pay some fees to get a license or construction permit. The fee varies depending on the by-laws.

Normally, you’ll be issued with this document after an assessment of the area where you wish to construct the enclosure.

  • Legal Fees In case You Decide to Involve a Lawyer

Though not common when it comes to the swimming pool enclosure construction process, at times, you may need a third party (law firm). This is common when you intend to construct commercial spa enclosures.

Again, you need to find an honest, professional and registered law firm. Such law firms will help you understand and interpret your contractor’s terms of service.

Spa Enclosure Installation Fee

Installing swimming pool enclosures is a simple process and you can accomplish the task within a week (for small pool enclosures).

In case you don’t have the required equipment and accessories, you’ll be forced to hire a company to accomplish the task.

swimming pool enclosure construction process

Technicians installing a polycarbonate spa enclosure

There are a number of factors that determine the cost of swimming pool enclosure installation process. These include:

  • Size and complexity of the enclosure; a big and complex enclosure will be expensive to install.
  • The season when you intend to install the cover; during the spring and summer the installation costs tend to be low.
  • Exact location where you intend to install the enclosure

All these will form an integral part of your spa enclosure budget.

Post Spa Enclosure Installation Expenses

It won’t make sense to install a swimming pool enclosure and you forget to budget for the post installation costs. Below are some costs associated with the process:

  • Maintenance and servicing pool enclosure

Generally, a polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure reduces the maintenance and operational costs. However, occasionally, you’ll have to rinse it surface with water.

You don’t need expensive detergents – consider a dish washing soap.

check swimming pool water quality

A swimming pool technicians checking the water PH level

In case you have retractable or telescopic pool enclosures, it is important to check how the cover slides over the rail tracking system. This will ensure will ensure the cover moves seamlessly back and forth on the cover.

With all these in mind, you’ll buy and install swimming pool enclosure without any chances of having an incomplete project. I am sure this is the desire or every homeowner.

As I stated earlier, you need to document any progress or decision you make during the budgeting process.

All these considerations should be in a table format (use the budgeting tools I had recommended earlier).


As you can see, the spa enclosure budgeting process must include buying the actual swimming pool enclosure, professional fees, installation and post installation costs.

Again, try to have a flexible budget that can accommodate crucial adjustment or changes that may be required during the pool installation process.

For questions or inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, you may use the comment section below.

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